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How to choose a backpack for your child?

best backpack for high school

It would seem that this is a very simple task to choose a backpack for a pupil. After all, the shelves of supermarkets and online stores offer a huge range of both the best backpacks for high school and for those kids who first sit at the school desk.

But as it turns out it is not so easy anymore. When it comes to buying the most perfect backpack there are many questions, parents want to take into account all the recommendations and wishes of the student among other things.

What is the best backpack for school?

school backpack sizes

The backpack is the most important attribute, a “carrier of knowledge” that should be able to survive both the hot sun and autumn rains. This universal backpack often plays the role of a soccer ball after school lessons; it suffers from constant contamination and heavy textbooks. That’s why there are so many requirements for it, and there are not so many worthy candidates who satisfy all demands for a decent price.

Some parents make a huge mistake when they buy a briefcase with the idea that it must be for growth (a child should go with it from first grade to high school at least). But this is not right and the choice of a backpack is certainly not about saving money, be prepared for it.

To facilitate your search, we decided to create a school backpack size guide and tell you the general requirements, details of which are worth paying attention to.

  • Weight of the backpack. An empty backpack (without textbooks and notebooks) for a pupil of primary school should weigh no more than 700 grams and no more than 1 kilogram for high school children.
  • Size and width of the backpack should not go beyond the boundaries of children’s shoulders (forget about those dimensionless boxes behind which no child is visible);
  • Normal height of children’s backpack begins at 30 cm and should not exceed 36 cm; volume or width of the product should be from 6 to 10 cm;
  • Backpack straps also have their own standards: length 60-70 cm and width of approximately 3.5 cm (these figures are also suitable for the best size backpack for babies, but not more).

Which backpack is best for school?

what is the best backpack for school

Fabric or leather? Let’s discuss the material of the ideal backpack for school. As we said the backpack material should survive all weather conditions with your child and be well cleaned from dust and dirt.

Textile (fabric) backpacks with water-repellent properties and impregnation perfectly cope with these difficulties. Ideally, such a backpack should have patches (retro-reflectors)

Retro-reflectors are such special insertions that make a child’s silhouette visible even in the darkest of seasons. You will not have to worry once again that the drivers of vehicles will not notice your child when it crosses the road.

Leather is a durable and natural material but it is heavy and will quickly lose its appearance. In addition, the leather backpack is heavier than the textile version and is much more expensive. Therefore, such a backpack has more disadvantages than advantages.

We encourage you to pay attention to the medium backpack straps, which fasten at chest level and thus distribute the weight evenly throughout the body.

There are a few more details to pay attention to when choosing a backpack for a baby of any age:

  • The presence of an orthopedic backrest, which will not press on the spine and will help improve the posture.
  • The backpack straps should be wide, soft, and comfortable; they shouldn’t stretch or lengthen under pressure from school supplies.

Parents should take care of the practicality and safety of the products but schoolchildren should decide which cartoon or superhero will be depicted on the backpack for themselves.

If you don’t know which backpack is best for school then we can give you some good suggestions – Fjallraven Classic Kanken, Herschel Heritage Youth, The North Face Wise Guy, and Fidelity Classic Daytripper.

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