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Can you drink ensure while pregnant?

drinking ensure while pregnant

Pregnancy is a very important and exciting stage in the life of every woman and family. At this time, everyone is trying to make sure that your baby is born as healthy as possible and can develop normally. Therefore, you need to especially take care of the mother’s nutrition. All food should help your baby to develop normally within you. It is because of this that mothers try to eat “for two” at once, although this isn’t entirely true (we talked about this in one of the previous articles). But is it safe to drink Ensure during pregnancy? Definitely yes. Today we will talk about this in more detail later.

Drinking Ensure While Breastfeeding and Pregnancy

Ensure drink for pregnancy includes food shakes or supplements that you can find in many grocery stores. They aren’t a drug, although they have useful trace elements and vitamins. But at the same time, they are useful and safe for pregnant women. In addition, it is often taken by both mothers who breastfeed and ordinary people, which shows the level of safety of the drink. Therefore, you can not worry and don’t rummage on the Internet about a drink if a doctor offers it to you.

Many Ensure shakes of pregnancy contain important vitamin A. You must understand that it shouldn’t be too much. Therefore, this factor should be taken into account if you are taking other special vitamin complexes. Better yet, check with your healthcare provider so that he can adjust your medication if you want to add drinking Ensure while pregnant woman.

It is important to answer here that it isn’t recommended to drink too much of the drink to avoid unpleasant consequences due to an overdose of vitamins. Although, you really have to try to do this if you are going to use only one of the beneficial supplements.

Is Ensure Good to Drink While Pregnant?

is it safe to drink ensure while pregnant

As we said above, is sold in grocery stores. This may mean that they are approved by a special organization that confirms the safety and quality of the product. Accordingly, pregnant women can use it. Therefore, if you are asking can you drink Ensure while pregnant, you can do it with confidence.

In addition, such drinks are also served in hospitals for those patients and pregnant women who don’t receive the required amount of nutrients from food. It also further demonstrates that the product is safe. Moreover, doctors themselves can take it if they need additional nutrients, or there is simply no time to have a full snack.

The composition doesn’t contain any chemicals that can negatively affect the child, and even more so on your health and well-being. Inside there are only natural herbal ingredients and flavors. Because of this, the drink doesn’t have a pronounced taste, which is very good for those who are very strict about this.

What Are the Types of Ensure for Pregnant Women?

It is interesting to know that this drink has several versions that have slightly different properties:

  1. Ensure Plus pregnancy. In a recent update to this version, even more, the protein was added than before. A new amount of protein isn’t dangerous, quite the opposite. In addition, one bottle of the drink contains such an amount of calories that can replace a full meal for a woman. Is it safe to drink with lots of protein? Of course yes! But before that, you need to know how much protein you usually consume in order to enter the protein norm of the drink (there are as many as 16 grams in one bottle!).
  2. The original Ensure drinks pregnancy. This classic drink has less protein and calories than the previous version. It is perfect for a light and quick snack for expectant mothers. In addition, it is this type of drink that has the most varied flavors. Therefore, you can choose the taste that you like the most, or try everything and then choose the best one.
  3. Ensure Enlive. This Ensure drink during pregnancy contains a lot of protein and calories, but in addition to this, very useful trace elements such as Omega-3 are also added (by the way, they are obtained from plant substances, which is suitable even for those mothers who don’t eat food from animals and the like) and cellulose.
  4. Ensure Max Protein. As you already understood, there is also a lot of protein here, even more than in the first version. There are as many as 30 grams of them here. It is also worth noting that this bottle is 11 ounces, which is larger than the rest. Accordingly, it is suitable for a full, healthy meal. Can pregnant women drink Ensure Max Protein? Of course, not only mothers can drink it, but also ordinary people. And if you want you and your child to have a good muscle structure, then this particular type will suit you best.

Is Ensure Good for Pregnancy?

You must understand that there is a difference between providing optimal nutrition and eating safely for pregnant women drink ensure. Women can take important vitamins and minerals without fail, without using anything else, because they can consider themselves satisfied with this. However, there may still be some situations where a drinking boost when pregnant is also necessary. Here are some common points:

  • You want more bread, chips, and other unhealthy foods that are usually forbidden to eat during pregnancy (and, in principle, such food won’t be very useful for an ordinary person). This means you need more protein. Accordingly, to get up to your norm, you can simply be drinking Ensure while breastfeeding or pregnant. This will satisfy you, and remove the feeling of lack of some products.
  • Nausea and morning sickness. This can lead to the fact that you don’t want to eat any food in the morning, especially if it is hard. Still, it is better to have a snack at the beginning of the day. If you cannot eat due to the presence of nausea, vomiting, and malaise, use Ensure drinks during pregnancy to give yourself and your baby strength.
  • Lack of the right amount of food. You may be hungry and hungry, even if you just had a hearty meal. It can also indicate a micronutrient deficiency and fast carbohydrate intake that makes you want to eat more. If the doctor tells you not to eat more food, he may recommend instead drinking in order to get the right nutrients.

How much ensure can I drink while pregnant

drinking ensure while pregnant

As shown on the official website of the manufacturer, the maximum amount of drink for an adult is 48-65 fluid ounces (depending on the physique and other characteristics of each person), or 5-8 bottles. But for pregnant women drink ensure, it is even less. If a woman gets too much vitamin A, it can cause some defects or complications in the child in the future.

Ensure while a pregnant cocktail contains 1250 IU (international units) of this vitamin per serving. The maximum limit for vitamin content in the body is 10,000 IU. Accordingly, to exceed this milestone, you will need 8 bottles, and you need to drink them every day. As you can see, one drink contains a good dose of vitamin A, which will not harm you or your baby in any way (this is without because you can take this vitamin additionally). Therefore, you can get more vitamins and minerals only from other vitamin complexes or supplements.

Additional Information

If you still want a drinking boost while pregnant, we recommend a maximum of 6 bottles per day. But if in addition to this drink you are taking other vitamin preparations, 2 servings will be enough for you. Also, you don’t always need to eat it in place of a full meal. This should be done only in special cases and not every day. But still, the best solution would be to consult with your doctor so that he can determine your drink rate.

He can also additionally change the number of other supplements taken in favor of the drink, so as not to take many pills every day, because few people like it. If you follow any diet for pregnant woman drink ensure, then this cocktail will perfectly help you to get the lack of calories or beneficial micronutrients. In addition, you can use it without any problems when you start breastfeeding.

Once in your body, the drink transfers its beneficial properties not only to you but also to your newborn through breast milk, which also allows him to receive the necessary substances for good development.

So bottom line, can you drink ensure while pregnant? Yes you can. Take our advice if you want to feel as comfortable as possible while helping your child.

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