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Looking for a Baby Shower Idea? Read the Article, You Will Appreciate and Use This Idea!

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elephant ideas for baby shower

Every mother-to-be wants to find out especially about the gender of her child. Therefore, many of them arrange a baby shower with bright balls and blue-pink decorations. But this idea is no longer as interesting as it was at the very beginning. Therefore, we want to offer you some elephant baby shower decoration ideas that will make your holiday the best.

The story behind the baby shower

The tradition of arranging a holiday for the expectant mother and her baby appeared at the end of the 19th century in Egypt. In those days, the celebration took place after the birth of a child, since the Egyptians believed that pregnant women should not attend parties. In its modern form – with a celebration a few months before giving birth – the baby shower was formed in the United States after World War II. Over time, the custom migrated to Europe. Literally “baby shower” translates to “baby shower”. The expectant mother is “bombarded” with gifts and amenities. By tradition, the party is held at a friend’s house, and the hero of the occasion doesn’t guess until the last moment where the holiday will be. Previously, only women attended such an event – today men can also be invited.

There must be experienced mothers at the party, as well as women without children. All invitees bring gifts to the unborn child. A relaxed, pleasant, and calm atmosphere reigns around. It is especially important to hold a baby shower before the birth of the first child – there is a special thrill and magic of what is happening. Traditionally, the party is held at 7-8 months of pregnancy. The organization of the holiday is usually handled by the girlfriends of the future mother. But many moms already had the usual ideas with pink and blue balloons and other decor. Now you want something new, and the idea with elephant decorations for baby showers will definitely be the best. Now we will show you how best to decorate a party in this style.

Baby shower ideas with elephants: interesting tips for decorating and organizing a party

To make the most stylish and interesting elephant baby decorations, treats, entertainment, and more for a gender party, you need to approach each of these issues very seriously in detail. That is why we will tell you about each of them separately so that it is easier to distribute all the information and correctly build an action plan. But in the beginning, let’s say that you can still if you wish, make any correctives to the design, change colors, and more because this is your holiday. It is important here not to overdo it with the number of elephants: there may be too many of them, or too few. In the latter case, they can simply get lost against the background of other details, which will radically change the concept of mood. So, let’s get down to elephant baby shower ideas.

Baby shower ideas elephant: party location

elephant baby ideas

This isn’t such an important point, but if you still make a complete concept of the holiday, first of all, you need to take care of it. If you choose a location after deciding on an elephant decoration for a baby shower, in the end not everything may fit in, or the color scheme won’t fit. Therefore, it is best to choose a room in delicate shades (for example, beige or white) so that everything can be combined. Also, the room should be spacious enough for photography and entertainment. In addition, if possible, you can and in principle organize everything on the street! So you get as close to nature as possible, which fits just right for baby elephant shower ideas. Only you must be sure that the weather will be fine that day.

Elephant baby shower decorations

Decorations create the mood of the whole holiday, so when choosing elephant-themed baby shower decorations, it is worth choosing the right one. The main decor includes a photo zone, balls, wall pictures, decorations for tables, and armchairs (there are also napkins, plates, bowls, and more). In addition, if you have a projector or TV, you can play cartoons, videos, or songs in which there is a mention of elephants. Special attention should be paid to color. Of course, if you wish, you can use standard pink and blue to color the elephants. But besides this, you can use a combination of gray-yellow, gray-purple, silver-gold, green-yellow, and others. You can also use different textures for the scenery.

By the way, it will be great if you find a company that can manufacture all the necessary baby elephant baby shower decorations, as well as their delivery and installation. Here you will also be able to pick up everything, beautifully display and much more (it is clear that it is not free). It isn’t always possible to find all the decorations of the same color, of the appropriate size and quantity in the store, which can spoil everything. But if there is no such company that organizes everything, you can simply find the desired drawing on the Internet, determine its size and other details, and then transfer it to specialists who can print everything. All you have to do is to bring it to the place, correctly assemble and install it. In this case, elephant ideas for the baby shower will be as laconic as possible.

Desserts and other treats with elephant baby ideas

Here you need to combine elephant decorations for the baby shower with products. With this question, you should contact a good and experienced pastry chef who can repeat the drawing from the decorations on desserts. You can order a cake, cake pops, muffins, bizet, cookies and more. But it is worth diluting the table, for example, by making simply beautiful small desserts that won’t have elephants in the design but will be combined with elephants. Moreover, during the manufacture of elephants in food, all parts must be completely edible.

It is clear that if you want three-dimensional figures of elephants on the top of the cake, they will be made of mastic. But few people like to eat it, because nothing is interesting in it. In addition, we propose to make baby elephant decorations for the baby shower from gingerbread.

Baby shower elephant ideas: party program

baby shower elephant ideas

The program is the most fun part of elephant baby shower ideas. After all, it is here that we find out who will be born. You can find out the gender of the child by making a cake with cakes of a certain color (depending on which colors you choose for a boy or a girl), bursting a large ball of candy inside the same color (it can be in the form of an elephant), or using smoke bombs, also of the desired color. In addition, these smoke bombs can be placed in an elephant figurine instead of being held in hand. That is, the smoke should come out of the trunk. Really great idea, isn’t it? The creation of these baby elephant shower ideas should be dealt with by friends, or specialists that parents didn’t know everything in advance.

Baby shower ideas with elephants: dress code

Here you can do everything at your discretion. Your guests don’t have to come in an elephant costume (but if there are children among the guests, they will look cool in suits), or wear clothes with a similar print. You can simply ask your guests to wear clothes that will match the colors of the elephant decorations for a baby shower. In this case, everything will look stylish and concise. In addition, you can simply distribute to your guests, for example, an attribute with little peanut baby shower ideas, which will symbolize a party to the holiday. Or you don’t have to worry about it at all. You can just dress comfortably because the whole essence of the holiday isn’t in what form the guests will come.
Thanks for reading! We’re sure you’ll love our baby elephant shower ideas and try to do the same at your party. Sure, it can be a little tricky for you to pick and create baby elephant baby shower ideas, but rest assured, it’s worth it. After all, when you get into this magical atmosphere, you yourself will want to return to childhood and have fun. With all this, you will also find out the gender of your child. This is a very cool and important event for parents, which must be done beautifully and vividly so that the memories are preserved for a long time. In this case, you will get maximum pleasure from the holiday. Have a nice party!

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