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How to be a good single mother for a son?

Parents Tips
how to survive being a single mom

We don’t often think that it is so good when we have a full family: mom, dad, grandparents. When everyone has their own system of values, principles of upbringing, and distributed responsibilities. This family situation can be considered the most successful and comfortable.

A mother can count financially and morally on her husband and the father of her child. If a father has to work a lot, there are grandparents. But you should agree that when there is only one parent in the family, it is as if you lose one hand and now you have to live (to survive in some cases) and get out of that by yourself.

There are situations when parents forget that they divorce each other and not their children. This also happens and the child often feels guilty and incomplete in this situation.

If you evaluate the last 100 years of our ancestors’ lives and ours, the “trend” of being a single mother is almost a pattern. Maybe not quite, but it is a very frequent case. People’s wars or revolutions within the state because of which in most cases suffer men, family unions break up and force women and children to suffer alone.

Fortunately, such terrible reasons are in the past, but there are many others that separate and leave mother and child alone.

Divorce and single-parent families are common

how to be a single mom

A little bit of information from worldwide statistics confirms that divorce and single-parent families are common. One day a child from one of the Italian schools came home with tears in his eyes that only he lives and grows up in a full family. And this is not strange, because 60% of Italians’ marriages end in divorce.

In the U.S.A married couples are not in a hurry to get a divorce because it leads to large financial losses. And in Germany, on the contrary, they don’t hurry to get married.

In any case, divorce is a very difficult process for everyone, but sometimes it is a necessity. Many people are used to it and marriage doesn’t keep anyone for a long time.

Today we will talk about how to be a single mom and we will try to give you some parenting tips for single moms.

How to be a good single mother?

how to be a single mother

Let’s start with the fact that it’s high time to admit that a family where there is only a mom/ dad and children is also normal.

Some women are fine on their own, they like to take full responsibility, they are self-sufficient, and don’t have financial difficulties. Maybe this is not quite right, but it is definitely not our business and it is not up to us to decide what will happen in their family. The main thing is that everyone is so comfortable.

The worst thing that can happen after Daddy leaves is that the child will think that it is Mom who is to blame because she left, so she is bad. The person who is at a distance is idealized. In this case, if it is difficult for you to communicate with the child without scandals, then you better go to a psychologist for help.

So be prepared for the fact that you won’t always be good, this may be the case too.

How to survive being a single mom?

At the initial stage, it is important to accept the situation and cope morally and psychologically.

If you think that you need to pretend that everything is good and smile even through force, like a clown, it is not right. You should talk to the child as an adult, explain that you wanted to be together, and try to create a family and be happy together, but unfortunately, you did not succeed. And so it is better to separate so as not to turn life into outright horror.

How to be a successful single mother?

single mom

Single mother tips

You cannot completely replace the father for your boy. After all, the father is always the authority for the grown-up man, no matter how strong you are.

How to be a better single mom?

Find another man to be a role model besides the father of the child.

It can be your father (your son’s grandfather), your own brother, or your best friend’s husband.

Sports (sports sections, clubs) is a great community, and environment to interact with the male sex. Besides, a boy may have a decent coach who will be a mentor and example of a person with a strong spirit and high moral values.

Also, sport is a universal thing for all areas of development of a growing body. The main thing that sport is about is health and discipline, including self-discipline.

Forget to be offended and insult the whole male gender

We understand your resentment against the person who upset and disappointed you, but you should not talk and judge all men by one example only (your ex-husband). In the end, this will affect the behavior and attitude of the child with men in the future. You don’t need to create a negative image. The relationship of the child with the father should not suffer.

How to prepare to be a single mother?

Don’t think that you need any special training for this, you still cannot become a man, it is difficult to imagine.

Don’t think that you have to do and fulfill the obligations for two parents 24/7. First of all, you are a woman, and then you are a mother and you are not a robot or an iron lady. You can be weak and show your tiredness. You can express different emotions, the child will still feel fake.

How to be a better single mom?

You are already the best mother for your child. Don’t be afraid to be weak, feminine, and take care of yourself. Emphasize the independence of the child. If you will work on two or three jobs, fall off your feet and not see the child, it will form a sense of guilt. That you should “suffer” so much because of him.

How to be a good single mother?

Support is the most important thing you can give your child. You don’t have to give it that it has to endure everything, to be able to do it and only because it is a man. In the beginning, it is very categorical and painful.

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