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Choosing of The Best Kids Tablets

best touch tablets for kids

A child holding a tablet is already a usual phenomenon. Whoever says but these devices have become an indispensable assistant both in entertainment and educational purposes. Why not?

They have many functions, programs, they are easy to use. Any child (even the youngest one) can understand the interface of the gadget and will not have any difficulties in using it. Children like to work on the tablet and they can be understood. Every parent who has ever faced the problem of “what to do with the child during a trip or a long journey” understands how convenient and effective it is.

So, we decided to create a guide on the best tablet for kids and tell them about all their advantages and shortcomings.

List of tablets for kids

best tablet for school

Let’s start with the best kids tablet for the youngest users

Monster Pad 2

At first, you may think it is some kind of outdated device but believe us, it is doing a great job. When you’re cooking to eat or your child is bored on the road, the Monster Pad 2 is a great way out:

  • Its battery life lasts for 3 hours of active use
  • The tablet supports the Android version
  • You can turn on cartoons with the built-in IVI kids’ application or with OTG (i.e. any cartoon can be downloaded to a flash drive and connected to a tablet).
  • This tablet has a 3G module that allows you to contact your child via cell phone or transfer data between devices. And one more thing! – You will always be notified of where your child is thanks to the location service.

You may think that this is very little for top android tablets for kids. But we assure you that little children are not so whimsical and these features will be enough for them.

Turbo Kids S5

If you believe the tablets for kid’s reviews it doesn’t deserve to be on this list. Because it has more than one disadvantage, for example:

  • Speed of work (loads programs/games for a very long time)
  • Scant stuffing
  • Poor quality media and audio data

But despite this, most users note that these are great tablets for kids aged 2 to 4 years. Because they are durable (made of quality plastic), ergonomic (it is convenient to hold them in children’s hands) and cheap compared to other models.

Another important point to note about these tablets is that they have a battery life of 2 hours maximum. And you will say that this is not an advantage. But experienced parents will say that this is a great chance to teach your child to use the device no longer than 2 hours a day. Take a tip from the information.

Let’s sum up this group with the best tablet for toddlers. If you are parents of a small child (from 2 to 4 years), you don’t need to comply with trends and choose the most expensive and best touch tables for kids. Your child will drop it more than once, try to taste, try to look inside, you agree? The best reference point is the durability and reliability of the design.

The best kids tables (for children from 5 to 8 years)

In this age-old category, we can consider more modern and slightly advanced models. Although it is still not worth choosing expensive models of tablets, even if it is a gift for a single child in the family. The main task of the tablet at this age is to help learn or to simplify the educational process of your pupil. Therefore, you need to look at the solid and compact models.

Best tablet for school

what tablets are good for kids

Lenovo Tab 4 (model of 2017) starts our top learning tables for kids. It is not expensive (within 140 euros), has a 10.1-inch screen, has 16GB of memory, and has a battery of 7000 mAh (i.e., it will be enough for 7-8 hours of active use). The device also has two cameras – front and main, GPS navigation, and a set of standard programs that will be useful to any schoolchildren. It is cheap, practical and nothing extra. It is designed not to distract a child from school classes and not to attract the special attention of classmates.

Another not bad variant of the best tablets for older kids is HUAWEI Mate Pad T 8.0.

This model is a very compact, stylish, lightweight tablet for school children. It has a matte finish that ensures comfortable use.

The tablet has sensors that control

  • Tablet usage time.
  • So that the child doesn’t use it while moving and lying on its back.
  • Hat the child doesn’t read lying down and doesn’t use the tablet very close to its face.

And also bonus chips – parental control (you can set the allowed time of use on school days and weekends).

And another important addition is the ability to filter the content that your child wants to see on its new HUAWEI MatePad.

The main features are 32 GB of memory + 2 GB of main, two cameras, Android, metal casing, navigation, and 12 hours of video viewing.

Here are some more Chinese tablet models that deserve your attention and can be a good option – Jumper EZpad7, Voyo I8, Teclast M89. They are also no worse than the above candidates and have very good characteristics at an affordable price.

You are probably waiting for us to name at least one representative of the “Apple” dynasty. But we believe that the products of this company are not intended for children of primary school age – they just don’t need them.

A person should be more conscious to use such expensive equipment for its intended purpose. Even adults don’t use all the features of Apple devices.

But definitely, the best tables for older kids can be considered Apple IPad mini (2019) and his older brother – Apple IPad (2019). The starting price for such tablets is 1000 dollars.

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