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The Best Cake Themes for 1st Birthdays You Can Give Your Baby!

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cakes ideas for 1st birthday

You always want to make your child’s first birthday in such a way that you can remember it for a long time and be happy that everything worked out as it should. To do this, they always make a cute 1st birthday cake, invite guests, give gifts and just have fun in pleasant company. But even so, many moms are confused when it comes to choosing cake themes for 1st birthdays.

Indeed, it isn’t as easy as it seems at the first moment. There are thousands of interesting ideas on the Internet, with various elements and complex techniques, which aren’t always possible for ordinary housewives. But it doesn’t matter! We will tell you simple 1st birthday cakes that you can make even without additional help for your boy and/or girl. So read on and choose the best idea for you.

First Birthday Cakes for Boys

cute 1st birthday cake

So, let’s define what should appear on cakes for baby boy 1st birthday, and then show some good examples. Well, first it’s color. According to the classics, everyone makes it blue. But if you want to move away from that, you can choose green, orange, or just white (it will work for girls as well). The decor shouldn’t be too large and moderately bright, and preferably edible. You should be careful with beads and other small jewelry so that if the child tries it, he doesn’t choke on it. Also notice that the child already likes it. It can be various animals, cartoons, games and more. All this you can do is in the form of decor. Here are some ideas for your little boy to celebrate:


A very cool and bright idea to use on a birthday cake for a first birthday boy. Make or buy gingerbread, waffles, or animal figurines made from mastics like zebras, giraffes, elephants, lions, monkeys, and other jungle dwellers. The cake should be green, imitating grass. Alternatively, you can make voluminous palms and vines to further enhance the style of the cake. In addition, you can add a small reservoir of the same mastic, pretending that the animals are going to drink water. Surely all guests and the culprit of the holiday will be interested in considering it and then trying it.


It is a one-stop solution for making 1st birthday cake ideas for baby boys or girls. There will simply be a difference in the colors of the decor elements. For a boy cake, you can also use the gingerbread number 1 and insert it in the center of the cake. In addition, you can garnish with macaroons, chocolate spheres, or petals. But you can also completely make the whole cake in the shape of a number, finishing off only a small decor of cream or some kind of crumb. A mousse cake in the form of a “unit” will look very modern. It will be difficult to find such a shape, so you can make a regular round cake by adding the appropriate decor. And if you are making a big cake, you can even use number-shaped cupcakes, decorating them with an airy and delicate cream.


Here you can show your imagination to the fullest. Add to the decor those cartoon characters that your child simply adores and is ready to watch cartoons with his participation endlessly. It can be one cartoon, or several at once. If your child loves Lightning McQueen, let’s make a 1st birthday boy cake in the form of a bright toy. It is clear that if the cartoon is associated with the sea, you will need to use small details of a suitable style so that everything doesn’t look scattered. Also, all heroes must be of the same material to have a solid composition. This includes the ratio of sizes. In addition, you can add the same number, or write a congratulation with cream so that the cake is completely completed.

Girl First Birthday Cakes

first birthday cake for girl

And so, now let’s decide on the ideas for cakes for a first birthday girl. Here, of course, the range of colors will be larger. You can make the cake pink, purple, yellow, white, or even rainbow-colored. The decor can contain the same rainbows, clouds, butterflies, sparkles, and more. The cake should look fabulous and light. It is in this case that he will be able to please even a person who doesn’t like sweets (but he will certainly want to try your cake). And of course, everything should be gentle and sweet, after all, this is a cake for a real lady! Here are some of the best options for you:


Of course, this particular decor will be the best option for a girl’s first birthday cake. After all, what girl doesn’t like fairy princesses from different fairy tales? This cake should be just royal and fabulous. Add princess figures and beautiful castle elements. You can make other additional details with gold color. Believe me, it will really look gorgeous. Decorate each princess’s dress with sequins. You can choose only one of your daughter’s favorite heroines and make it the centerpiece of the cake. You can make the cake itself in the form of a princess dress skirt. But you can already complement this dress with flowers, bright non-conventional patterns, butterflies, and other elements.


It will be the same fabulous cake as in the previous version. You don’t have to do the entire horse, just go for a horned face. Or, again, add a gingerbread with the image of this animal. By the way, a great idea for a first birthday cake for a girl will be a unicorn that interacts with a number. He can hug her, carry her, or just stand nearby, complementing the composition. Use a rainbow as an additional element. It doesn’t have to be gingerbread or something else again, just paint it with edible paints on the cake or layout with candies of the corresponding colors. You can use cotton candy as a cloud (make sure it won’t melt at the temperature in your place of celebration). Of course, you can add fruits and berries if the birthday is in summer.


Everything is extremely simple here. Use a variety of flowers as a first birthday cake for girl decor. They can simply be made from mastic (they will look as natural as possible), or simply with cream. Don’t forget about different colors and small details such as the center of the flower, leaves, butterflies, and sparkles. You can insert fruits between the flowers, or even make flowers from fruits. Use apples, strawberries, pears, kiwis, bananas, and more. Everyone will like this option.

No Gender Cake

Of course, you don’t have to make a cake just like a boy or a girl. If you have twins of different genders, then you probably don’t want to make two separate cakes. In this case, you can make a cake in the form of a number using a mixture of different colors (including the classic blue/pink). In addition, you can use the same idea with characters from your favorite cartoons. In this case, you need to choose such heroes that will be neutral, for example, animals from “Madagascar” or minions.
Surely now you can try using at least one of the cakes ideas for 1st birthday. I would like to note that it is better to use such ingredients in the decor and filling that your baby can taste. That is, everything should be tender and without large pieces in the filling, and if you add berries, don’t forget to get the seeds. Bon Appétit!

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