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Is the Teething Egg Worth It? The Pros and Cons of This Useful Kids Toy

Teething Egg

Teething is a very exciting topic that requires special attention and timely help from parents. Various toys can help here, including the egg teething toy, which we will look at in more detail today. We have already discussed this topic in previous articles and touched on this device. But in this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the teething egg. So read carefully, so you don’t miss out on all the details.

Is the Teething Egg Worth It?

The egg teething toy is a special device that helps a child in the most difficult period of his infancy. As you can imagine, it looks like an egg. Some models have a handle so that the child can comfortably hold the toy with him.

Do you know how this particular form is convenient? It allows teeth to have erupted in both the upper and lower gums. This is all thanks to the special shape and smooth surface that creates optimal pressure on both gums. There is one more aspect due to which the child can choose this particular toy, and not another. This is because the toy is similar to the mother’s chest, which instinctively attracts the child.

The shapes, sizes, color, and other details on the egg teether can be completely different and for different preferences. In addition, don’t forget that there are toys for different ages. They have their own characteristics, so a toy for a baby from 8 months old isn’t suitable for a 3-month-old baby.

Also, toys come in a variety of sizes. This will also depend on your child’s age. It is unlikely that even a small baby will be able to hold a large egg for older children. But this isn’t always a problem, since toys may have a special handle that the child can easily grab onto. It is worth considering that often its material may differ from the egg itself.

A few more words about the material. You should always pay special attention to it, since some toys of not very high-quality manufacturers may contain some toxic component inside. Some of these materials are used for the appearance of a perfect, beautiful, and resilient egg, but on the other hand, they shouldn’t be given to the child in contact with his mouth.

By the way, eggs can be not only in a special shape but also with additional details. On the surface, there can be various textures, protrusions, which can have additional rubber small parts (often in the form of teeth, dots, or in the form of a pattern).

They will just be able to perfectly help the child cut through those teeth where it will be difficult to reach with the usual egg shape. And yes, the toy is perfect not only for younger kids but also for older ones. Surely, the child will enjoy playing and using this toy every day, removing unpleasant sensations and helping small teeth appear on the surface.

The teething egg baby blue, pink or other colors can suit both boys and girls. So you can easily choose exactly what your baby will definitely like.

Considering all this, you certainly could understand that this toy isn’t worse than similar toys. So if you like this one, feel free to take it.

Teething Egg Age

Pros and Cons of Teething Egg

As we said above, they are for different ages. The difference between them is in the size, as well as the density of the egg itself. It is clear that for older children, the egg will already be harder and larger. Of course, you can continue to give your child the toy you bought at a young age. This won’t harm the child in any way and will be able to serve for a long time for a few more months at least.

Where to Buy a Teething Egg?

The toy can be found almost anywhere: in children’s stores, supermarkets in children’s departments, and on the Internet as well. In fact, the best choice is egg teether on Amazon, because there you can find manufacturers from different countries, different forms and of course the composition.

Of course, it is best to see the toy live, in order to understand what its material is to the touch, to smell it (this is also important so that there is no too strong smell), or even come with the child and see which egg he chooses. Of course, it is better to let him choose from the options that are suitable for him in order to avoid baby scandals.

Baby Teething Egg Reviews

Baby Teething Egg Reviews

Many buyers speak very well of this incredibly useful device. Most of the reviews are written by parents of smaller babies, whose first teeth have just begun to appear. But this doesn’t mean at all that this toy isn’t bought for a child even at an older age. Quite the opposite. Many also respond positively when they talk about a great effect and a happy child by their side.

In addition, reviews can be found for virtually every toy that is in children’s stores and not only. So you can read the words of buyers and once again be convinced of your decision and purchase of a toy. You can also find other features that may (or not) suit your baby.

But of course, out of the bunch of positive comments, there will be one not very positive, the teething egg review. Mostly negative reviews are when buyers choose a toy and don’t check it for defects, inattentively read the main restrictions, and, of course, the composition. This once again confirms the fact that when buying, you need to pay attention to even the smallest details.

How to Clean a Teething Egg?

In fact, everything is extremely simple. The egg should be washed in warm water with baby, antibacterial or laundry soap. In addition, the pen should also be spotless to remove possible dirt and other bacteria that may have appeared there through the hands and may enter the mouth. You don’t need to dry a special toy, because it is rubber. It will be enough to wipe it off with a dry towel and leave it to dry a little naturally. After that, the toy must be removed. Also, if the handle of the teething toy is made of fabric, it just needs to be dried. Some handles can also be unfastened, which greatly simplifies the cutting of individual parts.

If the toy has other details, bumps, or textures, special attention should be paid to them and thoroughly washed in hard-to-reach places. They also need to be wiped dry to avoid the appearance of mold or mildew, which will be dangerous for the child’s body.

But don’t forget to read the instructions again, where the features for cleaning and other care of the toy can be indicated. In addition, it may often be indicated that the toy needs to be stored in a special place so that it doesn’t fade, it cannot touch other toxic or foul materials, or it doesn’t stay in water for too long. If you don’t follow all the norms, the toy may lose its original appearance, structure, or even become unsuitable for use by your baby. Accordingly, we strongly recommend that you listen to the manufacturer’s recommendations, as well as, if possible, wash the toy every day (by the way, this applies to all rubber toys) when the child is playing with it.
Surely you were interested to read about this unusual device, which is incredible, how it can help your child to cut teeth faster and less painfully. We recommend choosing the teething egg in stores, where you can touch and see the quality of the product live. Or just look at the options in the store and order the one you like on the Internet to make it cheaper. Don’t forget to pay attention to the manufacturer and the composition of the toy in order to avoid possible defects and prohibited toxic components that can harm a young body. We think you certainly can’t go wrong!

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