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Best Educational YouTube Channels for Toddlers: What’s Useful for Your Child to Watch?

best toddler videos on youtube

Surely each of us almost every day watches various blogs, films and listens to music on the YouTube platform. Indeed, everything that a person may need for rest or study is collected here. Including, you can find a lot of useful things for your child. We decided to show you a small list of the best educational videos for preschoolers that will help your child interestingly learn new skills, which can be useful for him now and further in the future. So, if you want to give your child something else to watch besides cartoons, these videos just come in handy.

Best Educational YouTube Channels for Toddlers

Our team reviewed many of the best toddler videos on YouTube available. We paid special attention to the comments of the mothers of the children who watched it. So we got an opinion if this video and the channel, in general, were really useful. There were as many good applicants, and not quite. But still, we managed to collect the best.

Wow English TV: Learning Animals – Best Educational Videos for 3-Year-Olds

best learning videos for kids

Children just love animals, don’t they? That is why it will be interesting for them to learn about all the inhabitants of the zoo. Steve and Maggie will help your child learn a lot of interesting things about each animal, teach you to speak the words associated with each species, and also help your child learn to pronounce the sounds of those very animals. Steve is a real gentleman who talks on the channel not only about animals but a lot of other things that will surely become interesting to learn. And his assistant bird Maggie with a special character will make the viewing even more fun. Separately, it is worth noting that in the comments you can ask any question about the video and not only, and the channel’s representatives will kindly answer it in full. Not at all the best educational toddler YouTube videos, you will find presenters who explain everything for children interestingly and understandably. But not in this case. Find a video and see for yourself.

Blippi and Ice Cream Truck

best educational youtube channels for toddlers

The main character shows the young spectators a truck with a frosty one, which he and many others simply adore. The character is very interesting and fun, telling all the information while adding educational elements. At the end of the video, you will be shown how to make ice cream from clay. You can easily do it with your child. Make sure he doesn’t eat it. It is worth noting that the channel has as many as 2.5 million subscribers, which you can not see in all the best learning videos for 2-year-olds. Yes, they are interesting and attractive with their simplicity and clear presentation of the material. There are many other useful training videos on this channel, which are no less interesting than the best YouTube channels for preschoolers. So if you want to show your child many things that exist in our world and increase his vocabulary, feel free to watch this and other videos from Blippi.

Baby Shark by PinkFong

best educational videos for 3 year olds

You’ve probably already guessed from the title what will be the main element in this video. Of course, this song is found in many best toddler shows on YouTube, but it is here that you will be shown more than a cheerful and bright picture with good music. Here the PinkFox will show your child interesting movements to music that can be easily learned and danced at home. In addition, the child will be able to learn the song itself, showing, in the end, a cute little concert to his parents. Thus, your child will receive the necessary physical activity and will be able to develop his brain. Apart from that, there are even best-learning videos for preschoolers on this channel that will be interesting as well.

Learn Poetry with Little Baby Bum

best toddler educational videos

If you have been looking for the best learning videos for kids for a long time, where a child can learn small interesting poems, then on this channel you can do it! Yes, not all children like to learn new things, especially poetry, letters, and so on. But everything will change when he sees the video from this channel. Here your baby can easily learn all the letters, as well as body parts (he will even learn to find them on himself and others). In addition, small poems will be given here for study, which will be interesting for you and your child to learn and tell to your loved ones or in the garden. This will be a great example for other children as well. So don’t miss the opportunity to watch the best toddler educational videos and teach your child some incredibly useful skills.
We think that you and your child should watch every educational video for two-year-olds on our list. They will surely become useful and interesting. If any of the videos don’t quite suit you, you can choose any other. For sure, you will highlight several channel options that you will continue to use. Happy viewing!

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