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Best skincare products for babies

Parents Tips

“Baby skin” is the phenomenon that is used to describe the most delicate and pleasant things to the touch. But why does our skin have these properties only at the beginning of our lives and loses them with age?

Everything is related to the physiological differences in the skin structure between adult and baby skin. And now we’ll talk about what makes baby skin so soft and vulnerable to external stimuli.

  • First, children’s skin has a higher percentage of water (up to 90%) than adult skin (up to 70%). But on the other hand, children’s skin loses moisture faster and can therefore become dry. Dry skin is the most dangerous condition of the skin and can create all the conditions for problems.
  • Children’s skin is thinner and weaker than adult skin

For comparison, adults have 5 skin layers when a child has only 3. Baby skin becomes similar to adult skin for up to 6 months. At first, additional/protective layers of skin appear on those parts of the skin that most often come into contact with the surrounding world – the palms and feet of a child.

The density of the child’s skin is also weaker than in adults. This is because the connection between the main protective layers of skin (dermis and epidermis) is not so strong. Such structural features make children’s skin susceptible to various irritants, inflammations, and allergies.

Another factor is the neutral pH level on the surface of the baby’s skin in the first years of life. Over time, it becomes more acidic/alkaline and can protect your baby from pathogenic bacteria and aggressive environmental influences.

The lipid layer of the skin is very thin and underdeveloped. Lipids are organic substances that are inherent to all living organisms. They have water-repellent and heat-exchange properties. So, you may notice that even after a short bath in water, the skin of small children becomes wrinkled.

There are a huge number of varieties of children’s creams. Sometimes young parents are lost in so many colorful jars and don’t understand how to choose the best natural baby skincare products. We will tell you what to pay attention to and what varieties of the best skin care products are.

Varieties of the best baby skincare products for babies

best skin care products for babies

Moisturizing cream

It is a “must-have” and safest baby skincare product that should be at the disposal of every caring mother. You don’t have to choose the most expensive brand, you should rather pay attention to the product composition. This cream is often used after bathing procedures to restore the moisture level in the upper layers of the skin. Usually, the best organic baby skincare products contain thermal water, provitamin B5, vitamin E, and F + aromatic and neutral plant extracts (chamomile, aloe Vera, lavender, evening primrose).

Anti-inflammatory cream

It is needed to remove the effects of wearing diapers (diaper rash, skin irritation). In this case, natural skincare products for babies should contain zinc oxide (it acts as an antimicrobial agent and also has healing properties).

We believe that these are the best skincare products for newborns which also contain provitamin B5 and natural herbal/plant extracts.

Protective cream

It is the best skin product in the world! It is your lifesaver for all occasions. Protective cream is used to apply to the child’s skin before going out. In the first case, when there are frost and strong wind outside and in the other case when you are going to spend a lot of time under the influence of sun rays.

A selection of organic baby skincare products for different purposes

organic baby skin care products

Protective cream “Weleda” with calendula

This is a cream with a completely natural composition. Lanolin (natural fat that is produced from sheep’s wool). This cream has a gel structure that allows easy application to the baby’s skin and it is easily absorbed despite the high-fat content. Its main task is to protect your child’s skin from the effects of bad weather, and it does an excellent job.

“Bubchen” Baby Creme

German quality and the choice of many satisfied moms. This cream contains zinc oxide, panthenol, chamomile, and sunflower extract. These natural ingredients help accelerate the regeneration of the skin and protect it from the effects of wearing a diaper. Safe composition, economical packaging, light texture that absorbs quickly and leaves no sticky residue on your baby’s delicate skin.

“Mustela cold cream”

There is also a great choice for moisturizing your baby’s skin and is perfect for daily use. The natural composition, good texture, and consistency of the cream. The only downside is the significantly higher cost.

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