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Having a baby after 40: risks and possibilities of woman body

pregnancy after forty

The issue of pregnancy, childbirth and planning is such an important and very delicate event in every woman’s life. Of course, there are exceptions when a woman is determined to devote her life to herself, her husband. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s her right. But we won’t talk about this topic today.

We are used to the fact, that it should be no sex before the age of 18. If people are married the next step necessarily should be their family growth. It’s very rare when people react calmly to such questions. Rather, it is considered a violation of personal boundaries, a kind of moral pressure. Among the popular: You are so long together, – why do you have no children? Maybe you are sterile, or you have problems with your reproductive system? Agree, even if a woman has such malfunctions in the body, she doesn’t want to think about it once more, especially if she waits for the cherished two lines on the pregnancy test for a long time.

There are many reasons why women decide to have a baby at the age of 40 years old. And they’re all very different, very special. For example, some of them (except for child-free and infertility cases of women):

  • The girl chose self-realization, wanting to build a career, so that not to need anything. Calmly bringing up her baby, doesn’t limit her children in anything. Even if she has a wealthy husband.
  • The woman is not prepared mentally for this event. It’s hard for her to imagine herself as a mother, or she’s scared to give birth.
  • A woman couldn’t find a man who would share her desire to give a new life to the little human.
  • Chronic or serious pathology. A woman needs long-term treatment and preparation of her body for the insemination process.

In modern society, a pregnancy at 40 + years is perceived calmly. Among famous people, it is also a common practice. Not many women of childbearing age are ready to give their youth to the education of the child.

Nevertheless, our biological clock is ticking. Men’s reproductive abilities don’t disappear until they reach old age. Not for everyone, but for most of them. And little girls are born with a certain reserve of the ovum. And over time, their quantity and quality decrease. With age, the condition of the ovum doesn’t get better and there is a risk of giving birth to a child with chromosomal abnormalities. In the U.S.A. there is a popular procedure where a girl (at the ages of 20 and 25) can freeze her ovum and use them in the future. The sooner a girl freezes them, the better quality material she will get when the time comes. This is a salvation for those girls who have cancer. This is how you can take care of your reproductive future after chemotherapy and drug treatment.

What does a woman risk when she decides to get pregnant after 40 years?

advantages of late pregnancy

As sad as it may sound, but women under 40 y.o. have health problems in most cases. Many chronic diseases accumulate, the urinary, circulatory, and endocrine systems suffer. All known (and at the first sight harmless pressure surges) can slow down the development of the fetus.

What kind of obstacles can you face?

  • Women who live in large metropolitan areas, because their bodies are subject to constant oxidative stress.
  • Women live to the age of 40 with a healthy back very rarely. And their main enemy is spinal osteochondrosis.
  • Dysfunction of the thyroid gland, metabolic disorders.
  • Problems with hormonal balance.

If for some reason, the reserves of all the necessary substances for the development of the child are empty, it can affect the intrauterine experience of the fetus.

Let’s turn to numbers and statistics.

The possibility of a woman getting pregnant at this age during a year is 40- 50%, and for those who are 43 years old – 1-2% (data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention).

Girls who are in puberty have about 300 and 500,000 healthy ova in the reserve. A woman of 37 years of age has approximately 23,000 eggs. As a result, a woman must be very lucky and healthy if she can get pregnant at 43 y.o. without reproductive technology.

Undoubtedly, there are cases when women (in other words grandmothers) get pregnant at 60 to 70 years, but what is the price and quality of biological material? The risk of giving birth to a physiologically and mentally healthy person is very high. Often children are born with Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, schizophrenia. Men are also concerned with the quality of their spermatozoa and genetic material. The process of spermatogenesis lasts up to 70-80 years, but it’s not even a question of their availability.

It would be better if you planned the moment of truth. Go to a comprehensive examination, take blood tests, and consult with specialists in various fields. Your body needs to be ready and able to grow a new life.

We talked about scary things, now let’s look at pregnancy at 40 years old (and more) on the other, positive side.

  • A woman has long been formed as a person, more responsible, and capable of making important decisions in her life.
  • Girls are more likely to be financially successful or at least financially confident by these years.
  • They have no objection with breastfeeding, not to worry so much about the appearance of the bust.
  • They are competent in nutrition, have good eating habits, – this is useful knowledge for the future mother.
  • They are more erudite, more patient. They are interested in the issues of upbringing, education of children.
  • Some of the women get a new meaning of life with the baby.

A shortlist of what a woman needs to know about pregnancy and the birth of a child at 40 years old

late pregnancy
  • The important thing is not how old you are, but your reproductive health. If you are not planning a baby in the near future, gynecologists and fertility doctors will help you choose the best option for a successful birth in the future.
  • Keep an eye on your health at all times! This is extremely important. Diseases and disorders manifest themselves over the years, it is bad not only for pregnancy but also for you.
  • Observe with proven doctors (gynecologists and endocrinologists) to screen the course of pregnancy. You can find out the risk of developing pathologies or chromosomal abnormalities (of your baby) from the results of your blood.
  • Take care of your rhythm and the daily routine during the first days of life before the baby comes. Your recovery is also important.
  • If possible, live in the countryside (maybe with your or husband’s parents). There are no restrictions on activity, recreation. Fresh air, homemade fruits, and vegetables are an indispensable part of a pregnant woman’s diet.
  • It is not superfluous to go to a counseling session with a psychologist. A specialist will help you to understand yourself, answer your questions, or help overcome fears.

We can’t cheat time for better or worse. We don’t have that kind of power. But we have every opportunity to live a healthy life, love, and take care of ourselves. It is a proven method to be happy and to give our love to others.

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