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How to Get Rid of Baby Gas in Newborns – Store and Home Remedies for Gases

remedy for gassy babies

Surely, if you have a small child, or you studied some information before becoming a mother, you have heard that the child suffers from gas, sometimes quite often. The baby may cry, feel discomfort, bloat, and parents suffer from lack of sleep and not understanding how to help him. Fortunately, in our century, there are already many facts about this that will help to recognize it, and then eliminate it. Today we will tell you about this.

When to Use Gassy Babies Remedy: Causes of Gas

gassy baby remedy

Intestinal flatulence in children occurs due to the accumulation of gases, the discharge of which is difficult, accompanied by rumbling pains that children can experience very often. Sometimes, with every feed, the baby may feel uncomfortable due to improper food intake. Why does bloating occur? Gases in a newborn are frequent companions of the most complex processes of adaptation of the body to life outside the womb. Every child goes through this phase, so gas is normal and requires the use of gassy newborn baby remedies.

Flatulence in an infant occurs when his intestines are full of foamy masses. This substance expands the intestines from the inside, obscures its walls, and fills the intestinal lumen, preventing the absorption of food and disrupting the digestive process. All this causes pain and discomfort in the abdomen, which hardens and swells. At the same time, the baby becomes restless, begins to jerk his legs sharply, trying to press them on him. Thus, he shows his discomfort and tries to get rid of it on his own (from such movements you can understand that a remedy for gassy babies is needed). Bloating in newborns can appear in the first month of life and continue to torment them for up to three to four months. The reasons may vary. The most common reasons after which you should definitely use gassy baby breastfed remedies:

Food is not appropriate for the age and maturity of the child’s gastrointestinal tract. This can of course cause flatulence. These include: change in milk formula, overfeeding, premature introduction of complementary foods, unbalanced nutrition.

However, often the causes of bloating in newborns lie not in the food they eat, but in the fact that gases enter the intestines due to screaming, crying, improper feeding, in which air is swallowed along with milk or formula. In such a case, the baby won’t be able to fight it on his own, therefore, use gassy baby breastfeeding remedies to help him as soon as possible. We will talk about them a little later.

Another important cause of bloating is the child’s over-excitation, restless behavior, and unstable emotional state for any reason. See a doctor to help you find out what is bothering him and how to fix it.

It should be borne in mind that for a child who is breastfed, it is very important what his mother eats, since the use of certain foods can cause flatulence in a child under one year of age, not to mention newborns. Products such as fresh fruits, juices, legumes (peas, beans), white cabbage, walnuts, condensed milk, black bread, baked goods often cause flatulence in children. In this case, the best remedy for gassy babies would be to review their own nutrition.

It is noticed that premature babies suffer from flatulence more often, due to the immaturity of their digestive system, which hasn’t yet finished forming: the stomach of the newborn is located slightly higher and more horizontally than in adults, the muscles of the walls of the stomach and intestines are less developed, which makes it difficult for food to move. Here you need to be careful with the gassy baby remedy so as not to harm such a small and immature body. Ask your doctor about this to help your child get it right.

Flatulence in a newborn can also occur due to lactase deficiency, dysbiosis, allergy to cow’s milk proteins. So take a close look at your child’s reaction, excretion, and health status when you start giving him new food, especially formula.

If you notice something similar in your feeding your baby, you should definitely try what we will discuss next. But first, before doing this, you should talk to your doctor. Perhaps problems with the well-being of the child or his anxiety may be other problems that aren’t at all related to this. Therefore, you should not forget to keep track of other details of the child’s interaction with anything. Perhaps the problem is the same food, but not exactly the gas. Perhaps he has an intolerance, allergies, or simply doesn’t want to eat. Discuss all of these details with your doctor before taking any steps to help your child. Try to do everything slowly, not in a hurry, even if it will take up more of your precious time. But believe me, even such a trifle will help get rid of many problems.

Baby Gas Relief Home Remedy

remedies for gassy babies

For newborn baby gas relief, treatment is carried out using various methods. There are several medicines based on herbal decoctions (cumin, fennel, dill, coriander), designed to help get rid of gases in one way or another, as well as carminative agents, antispasmodics to relieve intestinal spasm, drugs that activate intestinal motility, drugs against dysbiosis containing Lacto- and bifidobacteria. Many of these supplements are aimed at baby gas pain relief, so you can trust them. To decide on drug treatment, it is imperative to consult a doctor. It is advisable to ask someone who already knows a little about your child. He will tell you what will be most harmless for infant gas pain relief. Also, to somehow baby gas pains relief, you can try to use the methods that you can do yourself at home without any problems:

  1. Warm the baby’s tummy. This infant gas relief home remedies mothers use most often. Place a hot hand on your bare belly, or place the baby on your belly, or cover his tummy with a warm diaper or heating pad. Make sure it isn’t too hot for the baby’s delicate body.
  2. Massage the abdomen with circular strokes around the navel, pressing lightly. Other massage techniques can be found on the internet. Gas relief for kids home remedies will surely come in handy for you.
  3. Gymnastics is another great home remedies for baby gas relief. The child’s legs bent at the knees are pressed alternately to his stomach and straightened again. This shouldn’t be done quickly and gently. Monitor your child’s reactions.
  4. Give your child a warm bath with a decoction of chamomile and string. Add these ingredients carefully to avoid allergies.
  5. Try swaddling your abdomen tightly. Although this gas infant’s relief won’t be very pleasant for the child, it can also help.
  6. You can use a rectal catheter, which is a thin gas tube. This newborn gas relief formula is gently inserted into the child’s pre-lubricated anus 1-2 cm. Here, also, don’t forget to watch the child’s reaction. Your movements should be gentle.

Apart from this, other general guidelines will make newborn gas pain relief easier:

  • It is advisable to lay the baby on his stomach for 5 minutes before each feeding. This can be done at any other time during the day – this is how the abdomen is massaged, the abdominal muscles are trained;
  • Clockwise abdominal strokes should also become a regular ritual;
  • After each feed, hold the baby upright for 10-15 minutes until he regurgitates air and the food reaches the stomach. Great baby gas pain relief that should be done almost always;
  • In everyday life, give up tight swaddling to allow the baby to move freely;
  • Latch your baby to the breast correctly so that air doesn’t get inside with food. When breastfeeding, watch your diet. The general rule is that foods that cause bloating and soft stools in the mother provoke flatulence in the baby;
  • When artificial feeding, try to immediately pick up a mixture containing prebiotics so as not to injure the immature gastrointestinal tract of the child with frequent changes of mixtures;

It may seem to you that everything is very complicated and confusing, and it will be difficult to enter this into the obligatory list for caring for a child. But if you learn to help with gas relief for infants’ home remedies quickly and on time, you will notice that there is even more time for other things. After all, you usually soothed the crying of a child, right?
Now you know everything you need to know about relief for baby gas and can help your baby on your own at any time. And for an even better understanding of this process and other nuances, read our previous and next articles. Surely they will be useful for you and other moms. Good luck!

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