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How to help a teenager to go through a crisis?

Parents Tips
mom and daughter

Remember, a teenager learns to be an adult, gets used to changes in his body and appearance. He overcomes the hormonal imbalances and difficulties of the first relationship. He/she needs to understand who he/she is and who he/she will become. Minimize the endless reproaches and discontent with the child. Try to give maximum support and acceptance, a teen needs it now more than ever.

  • This period will end – it will not last forever.
  • Teenagers do not fully feel the true meaning of words. They may shout insults or make impossible promises. Of course, this does not mean you should forgive rudeness but it is certainly not worth taking what is said too personally.
  • Don’t patronize a teenager like a baby; treat him/her like an adult person. Give him/her more autonomy and define areas of responsibility. Always encourage initiative and praise your child.
  • Let the teenager make mistakes. Don’t say to him/her the phrase «I’ve told you and you didn’t listen to me». It will only cause irritation.
  • A child should not be what you want him/her to be. Don’t compare him/her to anyone.
  • Give the teenager an opportunity to argue with you, to express his/her opinion. Let the teen to practice the skill of discussion and to learn to defend his/her boundaries. You should be able to have a dialogue with the child.
  • Raise financial literacy and discuss material issues. Instruct children to plan their expenses: let the child learn how to allocate the budget.
  • It may be a signal of your authoritarianism and excessive control when a teenager tells you untruth. In this way the child establishes protection against your interfering in his/her territory. So do not get hysterical but rather analyze your attitude.
  • Let the child feel that you are on his/her side. A teen should always feel your support and love even if you are in the quarrel.
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