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How to Tell if It’s a Boy or Girl?

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predicting gender of babies

Expecting a baby is probably the most exciting and reverent period in a family’s life. Even in the earliest terms, the future mother and father begin to imagine how their child will look like, what and whose eyes, lips, and most favorite smile it will have.

As usual, each of the parents will talk about their expectations and wishes – “I want a boy or a girl,” or the child is the first and so long-awaited that the main thing is that it was born healthy, and what sex is of secondary importance. Both a boy and a girl will be the most beloved (even if you already have two boys or two girls).

The intrigue during the 7-9 months still doesn’t give peace and a happy mom cannot wait to find out – am I having a boy or girl?

Is it a boy or girl?

how to tell if its a boy or girl

To begin with, an ultrasound is the surest way not only to track fetal development but also to determine the sex of the fetus.

Sexual characteristics begin to form in the fetus from the 6th week of pregnancy. The genitals look the same in both boys and girls and are shaped like a tubercle.

Further, the formation of the male organ continues up to 11 weeks. And only from the 13th week, the tubercle (the future penis) begins to increase in size.

So, if you can’t wait to find out what color to decorate your room or what things to buy, you have to wait until at least 13 weeks of pregnancy. And then, there is a high risk of making a mistake, because there are many “obstacles” and your baby can carefully hide (the position of the umbilical cord, arms, and legs).

The highest accuracy of the result can be at the later term – 20-24 weeks of pregnancy.

But in addition to technical devices, we have years of experience and observations of millions of women on how to guess baby gender during pregnancy.

Predicting gender of babies

am i having a boy or girl

Pregnant women will confirm how often they hear predictions and any unusual signs that they are having a girl or a boy. Especially older women know many signs of the gender of a baby during pregnancy and always have a sly smile on their face when you excitedly eat an ice cream cone with garlic and bread. Okay, jokes aside, we’re going to tell you about tricks to find out the gender of the baby.

Get ready to learn the most popular boy or girl pregnancy signs, which can be determined by a woman’s belly shape, mood, taste preferences, or wedding ring.

Let’s start with pregnancy boy or girl symptoms and find out if these are true or just more myths.

1. The position of the “bulge” of the abdomen

  • If a pregnant woman’s belly “looks” up, according to experienced women it means that the mother is expecting a girl;
  • But if the bulk of the abdomen is concentrated at the bottom, most likely the woman will give birth to a boy.

But this is just unfounded speculation. After all, the “height” of the abdomen depends on how the fetus is positioned in the womb. It all depends on which way the baby’s back will be turned. If the baby’s back is turned to the outside world, the abdomen will be more pointed. And if the baby’s back is turned toward the spine, the woman’s abdomen will have a flatter shape.

2. Nausea and the woman’s appearance

boy or girl pregnancy signs

Now about nausea and the woman’s appearance. Usually, these two signs of having a boy or girl indicate that the woman will still be a girl’s mother.

That is, if a woman often vomits in the morning, it means that she will give birth to a girl.

The same is true of a woman’s appearance. If her face doesn’t look completely fresh: puffy eyes, a lot of rashes/pimples, it also indicates that the girl allegedly “takes away” all the beauty from her mother. And that is why a pregnant woman doesn’t look as attractive as she did before pregnancy.

And accordingly, if a woman blooms and smells, then you should expect a beautiful boy.

But again, this is all speculation and unfounded logic. The influence of hormones and hormonal restructuring is a more important factor that affects such changes in a woman’s body.

People are also wrong when they say that if a woman has hair in unwanted places, it’s because she has a boy growing inside her. Allegedly testosterone (male hormone) in the body of a growing boy affects the increased growth of hair on the body of the mother.

This, too, is a hoax. After all, testosterone, which is present in the boy’s body is produced in insignificant amounts and cannot affect the hormonal background of the mother.

3. How to predict the gender of your baby?

Now let’s move on to the wedding ring. They say that if you hang it from a long thread and hold it above the belly of the pregnant woman, you can understand who mom and daddy are going to have. If the ring loosens from side to side – it indicates that a boy is growing inside you, and if it smoothly describes a circle then it is a sign of a girl.

Don’t rush to take the ring off for the experiment. Think about how the ring can determine or affect the course of events inside of you? That’s right, they are not connected things.

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