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How to Hide Baby Bump at 5 Months? Read about Suitable Clothes Further in the Article!

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clothes to hide pregnancy

If you are here, then most likely you are pregnant, or it will happen soon. You may have even started to have a tummy, but you still can’t tell your friends about it. Each woman has her own reasons for this, for example, misunderstanding, fear of receiving negative words in return, or you just still need to go to work and more. In such a situation, the expectant mother has to hide her pregnant belly. But how? What to do?

How to Hide Baby Bump at 5 Months?

As you might have guessed from the title of the article, you can wear dresses to hide the pregnancy bump. In addition, there are many more secrets about clothes that will probably help you. We asked one girl to try on clothes according to our advice to see if it was really possible to hide the pregnancy. In the end, she liked it, and she began to dress like that almost always! She even managed to hide pregnancy clothes at almost 5 months of pregnancy!

In addition, our clothes that hide pregnancy tips may work for you after childbirth, when your belly hasn’t yet returned to its original state. So be sure to try them to make sure early pregnancy can be hidden.

The Best Clothes to Hide Pregnancy

clothes to hide pregnancy
  1. Loose top and low-rise hem. Wear oversized shirts and blouses. You can tuck a little into the pants beforehand. If you try to do this, you will see that the shirt will bulge a little forward, even if a non-pregnant girl does so. As you can imagine, this will help to hide the belly. And the low rise of the trousers will not press on you, which will make wearing jeans more comfortable. In addition, it can be difficult for you to button up the buttons and fly. From this, you can see that the stomach has increased. But you can easily buy trousers with an elastic band made of lightweight material so that you don’t squeeze parts of your body. By the way, these clothes to hide pregnancy at work if you still want to go to work.
  1. Multi-colored print. Oddly enough, but if you wear clothes to hide the pregnancy belly with various multi-colored patterns, it can “deceive” the eyes of the beholder. This applies to both the top and bottom. But still, it is better to take only the top with prints so that everything looks more beautiful and concise. It is also worth noting that the print should be all over the product, not just the picture. Otherwise, the painted area will hide nothing. Also, try to choose loose-fitting T-shirts, blouses, and dresses to help you.
  1. Dark colors in clothes. We think girls are well aware that dark colors make the figure more slender. In our case, you can also use dark dresses to hide pregnancy. On darker shades, it is almost impossible to see any shadow, not even a shadow from a large tummy. And here it is clear that if you put on a tight black T-shirt, it will not hide anything. So choose a loose fit again in a dress to hide pregnancy.
  1. Clothes for the cold season. Wear the now trendy oversized hoodies and knitted sweaters. Don’t forget long coats and scarves. It will also be cool to wear a trench for the fall. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will be the most stylish mom-to-be.
  1. Flowing fabrics. Dresses to hide the baby bump of these fabrics won’t only make your belly less visible. Now it is very possible, so you will be just a goddess in such outfits. Choose a lightweight material that will look comfortable on you. At the same time, you don’t need to wear something wide and on the bottom, because it visually, on the contrary, will increase you. Wear either a loose top or a loose bottom to maintain balance. If you choose a loose bottom, then floor-length or knee-length skirts with a high rise are perfect. You can also wear “no waist” dresses, or a form of the dress where the bottom and/or top will be free, and there will be a strap at the waist.
  1. Many layers. Wear T-shirts with a shirt over them (it doesn’t have to be buttoned up). You can wear scarves and other accessories that are large enough to be worn on your body. It is clear that you do not need to dress like cabbage and wear cardigans and scarves in hot weather. Do everything rationally and according to your well-being, it is also desirable to choose clothes to hide pregnancy, which will be beautifully combined.
  1. Jumpsuits. Wear clothes to hide the pregnancy bump with a one-piece bottom and top. But it doesn’t have to be jeans and a sleeve top. Better to choose denim overalls with straps, under which you can wear a T-shirt. You know that he is a little “fat” and common. Therefore, it will be a great option for every day.

Thanks for reading our article. We think that our tips on how to hide a pregnancy belly will be useful and you can easily bring all ideas to life. First, don’t forget that you should be comfortable in your clothes and not be worried anywhere, especially your stomach. Good luck!

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