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Cat drawing: Simple instruction

cat drawing easy

We were doing a fascinating thing about a week ago – drawing a dog. We decided that we should draw a cartoon cat to accompany him.

If you think about it, a simple cat drawing could be created on the same principle as a dog. We hope that it was easy for you to draw it with us. And this time we made the task a bit more complicated. Our cat will be a cute cartoon cat and its drawing will consist of more complex elements and figures but believe me, it’s worth it. And don’t worry, we will tell and show you how to draw cats.

cute cat drawings

This time you will need a well-sharpened pencil, a sheet of A4, and an eraser to remove excess lines. Perhaps not everything will work out the first time. You will be in the role of real artists today.

So, we start if you are ready!

How to draw a cat?

how do you draw a cat
  1. First, we need to decide on which side the cat will be depicted. If you are right-handed then you’ll be better to draw a cat starting on the left side of the paper. And if it is more convenient for you to use your left hand then start the drawing on the right side. We have placed the kitten drawing on the left side.
  2. Our first figure is a pentagon. It will be the basis of our drawing and the body of a cat. You can draw the usual house which has a floor, two walls, and a triangular roof to get imagination about this element. And it is slightly tilted to the left side. An important point – you better do all the lines very carefully and don’t press with a pencil through your paper. That’s why we asked you to prepare a rubber to erase unnecessary strokes or abrasions.
  3. So we have painted the body. And now it will be easier for us to draw the rest of the cat’s body. We suggest you continue drawing the head and ears. We will need three figures for this. One for the head and two for the ears. The head will have the shape of a pentagon as well as the body. But this pentagon will not look like a house but like a diamond (the most expensive part of a cat’s body, don’t you agree?).
  4. Draw the cat’s head against the body or you can step back a little – it’s not so important. Now, you need to pay attention to the upper part of the “diamond”. You should draw two ears on each corner of the cat’s head. You can mark them with triangles to make this quicker in the initial step. But – pay attention to the fact that one ear that is closer to you (on the left side of the drawing) should be larger. And the other ear of the cat will be slightly smaller as we showed in our drawing. The second ear is smaller because our cat turned one side to us and the other ear visible not as good.
  5. We have drawn a body and head with ears. Now we are missing legs and tail on our cat cartoon drawing. This will be even easier to draw than the foregoing elements because the legs and tail will have roughly the same shape. So, let’s start with the legs. Since the cat is looking at us from behind it means that we can see only the paws that are bent in the knees. In the end, we will draw two paws with the same shape. But this time we need a figure with four corners. Start outlining the cat’s paws with light movements on the right side of the “house” (cat’s body).
  6. The next and last element of the cat’s body is a tail. You can draw it like a trapeze with an uneven upper base. The uneven side will connect with the cat’s legs. The corners of the trapezium perfectly convey the connection of the tail with the paws on one side and the tail tip on the other one. Remember that all movement of the hand should be smooth, imagine that you stroke the paper with a pencil.
  7. Now when all the main parts of the cat’s body are painted you may ask how to draw a cat’s muzzle? In our opinion, this is the hardest part of drawing a cat. Maybe you have already painted a muzzle before and you probably know how to draw the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth on the face symmetrically. If you have never done this before then we will tell you how to draw a kitten face correctly and easily. You need to divide the face (or head of a cat) with two lines – horizontal and vertical. This is necessary to separate the lower and upper parts of the face. In order not to draw too many superfluous lines you better use light strokes (as we depicted them in our picture). Find the center of the cat’s face (where two-stroke lines intersect). Draw a nose slightly higher than a horizontal line. If you can’t determine how high to draw the nose, you can use your little finger. The width of your finger is the distance between the horizontal line and the place where you want to draw the nose. We chose the triangular shape of the nose for our cat (since the triangle better reflects the real shape of the cat’s nose). You can draw a small circle or an oval to make it easier for you – it can look just like you want.
  8. After the nose, we suggest you draw a mouth lower than a horizontal line. Start drawing the cat’s mouth from the center of the intersection of conditional lines. The main thing is to draw one curved line and make the same one on the other side. We hope that your cat will smile too.
  9. Now let’s draw the cat’s eyes. We have simplified the task because our cartoon cat is smiling and its eyes are closed with contentment. So there is nothing complicated. Our cat’s eyes are shaped like elongated leaves. They look very organic in cute cat drawing.
  10. Well, we did the main job. Now it remains to give the cat a smooth and elegant shape, add whiskers, eyebrows, chin, fur and paint its body. You can draw the same way as we do. But it is better to fantasize and complete cartoon cat drawing as you wish.

When you finish drawing a cat don’t forget to erase all unnecessary lines. We’ve done easy cat drawing.

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