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Best learning apps for kids

best apps for toddlers

Most often, the phone may be in the hands of a child for one reason – it is not interested in what is happening around and the virtual world of games is more attractive to it.

Therefore, the phrase: “Mom (dad), let me play on the phone?” causes a great deal of negative emotions. After all, there are so many ways to have fun in the world and your child wants only one thing – your phone or tablet (if you have not bought its own smartphone yet). And this becomes a real problem. But what if your child would not spend time on stupid games (which are useless) to solve interesting puzzles or creating its own book with drawings and essays?

In this article, we will prove to you that a phone or tablet can be a useful device if it has the best educational apps for kids.

Best learning apps for kids

best reading apps for kids

Let’s start with the best apps for toddlers (for the smallest ones). Nobody argues that a child who is 2-4 years old needs attention and interaction with its parents. Some parents are against introducing their child to technical devices at such an early age – and it is their right.

But what to do if you are busy preparing food or doing other household chores? The easiest way is to download an educational app for toddlers to your phone and always have them at hand.

Interactive Alphabet ABC’s

An excellent application for children who are just beginning to learn letters and sounds. It is designed with the fundamental rules of reading in the kindergarten, adapted for children whose left hand prevails in everyday life. Your child will sing all the letters of the alphabet in the company of 26 robots and teach them at their own comfortable pace.

Similar applications: ABC Gurus, Starfall ABCs, Endless Alphabet, ABC Animal Puzzle: Oxford English (good applications for children whose native language is not English). All these best apps for kids are designed for children from 2 to 5 years.

Hungry Caterpillar: Shapes and Colors (for children from 3 years)

A very colorful and clear interface will attract the attention of any baby! Together with a hungry and charming caterpillar, your child will study the shape, color, and size of objects. Moving from simple levels to complex ones, children learn to distinguish objects and make sequences on the common features.

Puzzle shapes

By the name of the program, it is clear that the child will fold items of different shapes. Your child with the help of different geometric shapes will fold different transport, houses, trees, vegetables, birds, stars, and even fish. The main task is to recognize the desired object (a geometric shape) and put it in the right place in the picture. The program also has tasks to develop the numeric skills of the child. All pictures and elements of the program attract by their appearance and graphics.

Smart Grow

Another example of a program with educational computer games for kids (from 1 to 5 years). Here you can get acquainted with all planets of the solar system, feed exotic animals, get acquainted with traffic rules, and add a picture from puzzles. A large number of different educational tasks, cute characters, and voice support during each task! It is entertaining, informative, and fun.

Best educational apps for preschoolers

educational apps for toddlers

In this category, the best apps for kids will be aimed at preparing children for school. Such programs are designed to help children learn to read, write, and count correctly and to acquire basic skills and knowledge. This will help them to keep up during the learning process and be prepared.

What are good apple learning apps for kids?

We believe that this is “Montessori Preschool”. This app has been developed together with certified teachers who use Maria Montessori’s teaching methods in their teaching practice.

Your child will become familiar with every sound and learn to recognize it by hearing before it is marked with a letter.

The program will also teach your child to count; help the school nurse recognize symptoms and prescribe treatment; introduce the basics of programming and teach how to solve logical tasks.

Since the teaching methods of Maria Montessori are based on the inclusion of the child in the practical activities in the application, the child will monitor the cleanliness of the classroom, wipe the dust, water the flowers, and care for the animals.

Montessori Preschool can be considered one of the best math apps for kids. The math curriculum will help your child to count, recognize numbers and monitor their change from 0 to a million. Also, the materials and cards of the Maria Montessori method will help children understand the basics of simple mathematical operations.

Math Kids – another of the best learning apps for toddlers

A program that will help the child to begin to count, find, and compare numbers; subtract and add simple numbers; and pick up the missing numbers in numeric operations. All this knowledge is embedded in interesting quizzes, puzzles, and mathematical examples (equations).

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