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How to swaddle a baby?

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swaddle a baby

Swaddling a baby or not? Previously, no one would have thought that progressive medicine would soon be able to prove that such “care” of a child can violate his human rights from birth and lead to moral trauma.

Now there are a huge number of different costumes, outfits that can be put on the baby before going to bed. And the thought of sullen and austere sheets is repugnant.

Nevertheless, and in our time can divide the parents into two camps – those who support and successfully practice newborn swaddling and modern mothers who don’t see any sense in it. After all, the baby should get used to the received freedom, and develop fully, learn the new world through the movement of arms, legs, and head.

Today, we will once again discuss the topic of swaddling a baby, determine the pros and cons of such “protection of dreams” and talk about different ways to swaddle a baby.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of baby swaddling techniques?

how tight to swaddle a baby

Swaddling or not – that’s the question. Despite the huge number of more loyal materials or clothes for swaddling (swaddling cocoons, swaddle with Velcro, zippers, or other fasteners) some moms remain faithful to the classic method.

In fact, every mother should decide for herself how to swaddle her baby depending on the anxiety of the baby and his movements during sleep.

It used to be believed that the baby should be swaddled very tightly. So, that his limbs are pressed tightly against his body and as much as possible duplicate the same conditions of existence as in the mother’s tummy. The mother’s womb is cozy and there are the same restrictions on movement.

Well, let’s discuss the pros of the best swaddle technique for newborns:

  • Swaddling can keep the baby safe during the Moro reflex. This is one of the innate physiological reflexes in which a baby reacts to various movements or sounds. During this mini-strike, the baby spreads his arms out and then cradles them against himself. This reflex goes away on its own between 4 and 6 months of age.
  • Classic swaddling can prevent a newborn from turning over, which often wakes up the baby.
  • The so-called “wide” swaddling is the prevention of the development of dysplasia in a newborn (disorders of the development of certain body parts, tissues, or organs of the body).

Now let’s talk about the disadvantages:

  • First, the baby may experience discomfort from not being able to take a comfortable position of the arms and legs.
  • Secondly, tight swaddling can interfere with the normal development of motor functions.
  • Thirdly, there is a risk of overheating the newborn during sleep. Sometimes parents dress their baby heavily before swaddling him or her.
  • Also, tight swaddling can interfere with the normal development of the hip joints.
  • And fifth, you can swaddle your baby so tightly that it impedes normal blood flow, which is not a normal condition.

What do we have? Forget about tight swaddling and those tin soldiers who can’t move anything in a swaddle. Let’s talk about the best ways to swaddle a newborn.

How to properly swaddle a baby?

how to swaddle a baby

There are two best ways to swaddle a baby:

How to swaddle a baby freely?

The main feature of this swaddling is the absence of a tight fixation of the baby’s limbs. Swaddling is more like an “envelope” where the baby can freely move his arms and legs and put them in a comfortable position.

Such an envelope doesn’t restrict the baby’s natural position and does not allow him/her to pull them out of the envelope.

You should put your baby’s arms on its chest crossed between them (this is the best alternative to placing the arms along the torso). And the legs should be half-bent – this is the physiological position of the body.

There is a variant of free swaddling, which resembles a sleeping bag. Only the legs are inside the “bag”, and the chest and shoulder girdle are free to move.

How to swaddle a newborn step by step in a “wide” swaddle

swaddling a baby

A wide swaddle is used only when necessary and indicated. Usually, this type of swaddling is used when the baby has certain problems with the growth and development of the hips. It looks as follows:

  • You need to make several rolls of the swaddle and put them between the baby’s legs to fix them in this “frog” position.
  • Then the baby’s legs are swaddled according to the usual pattern.
  • Hands remain free. There is no need to swaddle the upper part of the body.
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