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Why Do I Get So Tired While Breastfeeding? How Does Breastfeeding Affect Moms?

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start breastfeeding after stopping

If you are a young mother, then you will certainly agree that every day is like groundhog day. All actions are repeated over and over again. You feel constantly tired, unwell, or as if you were completely ill. It’s clear that you can get help, and that’s good. But all the same, these feelings may not leave you. Why? It’s amazing that a woman has been falling asleep while nursing. This can happen to anyone, so this is an important enough question that needs to be addressed if you want to be in good shape every day. Today we will explain why breastfeeding can affect mom sleeping and give you some working tips on how to do it.

Reasons Why Is Breastfeeding So Exhausting

So, does nursing make you tired? Yes, this is very likely, because there are reasons for this. The main reasons for such an effect on a woman’s body include these points:

Lack of Sleep

Before the birth of a child, a woman has her own rhythm of life, a schedule of eating and sleeping. When a child appears, this whole situation changes dramatically. Now the mother is adjusting to the baby, which is why all the biorhythms are completely out of control. Even if you sleep soundly at night, you may still need to wake up if the baby wants to eat, he needs to change the diaper, or he has colic. And so that you can correct this situation a little, just during the daytime sleep of the child – sleep with him. And let all things wait.


Another reason for breastfeeding fatigue that may not greatly affect your health. Together with mastitis, you can see redness and pain in the nipple area, and even a high fever. If this happens to you, then you should immediately see a doctor so that it doesn’t go too far.

You Are on a Diet

It is clear that after giving birth you want to immediately put your figure in order. You can limit yourself to food and try to do constant cardio exercise. This will directly affect your condition. Therefore, you don’t need to set yourself too large restrictions and eat at your calorie intake. Of course, you shouldn’t forget that what you eat will be received by your baby along with milk. Accordingly, exclude fatty foods, a lot of sweets, fast food, or the like. It is better to eat vegetables, fruits, cereals, try healthy desserts, steamed meat and fish and semi-finished products from them.

Start Breastfeeding After Stopping

Believe it or not, it also affects you. It is clear that if you stop breastfeeding, it will be much easier and easier for you. But if you return again to this feeding, then, of course, you can again feel increased fatigue and more. Just wait some more time until you switch your baby to a different diet.

How to Reduce Breastfeeding Exhaustion?

If you notice any of the above, we will help you to correct the situation and improve your well-being. First of all, in order to get rid of fatigue while breastfeeding, you don’t need to forget about the water balance in your body. Dehydration doesn’t very well affect your well-being and condition, which can also cause weakness and fatigue even in the average person. Calculate your amount in accordance with 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight, and drink as much water every day. You don’t have to keep a close eye on your grams, it’s just that the main thing is to drink not less and not too much water. Plus, if you drink enough water, your skin will be more elastic and hydrated.

And of course, we shouldn’t forget about sports. Yes, it can be tiring, but that’s only if you do too intense training often enough. A few exercises a day or 15 minutes on a cardio machine will be enough to improve your well-being and lift your mood.
We hope you understood our explanation of why do I get so tired while breastfeeding. Just follow the instructions from above on a regular basis so that your condition improves dramatically and you have the strength and desire to do something for your child and yourself. Within a week you will notice how energetic and ready you are for adventures with your baby.

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