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How to choose the best maternity clothes correctly?

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maternity clothes

Pregnancy is a beautiful period in the life of every woman – as many people argue. Although pregnant women are ready to bet on this topic because most of them feel the discomfort associated with the new status.

Husbands and close relatives say the same thing – how the expectant mother looks good despite the weight gain and swelling.

Changes in a woman’s life are related not only to her appearance and hormonal balance but also to her wardrobe. So put all your stretchy grandmother skirts and men’s sweaters aside. We have prepared some maternity clothes ideas for you. You must shine in any case and regardless of the weather outside your window.

How do you know it’s time to buy a cute maternity dress?

This question haunts many expectant mothers. But there is no unambiguous answer for everyone, every woman should decide according to her feelings. Usually, this decision comes when a woman feels discomfort from the clothes she wore before she decided to bear a child. Interesting fact: if you have your first pregnancy, your stomach will not be so well visible. In most cases, the size of the stomach begins to change only from 20 weeks. Those women who decide to be a mother for the second or third time have more elastic ligaments and as a result, significant changes can be seen at an early stage (10-15 weeks).

What is the difference between the usual clothes and cute maternity clothes?

  • Pants on your hips. Bad news for those girls who prefer to wear pants or jeans with a high waist. We understand that this is very comfortable and these jeans emphasize the figure. But now you need to consider models with a low fit so that the rubber bands (belts) do not push the stomach and it will not sweat under the fabric in the hot summer days.
  • The presence of elastic inserts. You may have noticed clothes with elastic bands or elastic inserts that are located at the front of the product. They are stretched and can take the right shape. Women can buy such pants in the second or third trimester.
  • Clothing with a bandage. There are such models of clothing (dresses, blouses, and blouses) that are made with the bandage. This option fully covers the abdomen and lower back. It is best to wear such clothes in cold seasons. It warms and provides light support to the abdomen in the second or third trimester of pregnancy.

How to choose the best maternity clothes

best maternity clothes

And as much as that saddens you, you should understand that your body shapes and curves (let’s not say creases) will increase every month. So you need to forget about the inscription “slim fit” for the next year and pay more attention to straight shape or oversize clothes.

Best maternity dresses

best maternity dresses

What kind of dress – tight or free take your pick. It all depends on what it is that you want. We believe that the main criteria for a dress should be comfort, practicality, and femininity. Therefore, the ideal option is the basic knitted dresses (any length) that are stretch and body-conscious. The color scheme should also be minimalistic without flashy colors, prints, and patterns. Such a dress can be complemented by various accessories and elements of clothing and create a new look an unlimited number of times.

If you have not put to gain a lot of extra pounds, you can safely wear even the shortest and favorite dresses.

Which models of dresses are better for pregnant women?

Dress shirt. A very popular and comfortable dress style that doesn’t press on the stomach and has many variations. You can use the strap and emphasize the rounded stomach. Shirt dresses can be short at the front and long at the back (with hem), there are also interesting asymmetrical models.

Dress trapeze. This variant of the dress is most often chosen by women at the early stages of pregnancy to hide the belly. They look very gentle and feminine, so they are well suited for festive occasions.

Dress in the style of “empire”, as well as “trapeze”, is ideal for important events and celebrations. They emphasize the chest and hide the figure’s imperfections.

The best maternity wear that every expectant mother should have

A jacket and vest are indispensable things for moms who are not in a hurry to go on maternity leave and work in a normal mode. With the help of jackets and vests, you can hide your stomach at an early stage of pregnancy and create interesting looks.

Oversize dresses as the best pregnancy clothes

We believe that dresses (sweater dresses) of large knitting and cardigans are the most beautiful maternity clothes. You can combine them with short shorts, mini/midi skirts, and skinny jeans. Such images are very stylish and modern. In addition, you can wear them after the birth of the child.

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