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How To Use Google Family Link : Tips for Installing and Finalizing the Program!

how to set up google family link

If you may attract yourself to the number of modern parents, then surely your child has access to some gadgets. You may be afraid that the child can get to adult sites or see what is still not clear to his psyche, but to avoid this fear you need to set up Google Family Link, which would protect your child’s offsetting on the Internet. Today, in the article, we will answer the most frequent questions while how to set up Google Family Link and help you already edit some settings for your convenience and child safety.

What Is Family Link App?

is family link free

Google Family Link is an incredibly powerful and convenient way of parental control, which would help your child safely move on the Internet network. Its main vessels can be viewed to view all actions on any connected gadget that is used by the child, access control to various applications and sites, as well as setting the boundary time of the active use of the gadget, and much more.

If your child can often take your smartphone and play in it, entering various sites or just clay on randomized applications, then you just need to have a Family Link, which would protect the child from unnecessary information for it and also help your device don’t dial viruses with some unprotected sites.

Is Family Link Free? Yes, this is a free app for different operating systems. But of course, it also has additional features that maybe you can also come in handy, but you can already get only after a subscription to the application. You don’t need to do this if you want to just protect the child from not very children’s sites.

Family Link Setup

Let’s begin to deal with the capabilities of this application from the installation, and after we analyze the frequently asked questions of parents.

  • For both devices, download the application to the parent device and the child’s device, if there is. Here it is worth noting that these are two different applications.
  • On the parent’s device, open the application, click Next and select your Google account. Next, select your child’s account as the account you want to control. Then the application would ask you to take the phone of the child: on it, click the “Next” button to get the connection code.
  • On the child’s device, open the application and select the “This Device” option, then select Google Baby Account.
  • The child’s device would request a connection code from the parent device, enter the connection code from the parent device into the child’s device.
  • On the device of the child, check the mail if verification is required.

Further, there are two options for events. If you have turned on Google a child account in a family library before starting installing a new family application, you can continue the application setting. If not, the application would ask you to do further actions.

  • On the parent device, press “Next” until the application prompts you to continue the setting on the child’s device;
  • On the device of the child, the application would ask you to give many permissions, press “Next” to confirm all of them.
  • On the child’s device. Give the name to the device of your child when it takes. Next, Google would ask you what applications you allow you to use the child: take or deflect them, press “Next”.

It’s all! If you are correctly requested all actions, now you can use all the possibilities of this application without any restrictions. Don’t be afraid to consider all the items of the application, because surely you can find a lot of interesting things on its expanses.


Can Family Link Be Used on iPhone?

Family Link compatible devices should be attributed to:

  • All devices based on Android operating system with version 7.0 and newer versions;
  • iPhones and iPads with existing iOS 11 or newer.

If there is no corresponding version of the operating system on your smartphone or tablet, then it is advisable to update the gadget, or you cannot use the application at all. The same applies to the child’s gadget because even if you have this application on your phone, you can still not see what is happening in a child.

How To Add Device to Family Link?

Add Device to Family Link

Above, we have already told you how to add a parent to Family Link and you can use it for connecting new gadgets in your family. The main thing is that the new device is installed on the new device, and then simply generate a new device and parents.

Can Family Link See Text Messages?

Yes, you can be able to view text messages on the child’s device. But it would be noted that you can not see deleted messages. It would turn out only from the child’s device.

Besides, you should also know what can Family Link see more. Here you can attribute the ability to track the child’s geolocation, including this feature in the location settings. It gives you to see where a child is with a gadget that is connected to the common system. In addition, you can browse the story from the child’s gadget, going to the browser. It is also important to understand that if the story is already cleaned in advance, you won’t be able to return this data.

And so, here we shared with you some of the most important details of this application. Surely we could help you figure out how to use Google Family Link and you can already use it in reality to protect your child. Just don’t hurry and read all messages that the system writes to you, and then calmly give the gadgets to the child and be sure that it is safe.

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