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Is Phone Radiation Harmful to Babies? List of Safe Phones for Babies!

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Safe Phones for Babies

Along with stuffed toys, coloring books, and figurines, baby phat cell phones are a must-have toy. In the modern world, it is already difficult to imagine even cell phones and babies separately. But it is better not to give the usual version of the smartphone to the child, but replace it with a toy version. And today we will show you the top 10 mobile toys for toddlers, which would be interesting for a child to play and develop.

List of the Best Baby Phones

Many argue that the mobile radiation effect is on a newborn baby. Yes, there is some truth in these words. But still, it was relevant for older phone models, which were 10-15 years ago. Now the special radiation on babies cannot work.

Now you don’t need to worry about the influence of cell phone radiation on a baby. Modern smartphones can only be addictive (a child simply cannot detach from the screen, watching cartoons or playing games), or cause eye fatigue. It is clear that at least for these reasons, the use of the smartphone must be reduced, or replaced. We’ve found a great alternative, so let’s move on to looking at cell phone toys for toddlers:

VTech Baby Toy Phone

VTech Baby Toy Phone
VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone

Considering that this toy is the first on the list, it’s easy to guess that this could be called the best cell phone for toddlers. Thanks to this phone, the child would be able to have a great time playing an exciting game. By the way, it contributes to the development of thinking and motor skills, which would be especially important in infancy. In addition, bright colors would attract them even more.

The appearance of the best toy phone for 3-year-olds may resemble a regular smartphone. There are also several apps here that a child can use. Among the pluses, you can also name the study of the alphabet and numbers in an interesting way. The only drawback can be considered is the need to change batteries more often if the child is actively playing.

JOYIN Baby Phone

Thanks to this phone, your child would be able to have a great time playing, while developing their brain. By pressing certain keys, the child would recognize the sounds of animals and teach them. Here, the composition uses plastic that is safe for children, which, if a child takes it in his mouth, won’t harm him. In addition, due to the strength of the case, the phone will be difficult to break or smash.

Compared to other cell phones for baby boomers, there are tons of positive reviews from parents who purchased this toy. Considering that here you can control the phone from a distance, there is sound and light accompaniment, as well as attractive colors of the product, these reviews are true. The only downside is that the price of the toy is higher than other baby cell phones. But we think it’s worth it if any kid will definitely like the toy.

Wow Wee Smartphone

Wow Wee Smartphone
Wow Wee Baby Shark Smartphone

If your child is already accustomed to your smartphone, then the baby would hardly notice the difference if he plays with this best toy phone for toddlers. The attractive bright design would certainly interest him. There are also special modes inside that play music. Surely there are songs here that your child loves to dance to. Although the speaker is loud enough here and the volume cannot be adjusted, the sound doesn’t affect the child’s hearing in any way, which is very good.

Fisher-Price Baby Phone

If you are looking for a simple option, but at the same time with various useful functions, then among all the offers of baby toy cell phones this will be the best. By pressing the bright attractive keys, the child can listen to music, hear a greeting, and various sounds. All this understandably would affect his hearing aid, which would be important for understanding some things. Also, bright colors and interesting pictures would stimulate positive emotions, thereby developing them. The only drawback is the low volume. Considering the cost and other possibilities, perhaps this disadvantage would be negligible for your baby.

VTech Little Smartphone

VTech Little Smartphone
VTech Baby Little Smartphone

Well, this best toy cell phone for a baby will certainly be able to sink into your child’s soul so that he doesn’t want to let go of it. Bright colors, attractive sounds, and glowing lights would bring positive emotions. In the model, when the buttons are pressed, the child can play music. Also, thanks to the images of animals, the child would better visualize the picture and develop creativity. In addition, the reviews generally don’t indicate a single minus, which once again confirms the excellent quality of the toy.

Skip Hop Baby Toy Phone

If you are looking for something special among baby toy phones then take a look at this option. Here the child would have the opportunity to take their first cute selfies. Cool, isn’t it? Along with this feature, there are also some interesting filters, soundtrack, music and phrases. To do everything right and get the result from the photos, you would need to teach your child to use all the buttons correctly. Many people say that the phone is a little heavy for a baby because it has rather heavy functions. But still, over time, it would be possible to get used to it.

Byserten Baby Cell Phone

Byserten Baby Cell Phone
Byserten Baby Phone

Among all baby phones, this one looks as realistic as possible and looks like an ordinary smartphone. The model is available in delicate pink and blue colors. Given their calm colors, the child can quickly calm down when he plays with the phone. In addition, games are installed here to help your child learn new skills and knowledge. These games would allow the infant to develop his cognitive skills, feelings and emotions. In addition, the phone would help you learn letters and numbers, as well as important fine motor skills. It is worth considering that the toy works correctly, it is better to use AAA batteries.

Cooplay Black Y Phone

Looking at this best baby toy phone, you might think it’s a real iPhone 5. It even has a USB cable through which you can charge your phone. If you are thinking of buying the best phone, then consider its possibilities: the presence of more than 10 different modes with the image of fruits and numbers, different bright colors, a lot of music and other sound effects, and imitation of a camera. All this would allow your little one to develop their coordination skills, learn colors, numbers and fruits, as well as just have fun and dance to pleasant cheerful music.

Sommer Teething Toy Phone

Sommer Teething Toy Phone
Sommer Teething

If you are facing the problems and anxiety of a child while teething, then this phone would suit you best. He is dressed in a special rubber case (you can remove it if you wish), made of a safe material, which the child can safely chew and play with the phone at the same time. Other abilities of the toy include the study of shapes and numbers, as well as colors. In addition, there is nice music, various phrases, and bright buttons.

Fisher-Price Selfie Fun Phone

Well, this interesting model closes our list of baby play phones. When a child turns on the phone screen, he or she enters a magical world of entertainment and learning. There is also an opportunity to take selfies. By the way, a rubber bezel is also installed here, which would allow the baby to safely chew on the toy if his teeth itch. And the rattle would perfectly complement the bezel and help the baby to calm down. Our examples of baby phat phones are really cool, you must agree. We recommend choosing the same toy based on the child’s preferences. And to complement the image of the baby, immediately take one of the age-appropriate baby earphones. It might be tricky, but you just show a few phones to your little one to make a choice. If the price category is important to you, then supply your child with those toys that you can afford to buy. Which child’s play phone would your kid choose?

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