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Recommended Children’s Books: What Books Should You Add to Children’s Library?

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Almost all children love to read, and this is true. The only problem is to find suitable and awesome kids’ books that can interest everyone individually. In addition, many parents decided to replace books with smartphones, which radically changed the situation. But is it so important for children to read, and what can be offered to a child? Today we decided to tell you exactly about this, showing you top books for kids, which are interesting to read for every child, and even adults.

Do Modern Children Need Books to Read?

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Perhaps you have heard the opinion more than once: “modern children don’t read books”. Indeed, in our life more and more time is occupied by TV, advertising, computer games, and the Internet. There is a dangerous trend of declining interest in books to read for children. This problem requires us to act to awaken true spirituality through the book. Folk songs and nursery rhymes, short rhymes, and simple fairy tales are some of the first sources of a child’s knowledge. They help the kid learn and remember new words, shape his world of desires and feelings. The little man is the most devoted fan, ready to listen to his favorite works again and again. But gradually, parents read books to the baby less and less, and he, in turn, rarely asks them about it. Reading books is minimized and replaced by watching cartoons and TV shows.

First, this habit should be formed by parents. If they manage to interest the child in amazing children’s books, then the child would soon be able to continue reading the books with great interest on his own. So if you want your child to have many advantages, such as well-delivered speech, developed imagination, the ability to make causal hereditary relationships, and more, then don’t forget to accustom the child to stories from an early age, and also regularly replenish the baby’s bookshelf with new popular children’s books.

What Is the Best Children’s Book of All Time?

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And so, here are the top-rated children’s books. We created it based on the most frequently bought books in stores, on the Internet, in libraries, and of course on our own collections of favorite books from childhood. As a result, we managed to collect these all-time best children’s books:

The Little Engine That Could

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The story of how a train with toys got stuck. And how he asked passing steam locomotives to help him get up the mountain and deliver passengers to their destination, and everyone refused. And the little locomotive didn’t refuse, although he doubted very much that he would be able to drive up the mountain. But he tried and could! And everyone was overjoyed at the end of the book. Morality ー don’t give up in the face of difficulties and don’t give up, and everything would work out for you. The second moral is to always help those who ask you about it, who need it. It is thanks to such teachings that, it should be attributed to the recommended children’s books.

Have You Filled Your Bucket Today?

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Another book from the list of the best instructive children books. Each of us has an invisible basket (or bucket). And if you say kind, pleasant words to friends, help newcomers at school, hug grandparents, tell your parents how you love them, help those in need, your basket would fill up. And not only yours, but also those to whom you do good. If you do bad things, your basket is empty. The moral is to fill your basket every day, and in the evening, be sure to ask yourself: “What did I do today to fill my basket?”.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

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One of the great children’s books by the artist and writer Beatrix Potter. A collection of stories about Peter the bunny, his family, his friends, and their life in the forest. In addition to the fact that an incredibly interesting story is told here, the book is interesting to consider, because the pictures in it are simply incredible. By the way, Peter is the most popular hero at Easter, every spring his face is adorned in all stores, on candy boxes, and on children’s sets of Easter dishes.

The Bernstein Bears Series

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This is a whole series about the Berenstein bears, created by the Berenstein couple from Pennsylvania. Each of the iconic children’s books is devoted to some problem, for example, children lied to their parents, skipped school, quarreled with friends, secretly broke a lamp, and then together with their parents they solve all controversial issues and live together until a new story of the next book begins. It is useful to read this book and find out how both children and parents should act to establish family relationships correctly and efficiently.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

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Another series from the current popular children’s books. Comics by Jeff Kinney is about a schoolchild who is going through quarrels with his parents, trying to find a common language with his classmates, loves to play the console. In general, he lives the normal life of the average American student. Perhaps that is why this series is so popular among children of 8-12 years old and each new book becomes a bestseller, which is gaining even more popularity among modern children.

Winnie the Pooh

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Well, this is the cutest of the most popular books for kids. Heroes constantly solve some problems, but here, unlike all the rest of the classic children’s literature, there are absolutely no negative characters. There are no enemies to be defeated. There is only love and friends. And in the end, they turn out to be the most valuable thing that you can acquire in life. The book teaches you never to lose friends and take care of each of them because they can always be needed in life in a variety of situations.

The Moomins Series

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All the characters are charming and so diverse that at least one of them is easy to recognize. The common children’s books teach that two different people cannot be treated the same way. You shouldn’t be lazy and look for an approach to everyone. And also the fact that fear can be overcome, friendship can be strengthened, love can be strengthened, and nothing is impossible if you aren’t alone. The best children’s book series became popular in many countries of the world and, like the previous book, was filmed and gathered even more fans.

Pippi Longstocking

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If you have a fidgety little girl growing up, then such a book should be one of your favorite child’s books. And if you are raising a girl, you are probably tired of looking for her books, in which the girls are the main ones. Moreover, the girl is excellent ー brave, dexterous, kind, honest, and with a sense of humor. The book teaches the most important thing: never, under any circumstances, no matter what they do to you, no matter how everyone is against you, no matter how hard it isn’t to give up.

Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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It certainly can be attributed to the best children’s books of all time, which would be relevant in 50 years. There is one more reason to lament her. When a child is restless, doesn’t obey, and constantly gets into trouble because of this, from the abundance of nagging, he gradually begins to get used to the fact that he is a bad child, a bad one. This book is just about the fact that even if you don’t obey your elders, you are still good. And for those who raise you ー generally the best. And you, too, are capable of noble and even great deeds. And also, if something happens to you, adults would be very saddened, because you are the most precious thing they have. Remind your child of this more often.

The Adventures of Oliver Twist

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The book tells adults that a child doesn’t have to be an orphan to suffer and grieve. And even your child, who may have all the toys and things in the world, may feel bad and may lack love. And she teaches children that you choose what kind of person to be, with whom to be friends, how to act and where to go, and that you are just a child means nothing. The book teaches that you are still your own boy/girl.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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Let’s finish the list of good books for children with this unusual story. There is a lot of magic around, and in the end, the most honest and noble hero wins. But actually, this is a book about how childhood grievances don’t heal. The fact that the child grows up into a gloomy type who remembers everything that his parents did to him when he was nine. About the fact that only the closest people can hurt us.

The child doesn’t think so, and it is good for you to think about it. But the child believes that the most valuable thing in life is when you are loved, and you do it in return. We think that many of the books from our list of the best children’s books were also read to you by your parents together, or you could have read them at a young age.

So why not pass on this useful and exciting tradition to your children? We recommend buying several famous children’s books and giving them to your child one by one so that he learns various stories, learns the world, and develops his imagination. We are sure that your children would like them as much as you once did!

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