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High-temperature Teething: Does This Really Happen During This Period?

High-temperature Teething

Many parents may notice fever during their newborn’s teething. Unfortunately, many don’t know how long does teething fever last, but this is fixable. In today’s article, we will help you sort out this problem a little. In addition, there are tips for baby teething fever remedies at the end.

What Can Teething Cause?

Each child may have different teething symptoms (we have already talked more about them). Here are the most common ones:

  • Dense salivation;
  • Whims and anxiety;
  • Refusal of meals;
  • Disturbed sleep;
  • Everything in the child’s mouth itches.

But besides this, you can often find a teething fever of 38 degrees. This may be due to an infection that has entered the child’s mouth, viruses, or a decrease in immunity. All of this is directly related to teething when the body is struggling with this feature.

Baby Teething Fever: How Long Does It Last?

Baby Teething Fever

In fact, everything here is also individual. It may also depend on how you help your child cope with teething fever at night. Usually, this can happen from the very beginning when the child himself doesn’t yet understand what is happening to him. At 11-month-old teething fever can also occur when some teeth have already appeared. Already in older age, such a problem may not appear at all. But this is only if you helped the child to overcome unpleasant symptoms in time, fought high temperature teething in time, and also helped with teething with special toys.

Of course, some teething doesn’t cause fever. Typically, the temperature can rise in older age, when almost all the teeth have erupted, or at another time. But it won’t always be because of this. So there is a possibility of illness for another reason. Accordingly, you need to visit your pediatrician as soon as possible. And this isn’t only in an exceptional case, but also at other times and ages when the baby has a fever.

How To Break a Teething Fever?

How To Break a Teething Fever?

In addition, home remedies for baby teething fever should be used to bring the temperature down with the right medication, which will also soothe the unpleasant sensations in the baby’s mouth.

Wipe the Baby’s Gums

This will only help in a moment to calm the child as quickly as possible. Soak a clean pair with cold water. You can use a cotton pad or swab if you don’t want to do it yourself.

Use Teethers

It is advisable to use this from the very beginning when the child is just beginning to feel unpleasant sensations in his mouth. We have already talked about great examples of rubber toys that will perfectly help a child with solving these unpleasant sensations.

Pain Relief Drugs

You can consult your personal pediatrician about what you can use to avoid pain. You can give any drugs on your own for no more than two days. If all else fails, it is best to consult a doctor again. Also, don’t forget to consider other possible medications the baby is taking.

Avoid Products That Can Harm

There used to be a few other drugs that now may not have a very good effect on the child. These include:

  • Pain-relieving gels, because special children’s gel was invented;
  • Teething tablets, because toxic substances have been found in many of all kinds of drugs;
  • Amber necklaces can cause choking if the necklace breaks or the necklace is too stiff for a baby.

We think you have already figured out why does teething raise body temperature yourself. This information is enough to help your little child during this difficult period. It is clear that if teething syndrome fever is accompanied by other different details, you definitely need to consult a doctor. If you are interested in other important teething issues, then take a look at our previous articles. We are sure you will be interested to learn something new.

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