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An Easy Way to Gain Weight while Breastfeeding, Which Is Suitable for Every Woman!

breastfeeding and weight gain

Gain weight while breastfeeding and after childbirth, any woman strives. Contrary to prejudice, breastfeeding doesn’t require a girl to gain excess weight! Today we will tell you how quickly and correctly breastfeeding and gaining weight for a mother without harm to the baby. In addition, we will give a lot of useful information, which will probably also come in handy.

Why Sudden Weight Gain While Breastfeeding?

After giving birth, the young mother is often besieged by advice from older relatives. One of their recommendations: “now you have to eat for two.” This misconception is rooted in the deep past when products were in short supply and so many fatty, sweet, flour products were not sold. Then “eating for two” meant eating more boiled meat and eggs, oatmeal, soup. But with modern nutrition, the choice falls on completely different products! Meanwhile, lactation requires only 500-600 kcal. Just one chocolate bar! Here is a young mother who can’t lose weight breastfeeding, believing that she is taking care of food for her baby.

And one moment. If you have a lot of fat on your belly and hips, then with a lack of calories, the body will take energy to produce milk from there: after all, it is for this that the reserves on the female figure are intended by nature. Therefore, the period of breastfeeding is actually great for gaining weight while breastfeeding.

When Can Mommy Weight Gain Breastfeeding?

stop breastfeeding lose weight

First of all, you need to monitor your diet if you are breastfeeding and not losing weight. This will be useful almost immediately. Once again, we don’t recommend severe calorie restriction! We suggest removing all fried foods, fast food, and convenience foods that lead to weight gain. By the way, they provoke any diathesis and allergies in the future in the baby. After childbirth, you need to lose weight breastfeeding for 3 months so that the mother can recover, then you can start training. Restrictions in them are needed only if there are complications after pregnancy – varicose veins, hemorrhoids, prolapse of the pelvic organs, diastase. But you can also train with them, below I will tell you how.

If done correctly, the most noticeable kilograms will go from the 3rd to the 5th month of breastfeeding. A noticeable reduction in the volume of the hips should be expected no earlier than in 3 months. In general, harmony can be expected 6-9 months after the birth of a child, if at the same time the mother observes proper nutrition and performs moderate loads, and in general, takes care of herself. Only then will she be able to see the weight gain while breastfeeding herself.

Breastfeeding and Weight Gain: Diets

Let’s take a look at what to look out for if you want to have been gaining weight after pregnancy while breastfeeding soon. It is important not to get carried away with regaining shape at the expense of feeding. Therefore, don’t even look towards rigid diets. It is more effective to switch to fractional meals, which, by the way, nutritionists advise everyone to lose weight. For ordinary people, this is 3 meals plus 2-3 snacks (lunch, afternoon snack, snack). That is, a person eats every 3 hours in small portions (about 300 g). Having a baby allows you to switch to fractional meals as follows: during the day, eat when your baby eats. Usually, for this, many containers with portions are prepared in the refrigerator in the evening or the morning. When the child has eaten and is asleep, take out and eat. Since the portion is prepared in advance, cooking won’t take much time. Such a regime, plus the exclusion of fried and fatty food, allows you to lose from 2 to 4 kg per month. Fractional nutrition is the best diet for a nursing mom’s weight loss after nursing.

Weight Gain and Breastfeeding: Workouts

breastfeeding weight gain

Often women cannot lose weight while breastfeeding precisely because of the lack of training of their body. But as you know, weight loss is mainly physical activity, and the rest is nutrition (about 60/40 ratio). We hasten to please you: there are almost no restrictions on physical activity. Of course, intense running, martial arts, weight lifting, exercises that put a strong load on the chest area (for example, push-ups on the uneven bars) aren’t suitable. However, we don’t think that any of the women will decide to master such workouts in the presence of a baby.

Start with moderate exercise. Hiking in the park goes well with the need to walk with a stroller. You can use small dumbbells 1–2 kg each, or fill up small bottles of water instead of the usual weights. Jump rope, do active house cleaning (yes, and such a little thing can help), watch training videos, dance, and so on. There are tons of activities that can help when unable to lose weight while breastfeeding.

It is worth noting that there are a lot of interesting exercises and workouts on the Internet specifically for mothers breastfeeding and not losing any weight. All classes are designed so that they are available when feeding, including with such a complication as diastase-divergence of the rectus abdominis muscle. Therefore, you can safely try different loads.

Gaining Weight Breastfeeding: Nutrition

When breastfeeding, your diet should include vegetables and herbs, fruits, cereals, lean meats, fish, low-fat dairy, and dairy products. This is necessary not only for weight gain during breastfeeding but also for the health of your baby. You may have to exclude only those foods that cause a strong skin reaction in the baby: coffee, chocolate, some nuts, citrus fruits.

The diet during this period of life should be natural and varied. For breakfast, we recommend cereal with milk, cottage cheese casseroles. It is worth noting that low-fat foods won’t help you lose weight in any way. Yes, they have fewer calories, but together with them, there are fewer nutrients and protein, which is no longer very good. For lunch – soups, mashed soups, stuffed zucchini, peppers, and similar vegetables, stewed poultry, fish, meat with vegetable or grain side dishes. Try to consume as many fresh vegetables and fruits as possible during summer. Just make sure they are grown under normal conditions. For dinner, steamed or baked dishes are good: fish, steamed cutlets, boiled meat, eggs, cereals, and beans.

Snacks – cheese, nuts, fruits in various varieties: fresh, baked, whipped into the mousse. And also eggs (boiled or in the form of an omelet) or, again, dairy products and dishes made from them (cheesecakes, mousses, yogurts). Maybe you think that if you do everything without sugar, then it will not be tasty, and you won’t get any pleasure from the food. You don’t have to cut out all sweets and sugars. Consume it in small portions every day. This will prevent you from getting frustrated, and you will be happy. But if you still don’t have enough sweets, just replace them. Fruits, dried fruits, and natural honey are perfect. You’ve probably heard of healthy desserts. Try them, you will like them. And if you take these recommendations into account in your diet, as well as exercise, you can really do breastfeeding weight gain.

Stop Breastfeeding and Lose Weight after Cesarean

In modern medicine, a cesarean section isn’t at all a sentence to a figure. It is necessary to refrain from loads for the next 8 weeks. After which, if the attending physician doesn’t prohibit it, you can start training. Note that after cesarean diastase is more common, in which it is necessary to exclude some loads on the press. At the same time, a well-designed abdominal training program will help reduce the divergence of the rectus muscle and minimize diastase.

Here massage of the abdomen really should be postponed for at least six months, especially if you have a vertical seam. Too early exposure to the skin in this area can lead to a coarsening of the scar and even the formation of a hernia. To avoid such problems, the skin on the abdomen and the whole body must be looked after even during pregnancy. It is often necessary to moisturize the skin with high-quality and non-aggressive products, make scrubs and masks. This will make your skin more elastic and soft, allowing it to heal faster after childbirth. In addition, in this way, it will be possible to prevent possible stretch marks on some areas of the skin.
We know for sure that now you can deal with the problem if you can’t lose weight while breastfeeding. We recommend using our tips to fight extra pounds safely. You don’t need to immediately change your lifestyle and nutrition in one day, introduce everything a little to avoid stress and other difficulties. Good luck! You will succeed if you really want it!

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