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Want Beautiful DIY Newborn Photoshoot? Read the Article, It Will Be Useful!

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diy newborn photos

As you can imagine, it isn’t always best to choose professional photography. It is quite expensive, dangerous for the child’s health, it is difficult to find a schedule when to shoot, and so on. Therefore, the best solution for parents would be to make DIY newborn pictures. It turns out much cheaper, easier, and at the same time, you won’t worry that something will harm your child at such an early age.

Not all parents can remember the momentous days when their long-awaited child was born. Indeed, this time flies by with constant hassle. Moreover, your child will grow very quickly, and his little arms and legs will no longer be so small. Accordingly, to remember this precious moment of birth, parents arrange a DIY newborn photoshoot. And this is a very good idea! You can forever save the moment when your baby was tiny and show him when he grows up. You yourself can either admire it after a few years because it’s so cute. But how to photograph newborn babies? Everything is very simple. We will give you some tips that will definitely come in handy during your baby’s home photoshoot.

How to Photograph Newborns at Home: Tips for Taking Baby Pictures

baby photography tips

We spoke with many photographers who often come across newborn photography. They told us about the whole process and gave a lot of advice, which we definitely need. Among them, we have identified several of the most important and best. So, now we are going to show you these best tips for photographing newborns. Be sure to take them into account when doing the photo session yourself.

It Is Better to Take a Photo in the First 2–3 Weeks after Birth

As we said above, time flies very quickly, and the child begins to grow with him. But of course, the best time to take pictures will depend on what DIY newborn photography ideas you want. If your goal is to capture a cute sleeping baby with wrinkled and delicate skin, then of course this should be done as early as possible. In addition, after 2-3 weeks, the baby begins to be more active, moody, and fussy, so catching beautiful DIY newborn photos will be a long task. If you want to show the beautiful eyes of a child in the photo, then in this case you will already have to wait a few months.

As you understand, if a baby has problems during childbirth, or is premature, it is better to refrain and do DIY newborn pictures a little later. If both you and your child are absolutely healthy, then you can start taking pictures right in the hospital. We are sure that such shots will be very valuable, and the memories will become even brighter.

Suitable Time of Day for DIY Newborn Photography

As you can imagine, to get beautiful shots, there must be good natural lighting. According to how to photograph a newborn, there should be a lot of light outside the window and in the room. Find a day when there will be no clouds in the sky. But if you aren’t very lucky with the weather, or if the windows of your house aren’t on the sunny side, then you can use artificial lighting. Make sure that it is not too close to the child and not too bright, so as not to frighten him or wake him up. It is also not recommended to turn on the flash because this can harm the child and scare him even more.

It is clear that during DIY newborn photography, the child should be placed facing the sun. Make sure that the light isn’t too bright, otherwise, you will need to edit the photos a lot. If you want to do a night shoot, then that would be great! Turn off all lights in the room and leave only a light source that will only be directed at the child (a small lamp is best). Play around here to find a unique shot.

Try to Help Your Baby Fall Asleep Soundly

diy newborn pictures

To get clearer DIY newborn photos, your baby should be calm and not crying, or even asleep. Try to remove all sorts of irritants and loud conversations so that the child is at rest. Feed him before the photo shoot, or do a DIY newborn photoshoot in the afternoon or when he has a different meal in the afternoon. This will ensure that the child will be happy and possibly even fall asleep. You can also put him to bed right away and start filming.

Also, if your baby may wake up while sleeping, may start crying, or need to change diapers, prepare ahead of time. Leave some food nearby for a snack, clean diapers, or something else. Also, during photographing newborns it will be better if both parents take pictures. For example, one takes pictures, while the other watches the child and helps if necessary.

Warmth in the Room

This is also a very important point to help you understand how to photograph newborns. The room must be warm, so as not to provide the child with comfort. Most likely, you will photograph a baby without clothes, and he may be cold. You can also place a heater next to it if the room is large and not too warm. It is also important to ensure that there are no drafts and open windows, otherwise, everything won’t go according to plan, and the child won’t be delighted. In addition, if you can keep the room warm, it will be better for your child to fall asleep.


Props are a great way to complement the image and staging of a photograph. That is why this advice will be one of the most important DIY newborn photography ideas. This will emphasize some of the child’s features, add even more cuteness and emotion to the photos, and also make them more colorful. You can use just about anything in your home.

You can try putting the child in the basket (it will be good if it is wicker) with the handles on the edges of the basket, with the head resting on the handles. Imagine it now in your head. We are sure this is a really cool idea. Alternatively, you can simply wrap your baby in a plush towel, adding light to the photo. You can also use baby accessories like a bottle and others and put them just in the photo. If you have homemade animals, you can also place them in the DIY newborn photoshoot frame. Just before that, you must make sure that the animal cannot harm the child in any way.

Take Care of Safety

You can easily take care of all baby photography tips, but keep in mind the main thing – safety. Don’t leave the child alone, especially if there are a lot of foreign objects in the room, there are animals, or expensive equipment. Also, your child should be on a level surface so that he doesn’t fall or roll. In addition, all parts and installations must be well installed so that they don’t fall during the DIY newborn photoshoot. If you are photographing a child from above, then put the camera strap over yourself so that it doesn’t accidentally fall.

Simple Photo Poses

diy newborn photoshoot

Remember, you don’t need to come up with difficult poses in which the child won’t be able to stand or sit for a long time. In addition to being uncomfortable, difficult poses will look unnatural and weird. We advise you to choose simpler poses, for example, frog pose, the tushy up pose, and the taco. But the best baby photo tips will be those poses in which the child himself lies.

In addition, there is no need to present incredible professional shots that only specialists can replicate. Just be in a good mood and capture every beautiful shot and moment. Also, don’t forget to take a photo with the parents and the child.


In addition to the fact that you can take pictures of the child in full, with props and so on, you can take pictures of his body closer. If you have a good camera, it will be able to convey the texture of the skin, every little fold, little lips, and eyes. This can convey more of the feelings of that time, and you can better remember how your child was a few years ago.

Make a plan

This is a very important organizational moment of the photo session. You have to make a list of what you will do, what props you will use and in what order if there will be breaks, and so on. It would be best to write it down on a separate piece of paper, so you don’t forget anything. Also, prepare a plan B if something suddenly goes wrong.

Besides, don’t predict how long the entire photo session will take. It can last as long as 2 hours or all day. Everything will depend on the scale, the number of breaks, and how the child is treated. Of course, you too can get tired, hungry, or you have things to do, so you should distribute everything as rationally as possible. But if you can’t set aside an entire day for just taking pictures, you can try taking a few pictures every day. This will significantly shorten the time and won’t make the child feel very uncomfortable.
Hey, you’ve finished reading the entire article! We are confident that baby photography tips are helpful for you. Follow us for even more interesting and useful advice.

Hey, you’ve finished reading the entire article! We are confident that baby photography tips are helpful for you. Follow us for even more interesting and useful advice.

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