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Best Way to Teach Kids to Tie Shoes: How and When Should You Teach Kids to Tie Shoelaces?

Best Way to Teach Kids to Tie Shoes

Tying shoes for kids can be a whole challenge, both for the children themselves and for their parents. But in fact, know how to teach kid to tie shoes is a very useful skill that would teach not only about shoes, but also fine motor skills and coordination. Yes, many parents who have gone through this stage say that this is only stress, and the result doesn’t appear immediately. Today in the article we will tell you how to teach a kid to tie shoes so that it is fast and at the same time the child is interested in it.

When Do Kids Learn to Tie Shoes?

Depending on individual qualities, a child can master the process of tying shoelaces from the age of 3,5 to 6 years. At an earlier time, you can gradually prepare the baby using various educational games and auxiliary material.

You shouldn’t demand from a two-year-old crumbs the ability to tie shoelaces beautifully, children, as a rule, acquire the necessary skills by the age of 4-6. Moreover, girls usually master this difficult skill earlier than boys.

Steps to Teach a Child to Tie Shoes

When Do Kids Learn to Tie Shoes

Now let’s go directly to teaching a kid to tie shoes. Here are 3 basic steps to getting the result:

Preparing Hands

To begin the easiest way to teach a kid to tie shoes, it is necessary from an early age to engage with the child exercises aimed at developing fine motor skills of fingers. Babies need to regularly massage their fingers, teach them various games, in which a sonorous rhythmic rhyme is accompanied by the performance of certain actions with their hands. From the age of two, children can be offered games for sorting beads and buttons (of course, such games should be supervised by their mother so that the baby doesn’t put the play element in his mouth or nose). It is useful to draw with your fingers on the sand (grits), and use finger paints.

Technique Training

Now you need to show the whole process correctly. It is best to tie your shoelaces while standing behind your child, and holding your hands in front of your child’s eyes. A mirror display would only confuse the baby. Each new action must be explained in words. Some teachers advise showing several methods of lacing, from which the child himself chooses the appropriate one.

Fixing the Result

This is the most effective teaching method, because the child doesn’t need to memorize the entire amount of information at once and he can concentrate on one action. The parent would immediately see the moment that is difficult for the student. After the kid correctly reproduces the whole process of tying laces together with the teacher, he should try to repeat the skill on his own. If your child is struggling to master the whole skill, try starting with small steps. You can take a thicker rope (for example, a hairband or a bright belt) and just offer to tie a knot on it, then make a bow. After the baby has mastered this exercise, go directly to lacing the shoes.

Steps to Teach a Child to Tie Shoes

How Long Does It Take to Learn to Tie Shoes

It all depends on how you spend your time with your child while learning. If you constantly shout and say that he is unable to and give up everything half way, then it is clear that this would discourage the child’s entire desire to learn new skills, and accordingly it can drag on for several months or even six months.

If you are calm and interesting to explain, it may even take 1-2 months! It can be incredibly interesting for your child to do this, at least because you pay attention to him.

Tips for Helping Kids Tie Shoes

Of course, in addition to understanding the entire learning process, you need to know some tricks that would simplify everything:

  • For starters, you can learn from exercise toys. Here the child develops lacing skills in a casual, playful way;
  • Show your child some easy ways for kids to tie shoes so that they can choose the perfect way for them to use from now on;
  • If you are learning to lace on real shoes, then it is better to choose shoes that have laces that are soft to the touch;
  • During training, always be with your child and prompt if he is blowing something wrong;
  • Choose laces of different colors so that the child can better distinguish between them;
  • Before you give the child the opportunity to tie the shoelaces, you yourself must show him how to do it correctly, including the shaking of hands and fingers;
  • Please be patient, because everything would certainly not work the first time.

Now you know how to do it correctly. We recommend that you consider our tips to make the best way to teach kids to tie shoes an enjoyable and fun experience for you and your baby. If you do everything right, soon the child would be able to do it without your help and with pleasure. Perhaps he even wants to tie your shoes?

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