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What’s the Best Way To Clean Baby Nose? Learn To Clean Your Baby’s Nose Correctly!

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Best Way To Clean Baby Nose

Every parent surely faces the problem of cleaning the newborn nose, because little children don’t know how to blow their nose on their own, and their nose often gets clogged. Not all parents know how to properly cleanse their baby’s nose, which can cause panic when this situation occurs. But we will help you learn how to clean your baby’s nose so that it is easy and painless for the baby.

Ways To Clean Baby Nose

We’ve looked at the various baby nose cleaner options that parents around the world are using. Of all of them, we were able to identify the most popular and effective ones that you can use safely and independently:

Cleaning With Cotton Wool

Many people use cotton swabs, which absolutely cannot be done since a child can be injured with a stick because the nasal septum is still too delicate. Cotton woll is an alternative to sticks. More precisely, they were invented before the sticks. Wolls were used by doctors and pediatricians when certain devices had not yet been invented. This method is good when there are no other convenient means at hand, and the child’s nose needs to be cleaned urgently. Just have a cotton pad always on hand and make a tampon like the one below.

Saline Flush

Saline or saline solution is a reliable helper in nose cleaning for babies. Doctors recommend that he be in the home first aid kit after the child has appeared in your house, or even if you yourself would use it. Today there are many forms and variations of this remedy. Drops are suitable for rinsing the nose for babies, and it is better to purchase sprays for older children.

baby nose cleaner

Sneezing Drops

When sneezing, the body gets rid of excess substances, toxins, and microorganisms. A person has this protective mechanism from the first days of life, therefore, the method is considered natural. Active sneezing relieves even deeply seated mucus, but for young children, this method needs to be selected carefully. There are a number of special droplets that cause sneezing, including for children. It can be used in the form of concentrated juice, starting from 3 years old. For babies under one-year-old, it is better to dilute the juice with boiled water or make a decoction.

Cleaning With Manual Aspirators

A nasal aspirator is an important hygiene item. With it, you can easily get rid of mucus. There are 4 types of aspirators and are divided into two groups. Manual aspirators are mechanical devices and pears. They can be used even with the daily care of a baby’s nose. The pediatrician can tell you how often you need to clean the nose of a newborn with a pear. According to general recommendations, this procedure should be carried out 2-3 times a day, with a cold ー 4-5.

Electronic Aspirators

Only with the help of electronic devices can you quickly remove snot from a child’s nose. They pull away mucus with one simple push of a button, after which the child’s nose would be immediately cleared of all unnecessary things. This can help not only remove mucus in the passage, but also in the deeper ducts. In addition, such a device can remove even the thickest mucus, which would be much more difficult to remove in other ways.

Blow in Baby Mouth To Clear Nose

blow in baby mouth to clear nose

As we all understand, babies cannot blow their noses on their own, since at least he doesn’t understand that it needs to be done and how to do it. What to do then? Can you blow in a baby’s mouth to clear the nose? Yes, it may sound strange, but it can really help. Just blow a little into the baby’s mouth to help the mucus out of the nose. It is worth noting that if the child’s snot is thick enough, this method isn’t particularly suitable, because if you try to do this, it can cause discomfort for the child.

This is how you can clean your child’s nose as simply and relatively quickly as possible. You can choose the one that suits you best, or you can try several ones to determine the one that works best for your child. We believe that the best way to clean a baby’s nose is an electronic aspirator since of all its disadvantages it is only the price that differs from the previous means. In addition, you can quickly and easily get rid of the mucus that is deep in the nose, which would be difficult to do with simple home methods. Which of all the ways to clean baby nose do you like best?

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