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How to make safe baby makeup?

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safe makeup for kids

All little girls want to be like their moms in everything. Moms are the standard of beauty and kindness to them. Very often little princesses wonder how mother keeps her beauty, especially in the evenings or when mom is going to work? What kind of sorcery: magical tassels, colorful and shiny lipsticks, black bottles by which you can make a swing of eyelashes visible from a distance?

Care cosmetics are also interesting – different jars, tubes with creams, fragrant bottles with liquid. But the weakness of all little girls are sequins, bright shades, and shining looks.

Interest in cosmetics and self-application of make-up begins to appear very early (at the age of 8-13 y.o.) when the use of decorative cosmetics is still inappropriate. But girls want it so much!

Calm down, you don’t need to restrict your daughter to such a pleasure. We will help you and tell you about all the nuances of makeup for young girls.

It’s better to teach a girl the rules and hygiene of makeup. This will help her to avoid mistakes that may negatively affect her skin in the future. So, the first thing you need to do is clean the daughter’s skin. Just wash with water and apply a child’s moisturizer to the skin – that will be enough.

What can be applied to children’s skin and what is better to refuse?

Whatever products you would choose should be quality, hypoallergenic, proven cosmetics. Check the expiration date and the composition of the product.

Which cosmetics you can use for little girl’s make-up

organic makeup for kids


Only if it is necessary to hide inflammation, red spots, and other imperfections that may be on the skin of adolescents.


It is better to use pearlescent shades (creamy and crumbly) for creating kids’ make-up. Matte shades are suitable for adults.


Why not? But don’t make your daughter’s eyes like for yourself. The classic arrows will be extra in this case.

Don’t use black eyeliner. Blue, green, silver, white, gold, pink are colors that can be used for kid’s makeup. You can draw small stars, snowflakes in the corners of her eyes with a pencil, or slightly highlight the growth line of upper lashes.


If you want to make a girl’s eyes expressive, you can use mascara. It should be water-based only, and never the waterproof one. You can buy brown eyelash curlers for classic makeup (blue, purple, and blue for a certain look). Apply the mascara in a single layer. Eyelashes should look natural and not heavy.


Baby skin doesn’t need them because they can clog pores. Besides, there is no task to smooth the skin tone, as it is already perfect.


Only the delicate shades of pink, beige, peach. Lipsticks look ridiculous on children’s faces.

A universal solution is a shade balm. It will protect the skin and give an expressive shade.


The eyebrows should look natural. You can fix them neatly with a brush and a transparent gel.


A little blush can be used. Choose the natural and delicate shades of pink or peach, and apply a thin layer on the cheeks, barely touching with a brush.

Make your girls happy! Let their holidays be unforgettable and makeup create a magical atmosphere.

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