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Best baby strollers: the main types and characteristics

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best baby stroller reviews

Responsible parents think over the list of things that need to be bought before the baby is born. Very often this process takes a lot of time and contains a huge number of things that remain a question mark. Since they are not necessary at first. Usually, Mom and Dad pay special attention to the choice of the best baby stroller because it is this purchase that holds the leading position in the list.

The best infant stroller is the first transport for your child. And you want to consider all the nuances when choosing the best model so that your child will be safe and comfortable during the walk. The stroller is not a cheap item and you are very lucky if you have friends or relatives who can pass a legacy (stroller) because they no longer need it. But this is another story.

Best baby strollers for newborns – what it would look like and what should you consider? Today we will tell you all the criteria, models, and varieties of the best baby carriages.

Best stroller for toddler

best baby strollers

If you have enough money, you can afford to choose baby carriages for each age period separately. After all, every stroller model that is available on the market today has its advantages and disadvantages because a child grows up sooner or later.

Pram “Carry-cot” – the best stroller for newborn

As you have already understood these strollers look like a crib on wheels. This is a cute and most reliable transport that is designed for the sweetest sleep of your newborn baby. This model is a reliable transport that fits perfectly into the landscape of walks in the park, park, or forest. It moves easily and quietly thanks to the clever design of the undercarriage and cradle.


  • 4 huge wheels (X chassis) with excellent amortization properties;
  • the cradle that has a reliable construction and thermoregulation function, which allows you to walk with the newborn in hot and frosty weather;
  • easy to control during the walk.

Yes, the “Carry-cot” is a very convenient first transport for your favorite baby. But despite all the advantages of the cradle, we must note that this model still has its shortcomings. And the most important is the short lifetime (approximately 6-8 months). It all depends on when your baby will start to confidently hold its head and sit on its own.

Therefore, your stroller (and expensive purchase) very soon will turn into a beautiful element of the interior or will pass your second child (if you plan a second pregnancy).

Another unpleasant fact is the low level of maneuverability of the wheels (not like in walking models of strollers) and not every woman will be able to transport such a large stroller on her own (lift or carry without the help of her husband, if required).

Some tips for choosing this model of stroller

best big kid stroller
  • the main requirements for the outer material of the cradle are resistance to precipitation and wind + the cover must be removable so that you can easily remove and wash it; it is also important to pay attention to the inner lining, it must be made of natural materials and hypoallergenic (cotton, wool, linen);
  • the cradle should be deep enough considering the place for a warm blanket in the autumn-winter period;
  • the baby’s spine is growing and developing and so you need to choose a cradle with a strong and flat bottom, it is really important;
  • having additional accessories is an extra bonus, pay attention to the bag and muff for the best child stroller.

Pay attention to the bag that comes with it. It should be absorbent and have many pockets for baby accessories. You should be using it with one hand comfortable (when you have a baby on your hands).

Universal baby carriages – the best baby strollers with car seat

best infant stroller

They’re also called “2 in 1” and “3 in 1”. They got their name thanks to removable modules – cradle and a child car seat. The frame of the universal stroller is designed to accommodate the fact that the child will grow up over time. Many believe that it is a better investment due to its full packaging.

You simply change the removable cradle in which your child will be depending on the purpose of the walk or trip.

If you have a car and you want to buy the best option for a walk in the countryside, with a universal stroller you can solve the issue of safety in the car and make the walk as comfortable as possible for all.

Finding the ideal model is the only disadvantage of a universal stroller. On the one hand, you have a complete set for all occasions, and on the other – you can notice some things that will cause discomfort. They may be related to the size of the wheels, a weak construction, or a group of child car seats.

But in general, if you spend more time searching you will manage to find the best-rated baby strollers among universal models.

Stroller-pushchair as the best baby stroller for travel

This model of strollers is not only good for travel but also the best baby stroller for the older child (they can be used to transport children under 3 years). In addition, these strollers are made to carry 2 and 3 children at a time, which simplifies the task for a large family.

They got their name due to their appearance in the folded position. Why is the pushchair considered the best big kid stroller? They are very practical, compact, easy to transport, and more convenient to operate. Their wheels can be rotated in all directions which makes it easy to operate and promote even on the most extreme surfaces.

How do I choose the right stroller from this model?

  • Pushchairs must be stable – this is the main requirement for such a model. They are lightweight – that’s their advantage but also their disadvantage. If the child actively moves or leans in one direction, there is a risk that the child will flip over and fall.
  • The back of such a baby carriage should have 3 main provisions: sitting, lying down and the half-reclining (this is especially important for parents of a child under 1-year-old).
  • Choose models from which you can adjust the height of the footrest.

You should also pay attention to the safety belts. Check their durability and comfort before buying.

We have analyzed baby carriages from different manufacturers and want to tell you about the best baby stroller brands in different countries.

We will start with China. Of course, the main advantage of Chinese strollers is their availability and relatively low cost. Brands that deserve your attention: Seca, Geoby.

Poland – definitely Delta and Lonex Emotion XT.

German quality is represented in strollers from Concord, Noordline, and TFK.

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