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Easy hairstyles for little girls

Parents Tips

Little girls are beautiful princesses, beloved daughters, and queens of the home runway. The long and thick hair of a daughter is a dream of any mother (ok, almost every). After all, it is so great to create beauty from different tails, pigtails, and curls. In addition, there are many reasons for this when you need to look stunning. But to be more precise, a young girl should always be beautiful.

Also, moms dream that they have not only 24 hours a day to keep up with everything. And when we thought about children’s hairstyles we realized that they should be light and fast. Therefore, to your attention, easy hairstyles for girls will help you in any case.

Easy hairstyles for little girls

We decided to start with the smallest girl (in our case it is a 3-year-old girl). We can only imagine how hard it is to make a busy little lady sit still and not wrap her head! So everything will be quick and easy!

An easy girl hairstyle option for an important event or an evening hairstyle

cute hairstyles for girls easy

Firstly, we recommend you to immediately organize a place for the little lady to do her business sitting down and you make magic over her hair at the same time. This could be a meal at her favorite cartoon in the feeding chair, for example.

And so, you will need the following materials

  • A big scrunchie in the form of the roller.
  • A simple hairband.
  • The usual thin elastic, a couple of grand (or it can be a thicker scrunchie, depending on the density of the baby’s hair, the main thing is that it is well fixed the tail on the head and doesn’t press strongly on the roots of the hair).
  • A beautiful hairpin that you have (it can be a flower, butterfly, a star made of fabric or beads – anything).
  • A pair of invisible hairpins to fix a quick and easy little girl hairstyle.


easy hairstyles for girls
  1. First, you need to gently comb the clean hair of a girl and tie a high ponytail (above the middle part of the head). Don’t worry, if during this process you will have small “roosters”, strands of hair that don’t want to lie flat. Take a special comb for your hair, with a thin and long holder. Use its long part to pull out the strands and lay them evenly in the horse-tail.
  2. When you tie a neat ponytail, take a large roller and a small hair gum. Comb carefully the ponytail and prolong the hair in the “roll”.
  3. Distribute them on the roller so that no coarse hairband is visible. After you have hidden the roller behind the hair all around the perimeter, take a small hairband, and fix this bundle with it. Little trick: If a girl has not very thick hair (which is the norm for a 3-year-old-child), you can pull a few strands out of the bundle for the effect of more hair. Do this neatly and symmetrically across the entire diameter of the elastic band.
  4. Collect back all those hairs that are left of the bundle and are bush into the child’s head. Next, you can choose how easy little girl hairstyle will look in the end. If there is a lot of hair and it is voluminous then you can make a braid and wrap it around the main beam. If the amount of hair allows you to just wrap them around a roller then just do it and don’t bother!
  5. The last step is to fix the hair strand around the roller with the invisible hairpin and beautiful decor. The position of the flower/butterfly or other beauty you can choose for yourself. Voila – cute and easy hairstyle for girls ready!

Of course, you can use hairspray for better fixation. But it is not so important and safe for children’s hair. Then you can decorate or complement this easy hairstyle for young girls as you wish.

Easy hairstyle for a kindergarden or school

easy girl hairstyles for school

We offer you one more cute easy hairstyle for girls. This hairstyle can be done on the hair of a little girl who goes to kindergarten and is also a good option for an easy hairstyle for a schoolgirl.

It’s simple, you need

  • 2 little hair bands.
  • Hairpins.
  1. Comb the kid’s hair and make an even parting in the middle of her head.
  2. Now you need to tie two little tails on both sides of the daughter’s head.
  3. When you tie the ponytail, don’t go through the hair completely but leave the little “bear ears”.
  4. You need to fluff with a comb the strands of hair that stick out of the bear ears (to give volume to them), make a spiral, wrap around the boulder and fasten the top with a hairpin invisible. Also, do the same on the second side. Here is ready another simple girl hairstyle for school or for a little visit, for a walk.

Another tricks and features of baby hair that will help you make cute hairstyles for girls easy

  • Hair often grows chaotic “vortices” on the heads of little children. Therefore, if you need to braid pigtails, it is better to do it after the hair growth. And you will get a spotless hairstyle.
  • If you need volume on thin hair, then create a hairstyle against the growth of strands.

Keep your daughter’s hair brushed neatly, wear her hair beautifully and you will succeed!

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