How to stop being afraid for a child’s health -

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How to stop being afraid for a child’s health

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Parents are worried about their children. It’s okay, it should be so; but what if fear appears out of nowhere and becomes an eternal companion that prevents both parent and child from living?

In general, anxiety for a child’s health is a normal condition. But hypertrophic, irrational fear may destroy everything.

Fear suppresses the will, every thought is constantly turned to it. It is long-term continuous stress, which has a negative impact on the body – the mental and physical condition. A person suffers from a decline in strength, lack of energy. The motivation for any action is lost. There appears a danger of depression.

Is it worth saying that fear for the health of a child can further aggravate the problem? Mom, suffering from excessive suspiciousness, as a rule, starts looking for the slightest manifestations of the disease in the child, argues with doctors, if they do not confirm her guess. If the child is impressionable and has a close relationship with his parents, and they also cannot restrain their anxious state – this fear can be transmitted to the child.

The fear starts to manifest itself through excessive restrictions on freedom. In such a situation, the child has no possibility of accumulating personal practical and social experience.

Hypertrophied parental anxiety may turn into a lack of will and motivation for something for some children in adulthood (the so-called “learned helplessness”).

Another form of fear is fear of medical examinations. Parents avoid showing their child to doctors, which can play a negative role, as time is a significant factor in the treatment of some diseases.

How to deal with fear?

Follow the rules:

  • Fear, above all, must be legitimized. Its existence must not only be recognized but also normalized.
  • It is important to understand the causes of fear – what is so scary. Psychologists say that if you face your fear – it decreases in size. If there is a feeling that it is not possible to deal with the fear by yourself, you can contact a specialist – a psychologist, who will help “dig up the essence” of fear and cope with it with special techniques – to redirect destructive fear in a constructive course.
  • Try to meet the information: go to a doctor, a specialist. If you are going to independently search for information in open sources, it is important to understand that these sources should be official and expert: professional literature or sites – doctors’, medical institutions’, professional communities, etc. Now, for example, there are professional online services where you can ask a specialist a question in order to clarify the diagnosis and to get an outside opinion.

It is competent information received from a doctor or other specialist as an answer to the cause of fear that can neutralize the anxiety and stress, which is dangerous for both adults and children.