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Games for children and parents that will be interesting to everyone

Parents Tips
what to play with your kids

Children learn the world through games – all basic skills the kid gets here. Often adults do not quite understand why one or another game fascinates children. So we have picked up 6 games that will be interesting and useful not only to children but also to their parents.


At first, the child draws the scribbles and passes the sheet of paper to the adult. That one creates some kind of image. Then the baby completes the drawing and asks the adult to continue, etc. Try to discuss the pictures during the game. Ask the child what did he/she paint, you can help him/her with leading questions.

Unusual animal

The child draws the head, bends the sheet, and passes it to the adult. He draws the body, bends the sheet and passes it back to the kid, etc. The result will please you.

Draw with soap bubbles

First make a soapy colorful mixture of paint, dishwashing liquid or shampoo (1 tablespoon), and water (1 teaspoon). Dip the juice tube into the mixture and blow it out so that you get lush foam. Now touch the soap bubbles lightly with a piece of paper. It’ll have unusual shapes printed on it. Now you can pick up tassels or felt-tip pens and paint these fantastic patterns together.

Write a fairy tale

Before going to bed or during a trip you can write your own fairy tales. This is a very fun and psychotherapeutic activity (children always share exactly what they think about in such stories). For the birth of an interesting story, according to the famous Italian writer Gianni Rodari, it takes only two words. And the more unfamiliar these words are to each other, the better. Then the image will be forced to activate, trying to link them into a single story. You can choose words in a variety of ways: ask your father to say one word and your sister – another. Or you can find them on different pages of the dictionary.

A living picture

Talk about your dreams. Now let everyone show it with the help of body plastics and facial expressions. The rest of you have to guess what kind of wish it is.


The baby looks like he/she is looking in the mirror and you are his/her reflection. Try to synchronize any movement: slowly walk around the room, bounce, wave your hands, make grimaces and funny faces without touching each other. Change roles in a couple of minutes.

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