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Baby First Finger Foods List: What Foods Should You Include in Your Baby’s Diet?

good finger foods for baby

All parents have approximately the same meal plan for their baby; the same cereals can get boring for the child, especially if there is no variety. And for your baby to eat happily and develop at the same time, you should start giving healthy finger foods to babies. This is a special mealtime ritual that would please not only parents but also the younger generation. To help you better understand what kind of food you can give your child, we will tell you about this, as well as how to introduce finger foods to the baby, so that he gets used to it faster.

What Are Finger Foods for Babies?

finger food ideas for baby

This is a very interesting and useful skill for every kid. In addition to the fact that you begin to give your child new healthy food in a new form that can attract his attention, your child also receives small training in fine motor skills of the hands. Easy finger foods for babies are also convenient for parents, as everything is prepared quickly enough. Some foods can be served raw and some can be boiled.

By the way, safe finger foods for a baby is an excellent transition to a baby’s nutrition, if he previously ate puree and porridge, but now his teeth are starting to grow. Giving him food in large chunks would help to erupt his teeth, which would further stimulate him to eat such food.

It is worth noting that at first the whole kitchen and the child can be dirty because the child hasn’t yet learned how to properly use food. Therefore, you should go through this stage until the child learns to do it well, without giving you unnecessary trouble. In addition, while you are giving the baby first finger food, you can also participate with it. Just for example, at dinner, sit the child next to you and start eating food with your hands too, showing him an example of how to do this. If possible, choose the same food as your baby’s so that he isn’t tempted to reach for your plates.

Why Should You Introduce Finger Foods to the Baby?

There are several reasons why good finger foods for babies should be a must. Here’s what should be attributed to them:

  1. According to pediatricians, eating with your hands is healthier than you think. The fact is that when a toddler uses his fingers instead of a spoon or fork, he develops motor skills. What’s more, when a baby is exposed to different food textures, it further improves its fine motor skills, which additionally has a positive effect on its brain. It is also interesting to know that it is if the child eats with his hands that his appetite improves.
  2. At the University of Nottingham, experts say that when a child begins to consume food on his own with his own hands, his weight would always be normal. Everything is connected with the fact that the child begins to feel independent when he has already eaten or wants more, which doesn’t allow him to overeat. If the child is already overweight from birth, then it is definitely worth trying such food, but at the same time all the products that the child may want in addition to what is on his plate should be hidden, otherwise, such feeding would be difficult for the child and parents too.
  3. We all understand that when a child learns to eat with cutlery, it can take a lot of time and resources. In addition, parents would also need to pay even more attention to their child to properly teach him how to eat, so you would also have to clean up everything around because for sure some products would “fly”. So, when you start giving the best finger foods for the baby, you may have extra time that you can spend on something useful, and not just feeding the baby with your own hands. Just put a plate of food next to him, and move away, after which the child himself would understand that he can start eating.

When To Introduce Finger Foods to Babies?

Soft finger foods for babies can be given to a child from about 1-year-old, when the child may already have teeth to chew on harder foods. In addition to this, to understand that the child is already ready for such food, you can look at his interest in this. Like this? For example, when you eat food, and the child is with you at this time, and you can see from him that he wants to try your food too ー the child is ready for new products in his diet.

Worth also additionally answer that you can give the child only those foods that were already in his diet. If you haven’t given any of the products before, then give them in small pieces and well cooked so that the child can normally eat them. Also, don’t force him to eat any organic baby finger food if he doesn’t want to. Otherwise, the child may refuse to eat even their favorite foods.

List of Finger Foods for Babies

So, let’s get down to the baby’s first finger foods list. Here, only those healthy foods are set that a child is allowed to eat at such a young age, so you don’t have to worry about whether you can give him such foods.

Vegetable Ideas for Baby

  • Baked potatoes or sweet potatoes, cut into pieces;
  • Cucumber;
  • A boiled ear of corn;
  • Boiled carrots, cut into wedges;
  • Baked or boiled pumpkin, cut into pieces;
  • Broccoli;
  • Peas;
  • Bell pepper (for older children).

If you aren’t sure that the vegetables haven’t been treated with any chemicals, heat them, especially the peel, to remove anything that can harm a small children’s stomach. Remember to peel some vegetables.

Fruits and Berries Baby Finger Food Ideas

  • Sliced banana;
  • Peaches (possibly baked if hard), cut into wedges or half-rings;
  • Soft pear (if you bought a hard pear, you can also steam it for a few minutes);
  • Apricots, plums, nectarines;
  • Strawberry;
  • Seedless grapes;
  • Apple, cut into small pieces (it is better to choose softer and sweeter varieties, sour ones may not like the baby or badly affect the state of health in the stomach);
  • Fruit salad made from the various fruits and berries listed above (add unsweetened yogurt for variety if you’ve given it to your child before).

It is worth noting that some fruits should be peeled, pitted, and other possible hard parts. It is important, at a minimum, that the child doesn’t choke and chew the fruit normally, as well as that his stomach digests well everything he ate. It is also worth peeling an apple, a pear, and others because perhaps they can be processed with something.

Other Products That Can Be Handled

  • Pasta of different shapes (you can use both regular and children’s pasta);
  • Boiled poultry, beef, veal (no fatty layers);
  • Baked fish (remove all bones completely);
  • Diced tofu;
  • Scrambled eggs or hard-boiled eggs.

It is worth pointing out here that all of these foods should be cooked without oil and a lot of salt. Also, while it isn’t desirable to add any spices for flavor, leaves this for a while. Additionally, before serving the meal to your child, taste it if it is cooked completely (especially fish and meat).

We strongly recommend choosing only quality products on the market from trusted sellers. It is better not to buy vegetables and fruits in supermarkets because there they can be processed with various substances to accelerate growth. This also applies to meat, be careful when choosing products. Buy fish, if possible, still live or fresh, and not frozen. If you have the opportunity to grow some products yourself ー do it.

We showed you the most interesting finger food ideas for the baby, which the baby would definitely like. We recommend giving in small portions at the very beginning, to understand whether the child would eat this, or it is worth giving a try to something else. Alternatively, you can choose the best finger foods to start the baby on and start feeding these foods to your baby all the time, alternating them in any order you like.

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