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Bottle Nipple Size Guide: How To Choose the Right Nipple by Age

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Bottle Nipple Size Guide

There comes a moment in every mother’s life when she switches from breastfeeding to bottle feeding her baby. And in order for such food to be as comfortable as possible, you need to choose the right bottle itself, as well as baby bottle nipple sizes by age. Today we will just discuss the topic of the nipple, because it can depend on whether the baby has colic or not. Carefully study our bottle nipple size guide, as well as their types, in order to choose the appropriate option before buying.

Types of Nipples for Baby Bottles

There are 4 different types of bottle nipples that differ in their shape and hole pattern. Here are some that are most common in bottles:



They have the appearance of a drop. They are often bought for bottles that have a narrow throat. In addition, it is worth considering that, in general, such bottles have only one hole, which is most suitable for babies up to 1-2 months old.

Classic Round

Classic Round

They imitate the mother’s breast, which allows the feeding process to be as close to natural as possible. They come in different diameters for different types of bottles. There are also mainly from 1 to 3 holes here, which also needs to be considered when buying.



A carefully thought out shape, with a beveled edge, contributes to the correct development of the palate and the lower jaw, as well as ensuring the formation of the bite. This model is most often prescribed by a doctor who has drawn attention to the abnormal development of the baby’s jaws.



If your child has suffered from colic before, this nipple may be useful for him now. To prevent aerophagia, it is best to choose a teat equipped with an anti-colic valve to prevent air from being swallowed during feeding.

If you don’t know which shape to choose, just try giving them to your child. With which it would be most convenient for him to consume food, leave that one. Also, don’t forget about the specific hole. An inappropriate hole size would make it uncomfortable and difficult for the baby to suck. The intensity with which the mixture should be supplied depends on the activity of the baby and the duration of the feeding. That is why it is necessary to select the nipple, in accordance with the age of the child, his appetite, and the density of food.

In no case should food, itself, flow from the bottle, because it is necessary for the child to spend energy on getting food. Most often, the first nipple, for a baby, has only one small hole. This design would stimulate activity, and stimulate the baby to make the same efforts as when feeding. It should be noted that a special diameter may be required for different mixtures. For example, antireflux nutrition contains thickeners, and therefore the opening size for such mixtures should be significantly larger than for conventional ones.

When To Change Baby Nipple Size?

Now let’s move on to the bottle nipple size chart. Here, we will also indicate the optimal number of holes and the strength of the mixture flow for a certain age of the baby.

MonthsNumber of holesFlow type
0+1Mini or mini regular
1+2Clow or regular
3+1 slitVariable

In addition, there may be other types of flow for some bottle nipple stages. Variable flow teats are provided where you can set the desired flow rate: slow, medium or fast. Nipples with this flow are recommended for babies from 3 months old. Multi-flow — allows the child to regulate himself how fast he would eat. Multi-flow teats are the most popular and the most comfortable to use. We have given you all the main information about baby bottle nipple sizes, which would help you when choosing the very nipple. When choosing, we also recommend taking into account the material from which the product is made, as well as how you need to take care of it. In addition, monitor the baby’s reaction if he is restless when feeding or colic appears, then it is worth replacing the nipple with another shape or flow. And if everything is in place, then you don’t have to worry about the correct use of your baby’s food.

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