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What Can I Do to Increase My Milk Production? Read It, It’s Useful!

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how can i produce more milk

It would seem, what could be more natural and simple than breastfeeding because nature has already invented everything for us? However, although milk is produced in a woman who has given birth without any effort, in some cases it may not be enough. The question of stimulating lactation is one of the most frequent. This is because most mothers are tuned in to feeding. But what can I do to increase my breast milk supply? Today we will tell you all the important details that every mother should know.

How Can I Increase Breast Milk Production: What Determines the Amount of Milk?

In the first days after childbirth, under the influence of hormones (oxytocin and vasopressin), colostrum is excreted from the woman’s breast. It is produced in small quantities (during the first application of about 2 ml), but this is quite enough to feed a newborn: don’t forget that his stomach and needs are still very small.

As time goes on, the child’s appetites grow, and with the milk production. But no one can predict whether milk production will increase. Accordingly, you need to understand what can I do to increase milk supply. 2 months after childbirth, 1-1.5 liters of milk per day is formed in the mammary glands of a woman under the influence of prolactin. Some people have even more milk – up to 4 liters per day.

Among young mothers, some have little milk, but they are few. According to statistics, among 10 nursing mothers, one woman faces such a problem. In this case, experts talk about hypoplasia. It is early and late.

Early hypoplasia occurs in the first week after childbirth. A woman has difficulties with lactation due to hormonal problems or functional inferiority of the mammary glands.

Late hypoplasia (lactation crises) develops 10 or more days after childbirth. A variety of reasons can lead to it – from anemia, gestosis, and infections to malnutrition, stress, and improper attachment of the baby to the breast. Milk production can be impaired due to severe malnutrition (both physical and psychological) or breast pathology.

How Can I Produce More Milk: Lactation Crises

Often the mother is frightened by the situation when the baby begins to behave differently at the breast, and the mother’s own feelings in the breast change. There are no hot flashes, a feeling of fullness in the chest, or the baby’s attachment is more frequent. All these signs make you think about a lactation crisis.

What is it, when and why does it happen? Does this mean that it’s time to think about how can I increase my breast milk? In the first year of a baby’s life, several lactation crises are noted: closer to 4 weeks, as well as 3, 5, 6, 9, and 12 months after birth. In fact, breast milk does not decrease during this period. It’s all about growth spurts. The amount of milk that only yesterday satisfied the child’s need is no longer sufficient today. The baby is trying to cope with the problem on its own and begins to attach to the breast more often to create new demand for the production of mother’s milk. To minimize the likelihood of restless breast behavior during a crisis, pay attention to increasing the flow of breast milk. Drink a warm drink – it relaxes and promotes better milk production from the breast.

Can I Increase My Breast Milk Supply: Reasons for the Disappearance of Milk

how do i increase my breast milk

In addition to lactation crises, some features of baby care and physiological characteristics can still lead to a decrease in the production of breast milk.

  1. Hypogalactia. This is the most common reason that shows the need to understand how can increase milk production. Primary hypogalactia is the cause of neurohormonal disorders, manifested in the form of impaired growth and development of the mammary gland. Secondary hypogalactia is a consequence of violations in the organization of breastfeeding and is easily corrected when working with a lactation consultant.
  2. Health problems of the baby or his physiological characteristics (jaundice, short frenulum of the tongue, high palate, the special structure of the jaw, etc.) can prevent him from effectively emptying the breast, thereby reducing lactation. It is this symptom that you can see on your own, after which it is worth worrying about how can I produce more breast milk fast.
  3. Breast alternation matters. To start milk production after your baby is born, latch your baby to both breasts in one feed. You can even make several breast changes in one feeding. Breast alternation in the early days, along with proper latching, is perhaps the most effective and only way to increase lactation after childbirth. After the arrival of mature milk, if the baby is gaining weight well, it is enough to change the breast as it empties.
  4. Stopping breastfeeding at the initiative of the mother can reduce the production of breast milk. Allow your baby to be at the breast for as long as he needs. Both can reduce the amount of milk. So read about how can I increase milk supply.
  5. Sleepiness of the baby. Prolonged sleep and sluggish sucking in a baby, especially in the first month of life, may indicate difficulty in adaptation or malnutrition. Apply to the crumb as required. In this case, it is advisable to do this during the day with an interval of no more than 2, and at night – no more than 3 hours from the beginning of one feeding to the beginning of another. If the baby is asleep, wake him up and put him to your chest.
  6. Another point after which it is worth knowing what can I do to boost my milk supply. Nipple pads can only be used in exceptional cases and for a limited time, as breastfeeding decreases breast stimulation and breast milk production is less efficient.
  7. The presence of a pacifier in baby care leads to a violation of the grip of the breast. In addition, the baby suckles less often, and lactation decreases.
  8. The use of a bottle, even on rare occasions, leads to disruption of effective breastfeeding methods, as well as often to rejection of the breast. Therefore, it is better to know how do I increase my breast milk than to give it up completely (we talked about the benefits of milk earlier).
  9. And the last reason, which shows the need to know how can I boost my milk supply. Unreasonable supplementation, as well as the introduction of additional fluids into the diet of a baby up to 6 months of his life, leads to a decrease in his demand for milk and, as a result, to a decrease in the production of milk.

Now you understand the magnitude of the possibility of such a problem spreading among women. In addition, some symptoms can be combined to have an even greater impact. Then how do I increase my breast milk production?

What Can I Do to Increase Breast Milk Production?

how do i produce more breast milk

We interviewed many experienced mothers and specialists in this field. All of them were able to help us answer how can I increase my milk supply fast. As a result, we were able to collect some of the most effective recommendations that can help you in what can I do to increase my milk production:

  • Breastfeed your baby often. This method (even if you have lost milk) will allow you to restore lactation in the same volume.
  • Don’t ignore night feeds. From 3 a.m. to 6 a.m. the hormone prolactin is released, which affects milk production.
  • Get plenty of rest. Don’t try to redo all household chores and be an ideal housewife in the absence of helpers. Take a day off, maybe there will be more milk.
  • Minimize stress. If you are very nervous, the milk will “burn”. This is especially worth paying attention to if you want to know what can I take to increase my breast milk supply and more.
  • Don’t forget to eat. In an effort to catch everything, many young mothers donate their breakfasts and lunches, and they remember that they didn’t eat anything until evening.
  • Before feeding (30-40 minutes in advance), eat, drink hot tea, shower, and massage your breasts. This activates milk production.
  • Include foods that stimulate lactation in your diet.
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

How Do I Increase My Breast Milk Supply with Food?

In addition to improving lactation through physical means, you can also try certain foods that will help you understand how can I increase my breast milk production: dairy products, teas, and teas from natural plants, the formula for nursing, foods high in protein, and calcium.

Thanks to the biologically active substances contained in these products, cell metabolism, tissue nutrition are improved, and production is more active. If you constantly monitor the ingestion of these products into your body during and after pregnancy, then you will no longer need to worry about how do I produce more breast milk.
Thanks for reading. The knowledge gained from the article will help you in deciding how can I produce more breast milk faster. Good luck!

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