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Hospital bag checklist

hospital bag checklist

Everyone loves a nice hassle, especially when it comes to a long-awaited trip or just a nice weekend getaway. Packing bags for vacation, choosing outfits is one of those pleasures that you want to repeat over and over again.

Although, there are people who don’t like this process and do everything at the last moment. But today we would like to talk about one of the most important trips that await every woman who is planning a pregnancy or is already expecting her miracle!

And you know, even though nature has given us a whole 9 months of waiting and preparation, this is an event that should be planned and prepared in advance.

One of the most important and sensitive issues concerning pregnancy, or rather the birth itself, is what to bring in your hospital bag? Today, we will tell you about the most important nuances concerning the essentials for hospital bags for labor.

What to pack in a hospital bag?

hospital bag must haves

There is probably no need to go over the importance of this process again. After all, your comfort, your child’s comfort, and your peace of mind, in general, will depend on how you collect things to pack in hospital bags.

We agree that there is a lot of information on the internet about what should be included in the maternity hospital bag (you can even order on the internet ready and packaged bags) but we want to talk about the main thing briefly. So, here we go!

When should you pack hospital bags?

maternity hospital bag

This is a more important question, even than what you will take with you to the hospital, to the delivery room, and what you will need after the birth.

We will definitely tell you that your bag (or bags) should be packed before 36 weeks of pregnancy. This is the deadline, after which you may not have time to pack everything you need.

If you’re not a very punctual woman, there are risks that your baby might be a copy of you and not be born exactly in the time frame you anticipated.

So, try to think ahead and pack everything before the 36th week. Then, when you feel like you need to head to the hospital you just take your ready bags and don’t worry about anything, isn’t that convenient?

Let’s start with the fact that you don’t have to worry much about how your bag of things will look. It can be a transparent and roomy bag or a regular bag from the supermarket. It’s worth noting that travel and sports bags, suitcases are unlikely to pass (unless they are new and it will be seen). The main thing is that they fit in everything and they were clean!

What color to choose is up to you. No one will check what you have.

The second point is the number of bags. It is unlikely you will be able to fit all the things from the hospital bag checklist for mom and baby in one satchel, and even if you can, we do not recommend it.

You don’t need everything at once, so it is better to distribute things in different bags and number them. So, you know exactly where and what lies, and you can tell your husband the bag you need after the birth, for example. We also recommend that you make a list of the contents of each bag.

We would like to warn you that if you are planning a partner delivery, the list of things and packages will also be different.

And so, now let’s move on to the bag checklist.

Hospital bag must-haves

what to pack in hospital bag

Package #1

This is the smallest bag that is designed for the necessary documents and important things:

  • passport;
  • insurance policy;
  • birth certificate;
  • a copy of the sick leave;
  • all tests and diagnostic results from your gynecologist.

You can save time and make photocopies of all documents (but in any case they can be made in the maternity hospital)

  • comfortable slippers that can be easily washed;
  • water (a small bottle with a handy lid and several liters of water);
  • spacious and comfortable shirt (it should be made of natural fabric and not too long);
  • 2 pairs of socks;
  • hygienic lipstick, tissues (toilet paper), plastic bags (if you feel nauseous);
  • headphones to listen to nice music and distract yourself;
  • an eye patch;
  • absorbent diapers (size 60×90 cm);
  • compression underwear (which you wore during pregnancy);
  • snacks (chocolate, dates, apricots, or just whatever you like).

Package #2 (postpartum bag for you and baby)

  • a clean and your favorite shirt (several are better);
  • homemade and warm slippers;
  • utensils (whatever you need);
  • a makeup bag with hygiene products and supplies and a few towels for you and the baby;
  • a warm robe and postpartum pads;
  • several sets of underwear (you will not be able to do laundry in the hospital).

For the newborn: a pack of diapers, sanitary napkins, comfortable sets of clothes, nappies.

Package #3

You pack it for your beloved self and what you will need to be beautiful before you leave the maternity hospital.

You can add anything to the list as long as you and your baby feel comfortable!

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