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How to stop a child from whining?

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how to deal with a whiny child

Crying is a special language of children, and how parents understand it determines their further relationships. A child’s tears allow adults to learn about what he needs and wants at the moment: maybe he is hungry, tired, experiencing some kind of discomfort, or has a stomach ache. Therefore, it is very important to listen to these “requests for help” and be able to interpret them correctly.

Before asking yourself “How to stop my child from whining?”, first of all, you need to find out its cause. Here are several possible reasons for a child whining all the time:


This is the most common one and is easy to be got rid of. Studies have shown that if a child is hungry, only food and nothing else can stop kids from whining.


Painful sensations cause a cry from the first minutes of a baby’s life, but still, it is difficult to understand whether the baby is crying because of pain or something else. Doctors advise you to take the baby in your arms and try to calm him down.

Overload of the nervous system

A child can be irritated by many factors, such as unexpected and loud sounds, harsh light, spicy or bitter taste. All this can have a strong effect on the infant and cause a crying attack. Nervous tension builds up, and while crying, a child feels relief, which helps to improve the mood. You should always pay attention to the emotional and physical condition of your child. For example, a child who is tired or does not feel well needs to be caressed, there is no need to play with him, and a hungry child must be fed.

Lack of physical contact

Most babies cry until they are picked up. This behavior is often misunderstood. But in fact, the child is crying just because he lost physical contact with his parents and was put separately in bed. And all newborns need to feel the love of their parents, they are next to him and not go anywhere. Therefore, as soon as you take him in your arms and hug him, the crying attack stops. And if this does not help, then try to walk around the room with him: a slight swinging will gradually calm him down and then silence will come.

Now, when you know what the approximate reasons are, let’s figure out what methods can be used to know once and for all how to get a kid to stop crying. Here are some tips on how to handle whining at different ages:

How to stop toddler whining?

how to get a kid to stop crying
  • Take him in your arms and press to your chest. Hugs calm down, as well as give a feeling of security and convince the child he is not alone in this severe world. They also highs the production of a hormone that increases life satisfaction and reduces pain.
  • Swaddle or, conversely, swaddle out. Perhaps the child wants to feel that he is safe, or if the crying process began already in the nappies- free the baby’s arms and legs. Maybe you wrapped him too tight and he feels uncomfortable.
  • Give him a bottle or pacifier. Even if your baby is not hungry, sucking can help to calm down.

How to stop a child from whining at the age of 4 months to a year?

By this time, the baby has already become a little older, so simple methods are no longer as effective as they had been before. To calm down the child, you have to use your imagination. But let’s start with the classics:

  • Take him in your arms. Yes, this option is suitable for all ages. Use it as often as you can. Hold the child close to you, say something calming to him in a quiet, gentle voice.
  • Switch his attention to something else more important. Take the child in your arms and come to the window: show him the cars passing by, birds, people… You can also turn on the TV with cartoons or play your favorite children’s songs and start dancing with the child in your arms. Your goal is to switch the baby’s attention from the situation that worried him and caused crying, to something new and interesting.
  • Replace emotional activity with physical. Let the child jump on the bed, or you can do some light gymnastics.
  • Translate crying into something funny. For example, tickle a child, the goal is to make the infant smile.

How to get your kid to stop whining at 1 to 3-4 years old?

how to make kids stop crying

At this age, most children already understand adults well, can and love to communicate. The most effective ways to calm down are based on this.

  • Pick him up in your arms and sympathize. Ask your child to tell what happened and find out how you can help. Most likely, he will tell you what worries him and you will solve the crying problem.
  • Ask the child to cry more quietly, for example, not to wake up the resting mother.
  • Remind of an important matter for which it is worth putting off crying. For example, you can say that if he cries for a long time, then you will not have time for a walk. This way, you do not take away the right to cry from a child, you just ask to move it to a more convenient moment.
  • Find a way to transfer emotions to an object. You can hit the pillow together, or throw plastic balls at the wall. Any kind of activity that will help to get rid of negativity is suitable.

How to calm down a child at 3-4 years old and older?

By this age, children are already more or less full-fledged personalities. And their reasons for crying are much more varied than when they were babies. Each of them must be worked individually. Fortunately, the child can already articulate clearly what exactly made him cry, and this makes the task easier.

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