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Does a child’s laziness exist?


Often many children may show an absolute reluctance to do anything. For example, parents ask a kid to help to clean the house or to put on the shelf his/her toys – the baby refuses or does everything with great reluctance, although no actions are difficult at all. Why is this happening and how to deal with it?

Let’s start with the fact that there is no concept of «laziness» in psychology – this unwillingness to do something has quite objective reasons, even if the person cannot realize it by himself/herself. It is necessary to understand the reasons for such behavior in order to fight the consequences.

Inappropriate parental behavior: excessive guardianship

Think how often you intercepted your baby’s initiative: «You’re too young – I’ll do everything by myself». In such a case, your child may have an absence of desire to strive for independence: why should he/she need it, if he/she is still not allowed to do something by himself/herself?

Features of temperament

Do not forget to pay attention to a kid’s temperament. Maybe your baby is a choleric or a sanguine – that may be the reason why he/she can’t do a work that requires concentration and assiduity. The melancholic and phlegmatic children, for example, also may have difficulties with concentration – it is discomfort for them to tolerate situations where they need to act quickly.


The reason for laziness may also be a trite boredom. Children are always very active: they need to move a lot, to invent something and to splash their energy. If parents or caregivers in kindergarten constantly make them sit quietly and do not interfere, cheerful and inquisitive children turn into sad and lose their initiative.


Sometimes children simply do not understand why it is necessary to do something parents ask them. Why should they take away toys on shelves if tomorrow they will play again? This happens when parents ask their kid to do something but do not explain why he/she does it and why it is important.


Often a child simply is not interested in acting. Parents need to give their child motivation and to set a goal for him. Then children will strive to achieve the result and it will bring him/her pleasure.

Fear of failure

Maybe the child is just afraid of failure. For example, he/she does not want to learn a new song because he/she failed last time during lessons and it was an unpleasant experience for him/her. Here the problem may be caused by the diffidence or even low self-esteem.

Analyze the possible reasons for such a child’s behavior – then it will be easy to deal with the problem.

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