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How to make a diaper cake?

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diaper cake tutorial

The birth of a child is a holiday for parents, all close friends, and relatives. This event is not only joyful but also entails some financial wasting. Therefore, everyone understands that gifts for such a holiday should be as necessary and useful as possible, especially in the first months of a child’s life.

If you were invited to share the joy of such an important occasion and you are looking for the ideal gift, we are happy to present you with the best idea that will surprise young parents with its creative presentation and practicality. So throw away all the ideas of buying clothes and other trinkets – unique diaper cakes are what you need.

You can make a simple diaper cake with your own hands or order it from people who make such gifts professionally. We believe that if these are your close friends/relatives, then you should make an effort to create such an unusual cake. If you have never heard of how to make a diaper cake then we have some diaper cake ideas that you can make yourself. Let’s go!

Diaper cake ideas and instructions

baby shower cake decorations

First, we will tell you what ideas there may be for creating diaper cakes for boys or girls.

Such a cake can consist of at least 2 tiers (in another case it will not be so solid and presentable).

You can make a cake not only from some diapers but also add baby shower cake decorations (baby body oil, powder, dryer sheets, and wet wipes, manicure set, and hypoallergenic body cream).

For the boy, you can choose an elegant baby bow-tie, towels, and diapers in appropriate colors and prints, a tie, a small shirt with buttons, toys for the boy, etc. You can buy everything that little boys love and that is associated with belonging to the male sex.

Diaper cakes for girls can be decorated with colorful and delicate ribbons (bows), hairpins, dolls, butterflies and flowers (live and artificial), soft or rubber toys, comb, mirror, elements of the image of a princess (crown/diadem, dress, shoes, elastic bands, hairpins).

The main elements of the cake made of diapers

  • Diapers, of course. How many diapers for a diaper cake? You should buy not less than 50 diapers for a normal size cake.
  • An elastic band – small (100 pcs. package) and a few large (3-5 pcs.). Or you can take more, they will not be superfluous. Some people use pegs to secure their diapers but the rubber bands are much more convenient.
  • The basis for the cake. It can be thick cardboard (you can cut a circle out of a box of the right diameter), plastic, or metal stand – everything that can withstand the weight of diapers.
  • Wide ribbons of satin (choose the color of the ribbon according to the baby’s gender). Colors for girls – pink, purple, red, peach, yellow; for boys – all shades of green and blue, beige, purple, and indigo.
  • Roll of paper towels (about 3 pieces).
  • Elements of decoration (small towels, plush toy).
  • Transparent wrapper or another beautiful wrapping.

How to build a diaper cake – where to start?

unique diaper cakes

There are some nuances to consider before you start making a cake from diapers:

  • It is better to ask the parents of the child what firm and size of diapers they buy for their toddler (maybe you should take a few sizes for growth, they won’t be an issue).
  • Make sure the whole “cooking process” is as sterile as possible (treat your hands with an antiseptic or use gloves), the room (where you will build a diaper cake) must be clean. You know how important this is.

How to make a diaper cake step by step?

  1. Install a roll of paper towels in the center of the platform. You will place twisted diapers around it.
  2. Roll all the diapers into cylinders and secure them with rubber bands. Also, do it with towels – you will form 3 rows of them.
  3. Spread the cylinders of diapers in 3 circles around a roll of paper towels. After that, you will understand the diameter of the base (a cake platform).
  4. Do the same with the second tier. Now you need to place only 2 circles of cylinders around the paper towel roll.
  5. We will build the third tier with towels only in one circle around the roll.
  6. Take the big rubber bands and reinforce each tier so that it doesn’t break up.
  7. Put plush toys, flowers, butterflies, cars, or whatever you like on top of the cake.
  8. Use different ribbons to tie the tiers and hide the rubbers.

Next, you can decorate the diaper cake in any way, let your imagination go wild!

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