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Ideas for a Boy Baby Shower: What Treats, Decorations, and Entertainment to Choose?

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Ideas for a Boy Baby Shower

The final weeks of pregnancy can become very exhausting: there are only a few days left before meeting the main person in life, and they, as luck would have it, drag on for a very long time.

To bring the meeting a little closer and support the expectant mother, you can come up with baby boy shower ideas and decorations, collect guests and prepare gifts. Today we will talk about it and help you choose a few baby boy ideas for a baby shower, which you can easily implement at your own party.

What You Need To Know Before Creating Baby Shower Ideas for a Boy?

Before creating the holiday itself, you need to think over some very important details, without which the holiday would be difficult to organize:

  1. Make a guest list. It would become the basis for calculating the costs of the holiday. Call your closest friends, their partners, and children, of course, relatives or whoever you want to see at the holiday.
  2. Decide on a budget. Plan for invitations, guest treats, entertainment, decor, and hospitality. It is better to take with a margin if any unexpected expenses may appear.
  3. Choose a time and place for the celebration. Use your budget and guest list to determine the location: geography, roominess, etc.
  4. Send invitations. Invitations are usually sent 4-6 weeks before the Baby Shower date. Also, set aside 1-2 weeks in advance for making personalized invitations.
  5. Make a menu. Planning to celebrate a baby shower in a restaurant? Discuss all the nuances with the chef in advance. Planning to cook on your own? Pick up dishes, make a shopping list. We will give you some delicious baby shower ideas for a boy.
  6. Order gifts for guests. Consider the time required for selection, ordering and delivery.
  7. Think over the scenario of the holiday taking into account the entertainment for the guests of the baby shower: games and contests. We will also talk about them.
  8. Get ready to clean up. Be sure to bring your own garbage bags as well as gifts. Ask your family to help with the cleaning so that it doesn’t get too hard for you.

Each of these points should be carefully prepared to avoid unpleasant contingencies. If you find it difficult to implement all the cute baby shower ideas for a boy, then ask your husband and close relatives to do so.

Treats and Cake for Boy Baby Shower Ideas

Let’s decide on the dishes that can complement our unique baby shower ideas for a boy. Baby Shower isn’t a reason for long feasts with treats from several courses. Therefore, there are enough light snacks during the holiday, which can be diluted with mouth-watering desserts. In order not to rack your brains and think about what kind of treats to surprise your guests, you can invite catering.

If you want to do it yourself, then decide what you want to cook. It can be canapes, tartlets with various fillings, savory profiteroles, and so on. It doesn’t have to match the color (it is unlikely that it would be pleasant to eat sandwiches with bluefish). You can even make a separate table for sweet and savory treats. So it would look more beautiful and there would be no chaos on the table.

For a sweet table, of course, make cupcakes, lollipops, or gingerbread with the appropriate theme. Here you can already use blue creams and fillings. Many Pinterest baby boy shower ideas are very simple and easy to implement. But you can also just decorate the cupcakes with a pretty sprinkle. And yes, don’t forget the cake. If you don’t know how to cook it, or simply don’t have time, then order a special dessert in the pastry shop.

By the way, many pregnant women develop their own culinary preferences. If you know that the mom-to-be has a special love for a dish or product, try to include them in your list of treats. Also for a party, you can order a stylized candy bar with cupcakes, macaroons, gingerbread and fruit skewers. You’ve probably seen similar baby shower boy ideas on Pinterest. Agree, it looks cute.

Entertainment Ideas for a Boy Baby Shower

Giving gifts to the expectant mother is great. But the organizer needs to think about small baby shower ideas for a boy, how to keep the guests occupied the rest of the time. Invite a host who can compose your holiday program, or organize some fun contests on your own.

For example, you can ask all guests in advance to bring their child’s photo with them to the party (preferably at the age of no more than two years old). The guests’ task is to guess who is who in these pictures. Also, during the holiday you can:

  • try to guess the volume of the tummy of the main character of the party;
  • arrange a design competition and make “prints” on children’s bodysuits or bibs using felt-tip pens or paints;
  • invite everyone to write wishes for the future baby, and then read them out loud and choose the best;
  • guess which facts from the life of the future mother are true, and which are fiction;
  • and you can always play board games or arrange a master class that isn’t prolonged in time.

The culmination of the evening would be the unpacking of the presents. By the way, they can be collected in one place in advance before the appearance of the main guest of the evening. You don’t have to sign the gift packages: let the expectant mother try to guess who exactly prepared this or that gift for her.

Baby Boy Shower Decorations Ideas

And so, let’s move on to the fun part – we decide on the baby shower decorations boy ideas. This can be the most labor-intensive in the whole holiday because there are a lot of different things, decorations, and cute little things on the Internet and in stores that can complement any holiday. But to make it easier for you, we will give you the coolest baby shower boy decorations ideas that will make your holiday special and different from everyone else.


Lego Baby Boy Shower Decorations Ideas

Well, this is one of the coolest topics that all children and even some adults like. Create a special “square” photo zone, posters. Decorate your banquet table in Lego style too, including the dishes and desserts themselves. In addition, you can make a special space where guests can play with this favorite constructor. We think many would be delighted.


Gentleman Boy Baby Shower Ideas

This is a real welcome for ladies and gentlemen. So let’s say, a dinner party with the smallest and most anticipated guest. Perhaps, again, in Pinterest baby shower ideas for a boy, you can see special types of decorations. You can make a discreet style, choose a suitable location, music, and jewelry in the form of your favorite things that real men love. Ask your guests to wear appropriate costumes to maintain a special atmosphere.


Pirates Boy Baby Shower Ideas

Another theme that would immerse you and your guests in a special atmosphere. Decorate everything in a nautical style, add pirate details: a flag, chests with gold, swords, and so on. You can give everyone blindfolds so that guests can feel like real conquerors of the seas. Or hire an animator who would entertain adults and children and conduct pirate contests for them. You can also serve seafood snacks as a compliment, as well as order the same cake in the form of a ship.

It’s a Boy Baby Shower Ideas

It’s a Boy Baby Shower Ideas

The most classic but still cool option for a baby shower. Here, arrange a photo zone with the appropriate inscription. All decorations should be in soft blue and white colors so that everything looks very cute, and it is clear that you would soon have a boy. Make desserts with blue details and cream. Ask your guests to wear something light blue and blue. And if you can still organize everything by the sea or in a blue/white establishment, everything would look just incredibly stylish and separate.

Black and White

Black and White boy baby shower

A very stylish and special solution. If you don’t feel like making an ordinary classic version, then use these colors. Choose suitable cakes, garlands, table decorations. You can play around with textures to add more air to the decorations. If you think this is not exactly a children’s party, then just add shades of blue to these colors so that everything seems less strict. But even without additional color, everything can be done incredibly stylishly. Now we are confident that you would be able to organize the perfect event that would please both you and your guests. Use whichever cute boy baby shower ideas you like the most. If you like everything, why not do them all? If it is more convenient for you, then create a holiday plan so as not to forget anything. And of course, be sure to photograph every detail and event during the holiday. Surely you would be pleased to revisit this special day.

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