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Houston, We Have a Problem: When to Start Potty Training?

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Very often young children are pictured with diapers because they wear them until a certain age, so they don’t pee their pants and everything around them. And the average person who doesn’t have children may wonder – how to start potty training?

Probably, it is very difficult and he may never even learn to go to the potty (and in the future to the toilet) just because he doesn’t want to. In short, there are many myths, misunderstandings, pains, and unknowns surrounding the topic of “toddler potty training”.

Today, we will discuss the question of potty training kids and try to shed light on all the mysteries that exist between potty and children.

It’s time to talk about this: Child potty training

How did it happen that at one point diapers were considered one of the lifelines that prevented embarrassment; and they turned into their worst enemies after a certain time?

At first, parents were willing to do anything for a pack of quality diapers, and now it’s just another source of stress?

It sounds silly, but there is a cohort of people who believe that diapers are the reason that keeps a child away from the potty. Following the logic of these people, the child quickly gets used to the fact that he can go to the diaper anytime and anywhere and then doesn’t consider alternatives outright.

After all, you still need to take off your pants, sit down and then force yourself to do everything nicely and culturally. Some parents buy it practically with the birth of the child so that it is always at hand. But children are not yet ready to use such a complex device and perceive it as a piece of furniture or a funny chair.

But not many people conclude that it’s too early for potty training tips. If you follow your child with this potty, sit him periodically, even when there is no hint of urination and defecation and he refuses. And then begin remorse and search for this problem, which must be resolved urgently.

When to start potty training?

how to potty train

In general, the biggest mistake parents make is comparing their children to others.

Imagine the situation that you went out to the playground and accidentally heard from another mother that her child is 1 year and 3 months old and he went to the potty for the first time yesterday. And your baby (who is a year and a half) sits and plays with the potty when you sit him down and does not understand what you want him to do.

One can only imagine what horrible thoughts will fill the head of this unfortunate woman, who will start to think up problems and diseases for his child, who still don’t go to the toilet in a special place for this.

But as medical science and all pediatricians of the world say, your calmness and patience is the best way to potty train. You just need to relax and get behind your child who is just not ready for this change of scenery.

And another important thing to remember – everything that concerns the intimate details and toilet activities of your baby is your own business about which no one should know except your family and pediatrician.

We repeat that all children are different. And if your child doesn’t have problems associated with brain injury, mental retardation, and other psychological and physiological abnormalities – all is well. His time has not yet come and you are close to finally solving this “problem”.

When and how to potty train?

There is a certain/medium age when children begin to take their first steps towards the potty train. It is recognized that the period from 22 to 30 months is the time to look for and practice toilet training tips.

Also, there is a medical rationale for why children start to potty train at 1.5 years of age. It turns out that children can control the processes of urination and defecation only from this age. But this doesn’t mean that this is the period when you will see significant progress and success. In all children this issue is solved individually, just remember!

When can I think and apply toddler potty training tips?

If you don’t know how to get a toddler to potty train, you may notice the first signs that the child is ready to get acquainted with the potty or even with the toilet, for example:

  • Your baby shows discontent when he pees and his clothes are wet, or he tries to get rid of a wet diaper;
  • Your child knows and can name the parts of the clothes he is wearing;
  • Your baby is not silent and tells you about wanting to go to the bathroom;
  • Your daughter or son tends to get dressed/ undressed without adult help;
  • Your infant is aware of what he or she has just done: it has gone to the toilet, pooped, or peed;
  • Your baby can walk and play with a clean diaper for a long time (more than 1.5-2 hours).

If you are still concerned that your baby is not giving you any signals, rest assured that from the age of 2-2.5, children usually tell their parents that they need to go to the bathroom.

And finally, if you still have doubts, be sure that all children sooner or later learn this and follow the example of adults.

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