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How to teach a left-handed child to write?

how to learn to write left handed

Citizens in ancient Rome were afraid of these people, they were forced to relearn to write and use the other hand. Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Alexander the Great, Bill Gates were among them. Today we will talk about those people who are more comfortable writing or perform any action with the left hand.

The concepts that most people always confuse – lefty and left-hander

If everything is clear to us with right-handedness – these people have a clear distribution of different functions. For example, the left hemisphere leads the right-hander, they have the part of the brain that is responsible for speech in the left hemisphere of the brain. And everything is more and more complicated in the lefty, they have the same function, which can be located in both left and right hemispheres of the brain. They can use both left and right hands equally (be ambidextrous) or have only one leading hand – left or right. They can be taught to use them not with the left but with the right hand, and vice versa. These people may have different scenarios in life.

Left-handed people are those who use their left hand everywhere – brushing their teeth, cutting bread, holding a pen, drawing, and eating.

You can lead the child to a neuropsychologist to determine the leading hand when it turns 5 years. The specialist will offer him (her) to perform various tasks where you need to fold the dice, button-up, hang the clothespins, etc.

The neuropsychologist will observe the child in the course of the test tasks (about 10) and will calculate which hand is more convenient for it to use in various household activities at the end.

What shall I do if my child is left-handed?

calligraphy tips for left handers

There are different opinions about what should be done with children who actively use the left hand. Some specialists believe that such children need neural correction. Others (more loyal and authoritative) think that it is not necessary to interfere and teach a child to use the right hand. It is enough to undergo a diagnosis that will determine that the child has no problems with the functions that regulate the left brain hemisphere. Because most often such children have difficulties with speech, speaking, self-control, and arbitrary activities. Fortunately, the second version is more supported today.

How left-handed children are born and what affects it?

  • First, it is genetics, of course. If you are left-handed parents, you are almost 50% likely to have a left-handed baby. If someone is one left-handed parent, then about 17%. Well, if Mom and Dad actively use the right hand, the probability decreases to 3-11%.
  • Secondly, it may be related to pathological changes (which disturb motor formation) in the left brain hemisphere and then the right hemisphere takes over this task. As a result, the child grows and develops with the left hand. But this is not quite an authoritative theory.
  • Injuries to the right hand. This happens very rarely, but it can also happen to a child in early childhood. When a child traumatizes its right hand and cannot fully use it in the same way as before, it learns to cope with the left hand. This is how the habit is formed.
  • Another option (well, very rare) is when a child copies someone’s behavior, especially an adult.

You may ask if there is a difference between right and left hands?

left handed writing tips

Everything depends on the etiology of left-handedness. If it is a genetic factor, there is no difference, and if it is a pathology of brain hemispheres development, then the child may have certain disorders.

Another interesting point is how to teach a left-handed child to write?

Left-handed writing tips

  • Start preparing before school. Develop the child’s fine motor skills. To do this, you can mix different groats (large and small) – beans, peas, buckwheat, and rice. Let him separate them and put them into separate dishes.
  • The second and very important point is how to hold a pencil left-handed. You should practice properly holding a pencil/pen/brush in the kid’s left hand. This is the basis for teaching a pencil left-handed child to write. If you don’t pay attention to it, it can lead to rapid fatigue, irritation, and neglect of the child during the class.

When there is at least one parent in the family who is left-handed, it is not so difficult to help a left-handed child to learn to write.

How to learn to write left-handed?

Step-by-step instruction to learn to write with your left-hand

It is best to make a special layout/template where there is a projection of the left hand of the child.

  • The leading hand should form a straight line together with a pencil or pencil (sometimes it can be tilted to the side, it is not critical).
  • Left-handers should hold the pen 3-3.5 cm higher than right-handers do (this is an important moment that should become a habit).
  • The hand with the pencil should be placed under the line, not above it (this position is considered wrong).

How to write with your left hand neatly?

  • If you want to make a beautiful slope instead of just straight letters, the child should tilt and move the notebook with his right hand and adjust it to the left (the leading hand always draws/writes directly – this is one of the calligraphy tips for left-handers).
  • Tell the child not to squeeze the pen too much and not to press with its forefinger, it should lie down freely.
  • You should also think about a pen for your child. It should not be very wide and should not have a thin rod (it is easier to write from any angle).
  • But we advise you to watch special tutorial videos or ask for a competent teacher.
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