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How to Draw a Dog?

drawing a dog

Does your child like animals? Does it know how to draw? If you answered “Yes!” twice then we know what you will be doing soon. And you don’t have to say that you can’t draw because you have not even tried it! It’s a great way to use time to your advantage.

You’ll need two sheets of paper and all the tools you need to draw comfortably: pencils, markers, felt-tip pens, and even paints. There are no restrictions.

All right, we get this started?

How to draw a dog from a cartoon?

easy to draw a dog
  • Let’s start with the sweetest part of the dog’s body, the nose. Determine where the center of your drawing will be and draw a small hill in that place. Next, draw a small circle or oval (you can make it in the shape of a bean you still have a cartoon dog drawing). Next, depict the same oval, it should be half that. Paint the entire space of a large oval in dark color. You can use black, brown, beige, or pink. Leave a small oval empty.
  • The next element is the puppy’s smile. Find the center of the big “bean”. If you find the center then step back to 2-3 centimeters. Next, put a conditional and barely noticeable point. This is a meeting point for two curved lines. Now draw two not deep arcs to the right and left. The arcs should end near the hill that you drew at the beginning. Don’t lead them to the end and put short horizontal dashes. These will be the folds that appear at the cheek area when you smile.
  • The next step is the puppy’s cheek. Go back to the first element of the dog outline that we called the “hill”. Have you ever drawn a heart? Of course, you have! Imagine you have to draw a heart because the cheek will have the same shape. On both sides of the hill (at the extreme points) draw the wide arcs of the heart and lead them down. You don’t need to connect them.
puppy drawing easy
  • Let’s go back to the smile of the puppy. Again we need to find the conditional center on the two arcs of the smile. Now we have to depict the dog’s mouth and its tongue. Then, draw a sharper arc downwards from the center of the arcs of a smile. We’ve painted the dog’s mouth. Let’s say it’s summertime and the dog is hot, that’s why an animal stuck out its tongue. Draw a tongue in the puppy’s mouth. You should draw a more round arc down from the bottom of the dog’s mouth. If you draw a tongue then you can divide it with a line in the center and voila!
  • It’s time to join the heart and draw a chin. Connect the arc of the two parts of the hearts that we drew to create cheeks. You can draw the chin a little higher than the tongue.
  • Now let’s draw the puppy’s eyes. Go back to where the nose and cheek hill join together. Start drawing an eye oval on one side and the same figure on the other side. You can choose the size of an oval by yourself. Big eyes look very cute. But don’t overdo it. When you draw the eyes then you can complement them with pupils. I mean, you need to draw another oval inside the eye but only 2 times less. Fill them with black. If you wish, you can leave small highlights.
drawing of a dog
  • We have sketched eyes. Now back off a centimeter from each eye and draw horizontally and slightly curved arcs. These will be eyebrows.
  • The next stage will be the puppy’s head and ears. But to do that, you need to step up by 2 centimeters from the eyebrows. And draw in the center another arc – this will be the head. If you want, you can add the fur that sticks up on the dog’s head.
  • We are almost done. It remains to finish drawing with ears and form the face completely. Look at the arc that we drew to portray the head. Imagine what form of ears will have your puppy. If you decide then draw the smooth lines from the edge of the dog’s head and finish the element at the pupil levels. If you want smaller ears than you can bring the line to the top of its eyes. Connect the ears to the upper arc. Well, now your puppy can hear you and you can name it.
  • The final touch. You need to draw the missing parts of the head oval. This is very easy – just connect the ears to the cheeks (half-hearts) of the puppy.

That’s all. We have finished a simple dog drawing. Paint the picture as you wish. Offer it to the child. Let your child choose colors for cute dog drawings.

For more fun, you can bring your puppy to life. Make up a story or fairytale about him. Develop your creative skills, fine motor skills, and imagination of your child.

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