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Dr. Brown Options Bottles Reviews – All Important Information Before Buying a Bottle

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Dr. Brown Options Bottles Reviews

We have noticed that recently a lot of mothers are interested in this particular bottle and we decided to tell you about Dr. Brown’s options because this is really a very useful thing for you and your baby. Do you want to know why they choose it? Let’s look at its capabilities, and then tell you about the reviews of buyers who take it for the first time, or who constantly buy it.

One of the most important Dr. Brown’s options bottles is that it is great for getting rid of persistent colic. Many parents are faced with the fact that their child doesn’t belch badly or doesn’t do it at all, which causes colic. A child suffers a lot when he has extra air bubbles in his body. But with Dr. Brown’s options plus, such a problem may simply disappear. The nipple and a special ventilation system here well control the amount of milk drunk by the baby so that there isn’t too much of it, and they wouldn’t be able to choke. The teat has a special diameter and delivers the right milk flow to the baby.

Also, worth noting is Dr. Brown’s bottles options, which are related to other possibilities. For example, the bottle comes with special tools (brushes) for better cleaning of all channels and difficult areas, including the ventilation system. By the way, about her. If your child is older, you don’t need to buy a bigger bottle. You can simply remove the ventilation system, which will free up some more space for milk. In addition, the material of the product itself is made from good raw materials that won’t harm the child in any way and won’t change the taste of food.

How To Assemble Dr. Brown Bottle and Its Other Features

Many mothers noted that indeed, after purchasing this bottle, the number of colics has significantly decreased or disappeared altogether. Thanks to the convenient Dr. Brown bottle design, it doesn’t look too big, while retaining its spaciousness. The baby can hold it safely and firmly by itself, as well as hold it in various positions for comfortable feeding. But still, in some reviews, women said that the liquid was leaking. Basically, this problem occurs if the bottle isn’t used correctly. You cannot fill it above the indicated line, it is better to just add some more milk later. Also, make sure the bottle is well closed. If you take it on a trip, then to surely avoid leakage, use the special disc that comes with the kit. It should be placed in the ventilation before closing. And of course, it will need to be removed before use.

It may be difficult for you to assemble the bottle (it consists of 6 parts), but over time you will get used to it when you understand what and how it connects. Another difference between Dr. Brown bottles and other products, there are many options for cleaning them. You can put it in the baby sterilizer. If not, you can simply boil it. Alternatively, you can clean it by hand. Although, many said that it may take longer, given that some parts have hard-to-reach places. But you can still just send it to the dishwasher because it can clean well anyway.

If you haven’t previously had colic problems in your child, you can simply remove the Dr. Brown bottle filters and use them without them. If you even notice problems with regurgitation (and this can happen in infancy), just plug the system back in. It is this of all the benefits of Dr. Brown’s bottles that is the most useful, which was noted by all mothers in the reviews.
We are sure that it was interesting for you to read about Dr. Brown’s bottle liners because here you probably could find something that will make you think about buying just such a bottle, and not any other. We recommend that you buy it immediately after the baby is delivered, or when you stop breastfeeding. In addition, it is better to take several pieces at once for convenience, so that while they are in the cleaning stage, you can already feed the baby with others. Buy it!

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