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Baby Ear Cleaning: When and How Should You Start Caring for Your Baby’s Ears?

what to clean baby ears with

Agree, cleaning your ears from dirt can be difficult to understand, but what about baby ear cleaning? For mothers, it may seem like just an unrealistic affair, since they haven’t faced this issue before. Yes, you need to be very careful when cleaning small ears. But today we will tell you other details about cleaning, which can make the whole process much easier for you.

What Age To Clean Baby Ears?

cleaning baby ears

In general, the ears are quite a delicate and sensitive part of the human body, and in a child, even more so, they are more fragile, delicate and require regular care almost from infancy. It is worth noting that ear contamination may vary from child to child and may occur at different times. It would be enough for you from about two weeks after the birth of the baby every day to check the cleanliness of the ears, and then begin to carry out manipulations. If you still doubt whether the time has come when you can start cleaning, then consult a pediatrician who would help you decide.

Hygiene of the auricles and cleansing the skin behind the ears is certainly an important procedure. This should be done every day, either in the morning during general hygiene procedures, or in the evening after bathing the child. But if you see that the ears are clean and nothing has accumulated there, then you don’t need to clean baby ears every day, you can simply reduce the number of times a week.

What To Clean Baby Ears With?

baby ear cleaning

Remember that ear wax isn’t dirt! Therefore, you don’t need to carefully clean it, the more often you clean your ears and deeper, the worse. Then the earwax begins to be produced more actively and accumulates even more. Wax can be dark, light, and dry. Only dark sulfur forms a brown ring at the entrance to the ear canal. And only this accumulation of sulfur around the entrance can be removed without penetrating the ear canal.

There are several options for how to get earwax out of the baby’s ears that you can take advantage of from the very birth of your baby.

In children’s stores and pharmacies, special cotton swabs are sold, which are safe for small ears. You can use them and aren’t afraid that they can harm you. It is worth noting that ordinary cotton swabs, as well as their home variations (a match or a toothpick with cotton tips), are by no means suitable for a baby.

If you still can’t buy special sticks, just make a cotton swab and clean your ears with it, and if necessary, you can moisten it a little with water. Considering the possible anxiety of the baby when the mother tries to clean his ears with this tampon, you can try another option that may suit your child.

Use the baby ear cleaning with a hydrogen peroxide solution. This is another good way to quickly and easily remove any unwanted particles from your baby’s ears. The main thing here isn’t to overdo it with the number of funds. It would be enough for 2-3 drops in each ear. Just lay the baby on its side and drip the solution, then let to babysit for a few minutes. Then just wipe away any residue that the peroxide was able to flush out of the ear.

We believe that the best option for cleaning is to use hydrogen peroxide when the baby is still very young. And already at an older age, from about 1-2 years old, you can clean your ears with cotton swabs without fear that the child may move abruptly, as a result of which the stick would get too deep. In older age, this shouldn’t be a problem. In addition, you can teach your toddler to do it on their own as well as to brush their teeth.

Tips of How To Clean Baby Ears

baby ear cleaning solution

Above, we were able to show the features with various cleaning wax out of baby ears, which you can already safely use. For even more confidence with such delicate cleaning, here are some more helpful tips you may need:

  1. It is imperative to clean not only the auricle itself but also wipe it with a damp cloth behind the ear. In children, the ears often sweat. And dirt accumulates behind the ears. To avoid inflammatory processes, it is necessary to wipe behind the ears daily to remove dirt and epithelial residues.
  2. Bathing can cause water to enter the ear canals. It is best to make sure that water doesn’t get into the ears because many don’t like it. But if it did happen, that’s okay. Just after bathing put the child for a few minutes, first on one barrel, then on the other.
  3. Each auricle should be wiped with a separate cotton swab or a separate special cotton swab with a stopper.
  4. It is better to cleanse after bathing when the skin is a little steamed and possible dirt would be removed much easier.

Now you certainly know all the features of such a delicate matter. You can choose the best way to clean baby ears, which you would use soon. Remember, there is no need to rush and try to remove everything that is in small ears, and it is with such proper care that the ears would always be clean and healthy.

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