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How to Make Homemade Goats Milk Formula Recipe? It Is Very Useful!

goat milk formula recipes

Many parents try to give their children the best they can get. The same applies to the nutrition of the child. Mothers buy expensive formulas that contain incredibly useful vitamins and other trace elements that contribute to the normal development of the baby. But this mixture may not always please the baby. He may just stop eating because he doesn’t like the taste of this food.

So what’s now? There is no need to immediately panic in search of other mixtures in the store because they also don’t always work. So goat’s milk is the best alternative for your baby. Will the child like it? We will now answer these questions with you, and also give a goat milk formula for infants recipe, which will surely please both the child and you.

Should I Give My Child Homemade Goat Milk Formula at All?

If you are now trying to wean your baby from breast milk and switch to formula, then you should definitely try giving him homemade formula goat’s milk. So you will be sure of the naturalness of all ingredients and the product as a whole. It also makes a great substitute for store-bought formula or cow’s milk if your child refuses or has an intolerance.

In addition, you can have complete control over which nutrients are delivered to your baby with the powdered goat milk formula. If you see that something is wrong, you can change the proportion of any ingredients at any time (depending on the acceptable dose for your baby), which cannot be done with store products. If you are still in doubt about whether to give such a mixture or not, then start small. Try to let your child try it to see his reaction. We are sure it will be positive.

The Link between Baby Goat Milk Formula and Iron Deficiency Anemia

You may have already heard different conversations about this topic from different people. Problems can actually arise. But this is only if you or your child will eat only pure goat’s milk, without adding any additives or vitamins to it. As a result, yes, iron deficiency in the body may occur. But along with it, a deficit of useful vitamins, carbohydrates and other uses for the development of healthy muscles, bones, and also the brain may appear.

It is because of this that it is necessary to add any beneficial trace elements to the goat milk formula recipe for infants and adults to avoid adverse effects. The child may develop problems, as well as anemia or a lack of erythrocytes in the blood, if he doesn’t get the amount of folic acid, vitamin B12, or iron that he needs in his diet. During mild anemia, the child may experience symptoms of weakness and lethargy. In more complex cases, heart problems can occur. At an early age, it is better to avoid this, because at an older age it will be very difficult for a person.

In addition, the goat’s milk baby formula recipe must contain vitamin C so that the resulting iron can be properly absorbed. Ultimately, if you can and will add all the necessary supplements to goat’s milk, your baby will grow healthy and his body will be strong.

What Can Be Added to Powdered Goats Milk for Babies?

goat milk baby formula recipe

In the purchased mixtures on the back of the label, you can find a list and quantity of all components of the product, as well as vitamins, which contribute to the good development of the child’s body. You and we should add about the same vitamins to goat’s milk. Here are some examples of such supplements in homemade baby formula goat milk:

Powdered Goat Milk from Meyenberg

As you understand, the basis of this product is natural goat milk. The milk itself was pasteurized before its formation into powder, which is very good and safe for consumption by infants. In dietetic stores, they eat a lot of analog products from different manufacturers, but this particular brand is used most often, especially by mothers. It has a special texture and taste. In short, it can be called “silky”, or a cloud, because it really has an airy texture.


This portion will be an indispensable source of carbohydrates for your child. After all, it is carbohydrates that give the child strength for an active day and good development. On average, each child should receive about 60 grams of carbohydrates per day with food for his body and well-being to be normal. Children aged six months to 1 year should already receive 95 grams. This must be taken into account to correctly select the amount of nectar. This addition also gives a little sweetness to the simple powdered goat’s milk formula, which is bound to change the flavor that all kids will love. We recommend tasting the blue guava nectar. It will also help you deal with possible problems with your baby’s stool.

ChildLife Multi-Vitamin Complex

This is an incredibly useful supplement that will help every child get everything they need for stable functioning and the development of the body. You can easily buy it at a supermarket, pharmacy, or specialty store with goods for babies. It is worth noting that this complex is now sold in an 8 oz booth, which is more than it was previously sold. Accordingly, this supplement will be enough for you for a very long time, given that for an infant under 1-year-old, the dosage is 1 teaspoon.

Mt Capra Goat Milk Formula Recipe

This supplement contains everything a child needs, and all the ingredients are absolutely ecological and real (that is, there are no chemicals in the composition). Manufacturers also point out that you can combine this supplement with B vitamins so that they are absorbed much better and faster. It is clear that you definitely need to mix this with goat’s milk to feed your child with useful things. You can find it at the pharmacy, or order to supplement online at the manufacturer’s official website.

Probiotics Lovebug

This is a set of probiotics in powder form, which is much better than the liquid counterparts. Liquid probiotics contain a lot of oil, which can ruin your dishes (if you’ve tried them, you know what this is about). And this dry additive can be added to any homemade mixture and won’t spoil anything, on the contrary, it will be of great benefit to the baby. In addition, the dosage is very simple here. The Lovebug pack contains 30 individual sachets, which already contain the required amount of nutritional supplement. In addition, grams may increase with age. That is why manufacturers make single packs for children aged 0 to 6 months, from 6 to 12 months, and from 12 months to 4 years.

Step-by-Step Goat Milk Infant Formula Recipe

homemade goat milk formula

And so, let’s get down to the most interesting and long-awaited part of the article. Now we will show you an incredibly simple and best homemade goat milk formula recipe that you can only find on the Internet. The main thing is not to rush, and over time you will get better and tastier.

Each of the ingredients will be an incredibly beneficial part of your little one’s daily diet. It includes:

Meyenberg goat milk formula recipe – about 9 tablespoons;

  • ChildLife Vitamins – 1 teaspoon (but read dosage and compare with your child before adding this);
  • Plantation Blackstrap Treacle – 1 teaspoon
  • Lovebug Probiotics – 1 serving (sachet);
  • Goat milk ghee – half a teaspoon;
  • Room Temperature Water – Approx. 36 oz. (Add if you want more water)
  • Rice/oat flakes for thickening – 1 tablespoon (you can grind them in a blender).

Now we start to prepare goat milk formula recipes. To do this, pour a small portion of the water into a bowl or blender bowl. Then add all dry ingredients and mix thoroughly. Make sure there are no too large lumps. Then add the remaining water and stir again until smooth. If desired, you can first combine all the dry ingredients so that they mix well with each other, and then pour water into them in parts.

It is worth noting that hot water cannot be added, as it will kill all the beneficial bacteria that we add to the goat’s milk formula recipe for infants. Also, you don’t need to give a cold mixture so that the baby does not have a sore throat and oral cavity.

Storing a homemade goat’s milk formula recipe is pretty straightforward. Just leave the mixture in the refrigerator with the lid closed. Before use, take out 1-2 hours in advance so that the mixture is heated. You can store it in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.
We are sure that you liked this goat milk formula recipe because it isn’t complicated at all, healthy and your baby will definitely like it. So start cooking it now!

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