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How to boost a child’s immune system?


immune boost for kids

“Boost child immunity naturally” is a fairly common Google search at this time.

The coronavirus pandemic is not giving up, nor are all parents trying to protect their child and his weak immune system.

There are a huge number of publications on the Internet devoted to the question “how to boost a child’s immune system?” There’s nothing strange, really. Everything about a child’s life and well-being is extremely important. And that’s why ways to boost the toddler’s immune system are so popular.

But we always make the same mistake. We don’t deal with whether something needs to be boosted or improved at all, and we don’t get into what a “child’s immune system” is and how it works.

You can always improve it, but also don’t forget that various drugs, badger fat, yogurt with beneficial microbes, homeopathy, dietary supplements can harm and you will not achieve the desired effect. Let’s start with the basics and see what we can count on in trying to boost the baby’s immune system.

How to boost a child’s immune system or what is immunity and how does it work?

boost baby immune system

It’s no news that our body is a very well-coordinated and complex system that is not easily broken and disrupted. Many people think that boosting the immune system in toddlers is the same as clicking the cursor on a decreased curve in a graph and it immediately goes up.

For others, immunity is just a lack of vitamin C or sunshine during cold and dreary seasons. Undoubtedly, vitamin C and sunshine are important too, but they are not the only things here.

Simply put, our immune system is made up of hundreds of different cells that have over 400 different receptors. Cytokines (hormone-like molecules) are the main components and regulators of these cells. They are involved in a huge number of processes in our body and among them is the regulation of humoral and cellular immunity. These molecules work and take part in all tasks with different types of complexity. They respond to everything from eliminating hematoma to fighting malignant neoplasms.

This whole system has been established and working for millions of years and it is closely linked to the well-being of absolutely all body systems. According to immunologists, our immune system is not easily broken when you just go outside without a hat and scarf or get your feet wet.

It’s much more important to consider the entire chronology of events – your lifestyle, stress, lack of sleep, sleeping, and eating habits. And these are just the most basic factors that can shake the immunity of anyone, including a small person like a child.

Immunity appears in young children in utero, is passed on from parents, and continues to be actively formed until the age of 7-8 years. It protects the body not only from external influences, but also recognizes the body’s own dangerous cells that have malfunctioned, can mutate and harm human health.

How to increase immunity in toddlers?

Most parents are convinced that if their child gets sick very often in childhood it is a sign of poor or lowered immunity. And everyone immediately rushes in search of how to boost a kid’s immune system quickly and permanently.

But this is quite a standard and normal reaction/condition of the body which is just learning to be strong and produce antibodies to new and unknown infections/microbes. Now let’s move on to immune boost for kids.

Natural ways to boost immune system child

Avoid unnecessary antibiotics. If your pediatrician has prescribed a certain type of antibiotic, you should ask it more questions before buying it and giving it to your child.

No doubt, these drugs can sometimes be life-saving, but in most cases, they kill not only the pathogens but also the beneficial bacteria (healthy microflora) that live in our gastrointestinal tract. In case you didn’t know, our intestines are the second brain which is very important for the health and well-being of the body’s immune system. Some researchers believe that our immune system begins and “lives” in the gut.

So, let’s not treat bad immunity and boost a kid’s immune system. But let’s see what we can do to avoid the weakening of defense mechanisms.

Safe immune system boost for kids this winter

how to boost child's immune system

Don’t overeat and limit sugar cravings

Oh yes, New Year’s Eve and Christmas is a tummy time and many kids look forward to it and realize that it’s a great excuse to enjoy unlimited candy, chocolate, and baked goods.

Train your samurai willpower and read the labels of the candy you buy. Better yet, replace sugar with honey, fruits, and berries. Give preference to natural, bitter chocolate. Make healthy candy from dried fruits and nuts.

Rest and a good night’s sleep

Your schedule is likely to get disrupted, but don’t forget to go to bed on time and get more rest. Give no more than one hour a day to mental work. Take more walks in the fresh air and organize outdoor activities.

You are the best example for your children

Children copy the behavior and habits of adults. How you sleep, eat, and organize your leisure time. Do you agree that it is foolish to impose on your child what you don’t do yourself? How will he understand that it is good for him?

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