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Can Your Body Fake a Pregnancy? How Do You Know if This Happened?

What Is False Pregnancy

The intuition of every woman is something unusual. Indeed, many can understand that they are pregnant even before they take the test, determining this by some changes in their body and body. But what if false pregnancy happens? This is completely real, and even a woman’s intuition won’t be able to distinguish it from a real pregnancy. Why this is happening and how to determine that you have pseudocyesis, we will tell you right now!

What Is False Pregnancy?

False pregnancy medical term this is what many may also call a phantom pregnancy. Here you may be confused, because the symptoms of pseudocyesis are the same as in an ordinary pregnancy, namely:

  • malaise, nausea, and vomiting;
  • a sharp increase in weight and chest;
  • appetite increases and attracts to unusual combinations of products;
  • increased emotionally and sudden mood swings;
  • back pain and more.

This is why you shouldn’t make hasty decisions about pregnancy. At a minimum, you can screw it up yourself if you have had unprotected intercourse and you yourself attribute the symptoms to yourself. Accordingly, you should definitely double-check this by doing several pregnancy tests or by contacting a specialist.

What Causes False Pregnancy?

Hysterical pregnancy is usually rare, but it can happen. Until now, many medical professionals argue about how this occurs in the first place. Some argue that the reason lies with physical trauma. Others say it’s all emotionally motivated. Still, others argue that the cause is a chemical imbalance. In fact, all this is quite real and each woman may have her own reason. In addition, pseudopregnancy humans cause such as:

  • Infertility;
  • Miscarriage;
  • Age-related menopause;
  • Psychological disorders;
  • Emotional breakdowns;
  • Frequent lifting of weights;
  • Other chronic problems.

To all this, something else needs to be added. When a woman thinks she is pregnant, and she wants it so badly, she may also attribute these symptoms, although in reality, it could be ordinary fatigue or a cold. In addition, women who are approaching menopause may feel on the verge of depression, or even be in its shackles. This can significantly complicate pregnancy, or lead to false indications.

If a woman has a phantom pregnancy, everything will start in exactly the same way as in a normal pregnancy. It all starts with sickness and a heightened urge to go to the bathroom. Then you will notice breast enlargement and frequent unpleasant nipple pains, and then an increase in the size of the abdomen. The only difference between these types of pregnancy is that in a pseudopregnancy you don’t have a child inside you, although you can completely feel like a woman in labor.

In addition, the appearance of this can be influenced by the emotional state or possible trauma of the past. This can include sexual or emotional abuse, frequent depression, suicidal inclinations, and the like.

Moreover, illnesses that mimic pregnancy can be completely spontaneous. This means that if you see that there are symptoms, but the pregnancy itself doesn’t appear, you should contact the doctor to find out why this happened. Perhaps there have been any changes in your body, or glitches that could cause this. But let’s hope you don’t have anything serious. Be sure to check!

How To Detect a Phantom Pregnancy?

How To Detect a Phantom Pregnancy?

There are only two ways that can tell you exactly whether you are pregnant or not. The first is, of course, pregnancy tests. They, of course, may not always show correct results, so you should definitely do at least 4-5 tests. Don’t forget that they are different and at different times after intercourse. It is important to take this into account so that the tests show as clear a result as possible.

In addition to tests, you can have an ultrasound scan. This can be considered a win-win option that will put everything in its place. If you are already 2-3 weeks, then you can already see any formations in your belly. And you can see this embryo of the future baby on the screen of the device. If there is no fetus there, you have a phantom pregnancy.
We think this is enough for you to understand that can your body fake a pregnancy. Also, don’t forget to compare other events in your life and health with this, so as not to wind yourself up again and avoid nervous situations. In any case, we will recommend that you listen to your body and, if necessary, turn to specialists in order to understand exactly what is happening with your body and body.

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