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Early signs of pregnancy

signs and symptoms of pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special and adoring period in the life of every woman. One-half of female representatives are looking forward to the long-awaited plus or two stripes on the test and the other half are not in a hurry to become mothers.

Also, some women feel their bodies very well. Although, girls are not even aware of fertilization in most cases and confuse it with the beginning of menstruation.

We have prepared a list of early pregnancy symptoms for you and from now on, delaying “these days” is not the only way to know that you will become a mother.

When do pregnancy symptoms start?

first symptoms of pregnancy

Very sensitive women can feel changes in their bodies after 1 week of conception. This is due to hormonal changes in the female body (especially chorionic gonadotropin is an important hormone that produces fertilized eggs). A small number of women may notice the first symptoms of pregnancy, such as any mood swings, increased perception of odors, and a change in taste preferences. Morning sickness is also one of the early signs of pregnancy that is known in all movies and TV series.

In such stories, women who suddenly run to the toilet or bathroom are immediately considered pregnant. This is the first thought that visits them. In most cases, the first 2-3 weeks are rarely accompanied by any kind of pregnancy symptoms. A woman may notice the appearance of brown secretions, which may be confused with a sign of menstruation.

But let’s go deeper and see what other signs and symptoms of pregnancy are.

Most common pregnancy symptoms

what are symptoms of pregnancy

Breast sensitivity and painful sensations

Again, many of you will say that this feeling is characteristic of “these days. But some mothers note that the soreness in the chest of a pregnant woman is different from those they feel before the beginning of menstruation. Other women may notice darkened nipples (increased pigmentation) and even the appearance of freckles.

All these first few days of pregnancy symptoms are associated with hormonal changes – the woman’s body begins to prepare for the birth of a baby and lactation.

Absence or delay of menstruation

This is a very accurate indicator for those women who don’t have problems with the menstrual cycle and the body running like clockwork. If you notice that your menstrual period is not on the 5th day after the due date, this is a good reason to go and buy a pregnancy test. It happens that some tests can’t guarantee a 100% accurate result and women should go and take the tests to the lab.

Nausea and vomiting

You probably think that this is a normal condition of a pregnant woman, but it is not quite so. Gynecologists say that nausea should not bother a woman during pregnancy. It is rather a symptom and a manifestation of other diseases.

But a certain percentage of women still feel nausea in the first 4-6 months after conception. It happens in the morning or during the day. At such moments do not forget to drink more water to protect the body from dehydration.

Fatigue and drowsiness – physical signs of pregnancy

Nowadays, every woman experiences a state of fatigue. But usually, this can be corrected with a two-day rest and you are ready to conquer the universe again. But with the onset of pregnancy, fatigue will not pass in a couple of days and will accumulate. You will want to sleep during the day, fall off your feet. Such lethargy and lack of energy you will not be able to confuse with ordinary days.

If you have this condition before your menstrual period starts and it does not happen after that (a delay of 4-5 days), it is an excuse to go to a pharmacy and buy a test.

Frequent urination and symptoms

Mothers say that frequent urination is typical for 3 trimesters. This is due to the increased size of the uterus which begins to exert pressure on the bladder.

It is worth noting that the uterus also begins to grow in the first weeks of pregnancy and thus irritates the mucous membrane of the bladder.


Pregnant women note that sharp movements, tilts and position changes can cause dizziness and darkening in the eyes. This is a consequence of low blood pressure. This condition is not considered dangerous for mother and child. But if you often have high blood pressure, you should inform your doctor. This condition may indicate a health problem.

Elevated body temperature

Pregnancy is often accompanied by elevated temperature (more than 36.6 ℃) in the first few terms. This is considered normal and usually takes place before the 14 weeks of pregnancy.

Although it is not a threat to life, you should still mention it at the doctor’s appointment. Often, your body can fight any infection. Any disease may be a threat to the fetus in the early stages of pregnancy.

Dear girls and women, if you have noticed any changes from those we mentioned above (especially if there are many coincidences), it is an occasion to make an appointment with the gynecologist. And don’t forget about the preventive examinations, a woman should keep an eye on her health at any age!

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