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Experts advise parents not to share photos of their children on social networks

Parents Tips
children in the social networks

Many parents want to share family stories with their friends. They upload photos, videos, and other information on social networks. Scientists at the University of Michigan believe there is more harm than use in such behavior – it can cause emotional harm to children.

Children grow up and start using social networks by themselves. In addition, sometimes parents create their child’s accounts and maintain them on behalf of their kid. The researchers have tried to find out what does the placement of details of children’s lives in social networks leads to. On one hand, many parents find social networks useful. However, another part believes that it violates security and privacy.

A recent survey has shown that about 70% of parents of children aged under four years used social networking sites to ask other parents for advice. Approximately 62% of these practices have helped to cope with the problems. However, some photos or videos can make children uncomfortable when they become older – they may be too personal. Therefore, researchers encourage parents to consider their children’s interests and not to share all information with other users.

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